Carly's startled to find Jack is already back at her place and waiting for her. They discuss the kids and he looks at her coffee mugs. He apologizes for what he said in New York about feeling like he was cheating on her whenever he's with Janet. On cue, Janet arrives. Carly takes her in the front room while Jack hides in the kitchen. Janet asks Carly if she wants to help with Liberty; she knows it would mean a lot to her daughter. Janet cries and admits that she sneaks into her daughter's room at night to watch her sleep. She feels like she is only making Liberty more afraid. She apologizes for crying like this about things and thanks Carly for putting up with her. Carly offers to get Liberty involved with a design project. After Janet departs, Jack slinks out of hiding. He was afraid that Janet would jump to conclusions if she knew he was there. He tells Carly that they can't go back to pretending that they don't exist to each other anymore. She laughs and tells him about the pact she made with Molly to forget about men. "I need to not love you so much," she cries into his shoulder. They hold hands and she tells him that, "There can be no us." He holds back his tears and walks out.

Jack returns to the farm house. Janet is cleaning. She tells him about her conversation with Carly and asks him if she needs to worry about him and Carly anymore. "You don't have to worry," he promises.

At home, Ali and Casey are discussing their wedding. She has to do a lot of overtime so she can have time off. He worries about how tired she is. Her dreams are keeping her awake. She thinks of her dreams of Mick and then asks Casey to leave her alone so she can get some beauty sleep. Ali tries counting sheep and even tries meditating. She tosses and turns but nothing works.

Alison goes to the church tower looking for Mick. She finds his scarf and smells it.

Casey meets with Tom at the Lakeview. They talk about Casey's desire to enter law school. His father warns him that he might not be able to pull this off. He tells him that he's proud of him, but Casey fears that he's going to have being an ex-con hanging over him for the rest of his life.

Alison runs home to Casey and hugs him. They sit on his bed and talk about how hard it will be for him to become a lawyer. She just wants him to do whatever will make him happy. "I want to be the best husband, always," he promises.

Paul and Barbara are on the street arguing about Mick. He's sick of giving the guy chances but his mother claims that he has their best interests at heart. "Something has been going on with you two since he's been sticking you with his needle!" Paul accuses.

Mick walks around Fairwinds and drops his bag. Emily comes in and trips over it. When she picks it up, she flashes back to confronting him in the bell tower. He startles her. She says she just remembered something that she can't remember. Emily stutters. He stares into her eyes and tells her that some memories aren't worth remembering and she needs to concentrate on the future. As they sit down, Paul and Barbara arrive. Emily hugs Paul and tells him that everything is better than wonderful and she is ready to make their baby. He finds this bizarre. Barbara asks Mick to give her another treatment. They leave. Emily asks Paul why he suddenly doesn't want to have a child. He wants one but not at the expense of her health. They begin arguing about Mick again. He walks away. She cries.

Mick and Barbara go to her place and he tells her that he likes being able to keep his eye on Paul. She wonders how he managed to erase Emily's memory. "I can be very persuasive," he says. She starts making digs about his obsession with Alison. He gives her a ring. She wonders what his motive is. He thanks her for believing in second chances and promises her that she will get everything she wants. Paul comes in and lunges at Mick's throat. He demands to know what he's been telling Emily about getting pregnant and threatens to throw him out of his house. They argue about Emily and Mick promises not to cross the line again. After he walks out, Barbara and her son begin arguing once more and she tells him to have faith in Mick. He spots her new ring and rips it off her finger. After he reads the inscription on it, he asks why 'J' gave her the ring and demands to know what she is hiding.

Mick returns to Fairwinds and startles Emily. She tells him about her fight with Paul. He explains that if Paul isn't willing to give her a baby, then he will.

Next on As The World Turns:

The family surprises Casey and Alison.

Mick drags Ali around.

Emily tells Paul that Mick is willing to father her baby.

Emily goes under the needle for Mick.

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