Paul is at his mother's apartment confronting her about the inscription on the ring Mick gave her. She rips it out of his hands and tells him that Mick may be 'a little off' but he's the man who will give him a baby. Paul decides to find out who he really is for himself and storms out.

At Fairwinds, Mick offers to give Emily the baby she wants. He pretends a pillow is a baby and tells her that Paul would never have to know they made the baby without him. Emily can't process all of this and refuses to humiliate Paul like that. He hypnotizes her and tells her that this will make Paul happy and this is what she wants. She still needs to talk it over with Paul. When he starts to drag her off, she stops him, saying that she can't go because she needs to go to her sister's shower. He pulls her close and hypnotizes her again until she repeats that this baby is what she wants.

Barbara chases Paul back to Fairwinds. They find the house empty. He begins going through Mick's stuff. She claims Mick will reveal his plan some day. Paul is paranoid and demands some answers. "I'll be damned if I let him hurt my wife!" he shouts. She badgers him and insists that Mick is just trying to give Emily the life she wants. He brings up the pictures he found and asks her why Mick would have pictures of James.

At home, Margo starts making faces after Casey tells her that the shower was supposed to be this weekend, not today. She runs out the door as Alison comes in. Tom suggests they go to the Lakeview. "Please tell me you're not trying to ambush me with a surprise bridal shower," Alison says.

Mick takes Emily to a little room and injects her with something.

Mick returns to the church tower and smells Alison's scent on his scarf.

Margo arrives at the Lakeview where Lisa and Susan inform her that everyone else has other plans and will be going to the shower on the weekend. Margo pouts but Lisa tries to put a positive spin on things and insists that they jump up and down. Susan thinks that will embarrass her daughter. Alison and Casey arrive. They shout surprise and then kick Casey out so they can eat cake and open gifts. Lisa gives her some lingerie and tells her to make her husband happy in the boudoir. They joke about how many times Lisa has been married. "Alison certainly knows her way around sex," Lisa tells Susan. They bicker about whether or not Alison should change her name when she gets married. She spots Mick smiling at her from across the room and suddenly excuses herself. The other women stay behind and bicker until Emily shows up. They wonder where Ali has vanished to and then Emily begins telling that she is going to have a baby. "Oh no," Susan groans. Emily tells her mother that she just had her eggs harvested.

Alison corners Mick in the hall. She claims she's trying to get rid of him but he teases her about their connection. When she tries to walk away, he accuses her of just putting on a show and suggests she'd rather be somewhere else... with someone else. He drags her into the elevator and accuses her of hiding from something. She says she has never been an angel; she's done terrible things but has finally found something to be sure of. He doubts monogrammed towels will turn her into a good girl and says that this marriage is a trap. "I hope I can save you from it," he says. He confronts her about going to the tower and sniffs at her.

When Casey gets home, his father is heating up dinner. Casey says that he's over his anger at his mother. They joke around about how crazy the wedding is making everyone. Tom probes as to why Casey and Alison aren't sleeping together. He says it's for the romance... but it's really frustrating. Tom suggests that he do something fancy for the honeymoon and offers to pay for it. Casey tells his father that he is still determined to be a lawyer.

Emily and Susan go to Fairwinds as Barbara leaves. Susan tells Paul that he is being irresponsible by starting the IVF preparations already. He's confused. Emily says she decided to go ahead with it today. Susan makes herself scarce. He's in shock and tells her that this isn't what he wants. "If you refuse to father my baby, Mick will be happy to do it," she says. His mind boggles and he wonders why she would even consider that. As she hugs him, she stares at Mick's bag and freaks out. Suddenly, she snaps out of it and tells Paul that Mick has been brainwashing her.

Alison runs out of the elevator with Mick. He rushes off and Barbara chases after him. Lisa and Margo hurry over to see and Alison and ask her where she went. Casey arrives. Alison hugs him and asks him to take her home right away. She runs out.

Casey and Alison go home. He leaves her alone so he can study. She tries sleeping but suddenly wakes up and walks out like she's in a trance.

Downstairs, Margo and Tom talk things over. She's impressed by how much Casey is turning his life around. Tom begins making out with her.

Mick goes to the bell tower and lights candles. When he hears someone, he says Alison's name. "Guess again," Barbara corrects him. She confronts him about Alison and he claims that he's just there to meditate. He says he's sick of her and he wants some alone time. She claims that Paul is onto him. He worries about their plan. She's sick of all of this and declares that he's on his own. Later, Alison arrives. She claims she doesn't want to be there. He rubs her hand over his face. She repeats that she doesn't want this. They begin kissing.

Next on As The World Turns:

Lily tells Holden that she thinks Meg killed Damian.

Ali and Mick sleep together.

Casey asks Ali where she's been.

Barbara asks Mick to prove he wants her.

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