At Fairwinds, Emily and Paul try to unravel how Mick has been brainwashing her into wanting to have a child with him. She suddenly remembers confronting him in the church tower and gasps. She explains that he's the one who put her in a coma. They wonder what Mick has been using her for. She remembers that Mick had lots of photos of Paul and she went to confront him about it. He admitted that he's not Mick Dante, so they wonder who he could really be... Paul rants about him and blurts out, "I've been dealing with guys like him my whole life!" Hugging her, he vows to put an end to Mick once and for all.

At home, Casey searches for Alison.

Alison and Mick go at it in the church tower. After sex, she can't shake the feeling that he has a strange power over her. She gets up and says that she can't do this. He insists that she belongs with him. "I don't even know who you are," she says. There are at least two sides to him and she's not sure which is which. She can't talk about this. He suggests that they leave town together. She refuses and says that this was a huge mistake she will always regret and it will never happen again. She has been working hard to be a better person and she won't back off on that now. Mick is sure that this marriage is a bad idea. He's sure she's never felt the kind of intimacy that they just experienced. "You are wrong about me!" she says, running off. As soon as he's pulled on his shirt, Barbara comes in and tells him that Alison is the least of his problems now. She slaps him and accuses him of lying about his feelings for her. He claims that their plan hasn't been compromised. Barbara is sure that everything he's been saying is a lie and he's as bad as he's always been. Mick admits that he wasn't thinking when he had sex with Ali. "You are the only woman I desire Barbara," he says, claiming she is the love of his life. She asks him to prove it. He kisses her and says that he won't make love to her in a filthy place like that. Barbara is eager but he tells her they need to wait. Emily calls and interrupts. She says they need to talk and asks him over.

Alison goes home out of breath. Casey asks her where she went. As he begins talking about their honeymoon, she bursts into tears. He tries to kiss her but she pushes him away and runs off to take a shower. After she's done, he suggests they work on their wedding vows. He notices that her ring is gone. She gasps and runs off to look. After claiming that she found it, she declares that she has to run off and get her shoes done.

Alison returns to the church tower and finds her ring. It's beside a letter from Mick.

When Mick walks into Fairwinds, Paul grabs him by the throat and asks why he shouldn't kill him. "Because he's your father!" Barbara blurts out.

Luke mopes home and complains to his mother about having the company dumped on him. He has no idea what he's supposed to be doing. He asks Lily what his father did that was so horrible he had to abandon them. She begs him just to move on. He wants the truth and doesn't understand anything that's been happening. After she asks him to leave, she looks at old poems Damian wrote her and wonders how he could be capable of so much hatred. A man from the docks shows up with Damian's wallet. They just fished it out of the water.

Molly runs into Holden at the Lakeview. He hasn't been returning her calls and claims he's been too busy searching for Meg. She asks him if he's seen a doctor about his wounds and explains that she went down to the docks and spoke to a witness about his fight with Damian. "I know what Damian did to you, but what did you do to Damian?" she asks. He asks her to drop this but she can't. He tells her his story again and insists that he let Damian run. He put his body on a ship and watched it sail away. She promises not to tell anyone about this.

When Holden returns to the farm house, Lily is waiting for him. She tells him that Damian's wallet was found in the water. She's scared that Meg killed him. He says that Damian is just in hiding and lost his wallet. She may hate what her husband has become, but she still doesn't want him dead.

Luke runs into Molly at WOAK and asks her if she knows what happened to Damian. He tells her about his frantic goodbye with his father and wonders what he could have done. Molly says it's unlikely that he'll see him again since he tried to kill Meg. She's sure he loved him but he was desperate. As Luke walks out, he runs into his father and says he's happy he's okay. After he's gone, Holden tells Molly that he feels bad that Luke is always stuck between his two dads. He asks Molly for her help. He explains that the wallet was found and Lily thinks Meg killed Damian. Holden needs her to help him find Meg before someone else does.

Luke returns home and tells his mother that he can't understand how his father can be two completely different people. He notices the wallet and they both leap to the obvious conclusion. Luke decides that he has to call the police.

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly walks in on Jack comforting Janet.

Mick asks Ali to run away with him.

Paul threatens his mother.

Lily tells Holden she doesn't think it was Meg who hurt Damian.

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