At home, Lily whines to her mother about how she brought Damian into the lives of her children. Lucinda's sure he will slink back looking for forgiveness. Lily doubts that. Bickering ensues. Lucinda advises her to put this behind her and beg Holden to take her back. She flounces off.

At the farm house, Holden tells Molly he is just bleeding because he was changing his tire. That's not very convincing to her. He also claims that he let Damian leave the country because he didn't want the family to suffer. Molly asks for the truth. Holden recalls pummeling Damian and walks out to call Lily. He explains that there is still no sign of Meg and asks her to come over and help him tell the kids the latest. When he goes back inside, he tells Molly she should leave. She keeps quizzing him. He continues insisting he didn't do anything to Damian and then throws her deception in her face. She backs down and asks him to take off his shirt so she can tend to his wound. It's a big gash on his chest. She assumes he was in a fight. He runs upstairs as Lily comes in. She spots blood on the floor. Molly claims it's tomato sauce but Lily's not that stupid. Holden comes back in after changing his shirt. Molly leaves them alone. They discuss what to do with the kids and he suggests that they go and live with her. He assures her Damian will never come back again. The kids come in and they explain that Damian did some bad things and now he's gone. As the kids pack, Lily thanks Holden for forgiving her. He just wants everything to get back to normal.

Molly goes down to the waterfront. She finds an oar spattered with blood and hears someone coughing. A little boy is hiding. He tells her that some men scared him. She shows him a picture of Holden. The boy recognizes him and runs away.

At Metro, Dusty calls to make sure that Liberty got to her appointment. Teri asks him why he didn't take them himself. They discuss what he's done with Janet and she hints he feels more for her than he's letting on. She begins dragging a bag of flour across the room. He tries to pick it up and it splits, covering him with flour. As she dusts him off, Lucinda walks in. "I won't even ask what's going on here," she says. After Teri makes herself scarce, Lucinda teases Dusty about his 'girlfriend'. He insists that she's just a kid. Lucinda keeps mocking him lewdly while Teri listens. Lucinda asks for an investigator's number and then leaves. Teri returns and confronts him for calling her a 'kid' and points out that she is a woman. He tells her that he respects her and she is his employee. She confronts him about Janet and accuses him of being in love with her. He says she's beautiful and she'll find someone who deserves her.

Lucinda meets with an investigator at the Lakeview. She promises him a lot of cash to find Damian and make sure he never returns.

In New York City, Liberty's mother asks her which specialist she liked best. She's feeling dejected and mopes away. Janet worries. Jack hugs her. She was hoping someone would tell them that this was all a mistake. As he begins unpacking his bag, he remembers being with Carly by the water. Liberty comes out of her room and announces she wants to go to a museum. Her mother refuses. They fight. Jack thinks his wife should back off.

Carly walks the streets when Craig calls to check in on her. Liberty calls next to complain about her mother. When she discovers that Carly is in New York, she suggests they go to the museum together. Carly thinks they should stay on opposite sides of Manhattan.

Liberty goes to the museum. On the way, she spots a palm reader and asks for a reading. The reader tells her that her lifeline is very short. Carly comes over and stops them. She tells Liberty that she can live forever, just like her.

Back at the hotel, Jack massages Janet and tries to get her to relax. Suddenly, Liberty and Carly walk through the door. Janet begins stuttering. Liberty explains that she bumped into her. Jack sends her to her room so the adults can talk. They bicker. Carly insists this was all unintentional. Janet thanks her for helping out. She and Liberty go into her room. Janet gives her a pep talk and her daughter tells her to stop trying to control everything. Meanwhile, Carly apologizes to Jack for intruding. He tells her that whenever he's with Janet, he feels like he's cheating on her. "You can't talk to me this way," she snaps. She walks out, leaving a glove behind. Janet returns and asks what happened. He lies. When he steps out, Dusty calls Janet to check in and tell her that he misses her. As she rests in Liberty's room, Carly returns for her glove. Jack apologizes for what he said.

Next on As The World Turns:

Ali slips up.

Mick hypnotizes Emily again.

Paul confronts Mick.

Jack and Carly can't stay away from each other.

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