At Katie's, Henry is shocked to find Dr. Oliver there. She informs him that the doctor is her new roommate. Henry is paranoid and Reid is sarcastic. He brushes Henry off and leaves for work. Henry wants to rip up the lease before Reid can sign it. They bicker about what to do. He doesn't think she needs 'Dr. McBrainy' when she has him. She says they are too close to live together. He keeps worrying and offers to try and be the man in their relationship. Katie still insists they can't live together. His being there would constantly remind her of what happened with Brad. After Henry leaves, Katie hangs out with her baby and says that Henry just worries because he loves them. She starts to wonder about Dr. Oliver and begins googling for him.

Holden confronts Damian on the pier. Damian claims Meg isn't with him and Lily will be fine. Holden blames Damian for everything. Damian thinks he's giving him way too much credit and advises him to just let him run. "You're going to answer for everything you've done," Holden insists. Damian thinks he's a fool and points out how hard a trial would be for his family. He tears apart the entire case against him and shows how impossible it would be to actually convict him of anything. Holden's afraid that he will come back again if he lets him leave. They continue arguing and Damian insists that he has done everything only because he loves his family more than his own life. Holden accuses him of being a manipulative conman. Damian accuses him of being incapable of loving without conditions. Holden tells him that Luke is his son in every way that matters and vows to make sure he never has anything to do with him again.

At the hospital, Molly tells Lily that she wanted Holden and thought that they had a chance this time. Unfortunately, Lily was still in his heart. Lily tells her that she's been making the wrong choices all along and blames herself for what's happened. Lucinda arrives and asks her daughter what's been happening. She tells her not to blame herself for all of this and makes excuses for her. Lily doesn't want excuses; she's known exactly what she was getting into all along. Her mother is sure that her children will forgive her if she is honest with them.

Down the corridor, Noah tells Luke that he will only be able to 'literally see' him again if he stays out of his life as Dr. Oliver has ordered. "We're supposed to be partners," Luke complains. Noah says it will only be for a few months. They sit down and Luke explains how his father ran off. Noah apologizes for being so self-involved. As they hold hands, Dr. Oliver walks in and interrupts. Luke tells Reid that he hates him for keeping him away from Noah when he needs him, but he'll do it for his sake. Luke walks into his mother and tells her about Damian running off. "Hallelujah!" Lucinda says. Luke needs an explanation for her reaction.

"If you're here to challenge me to a duel, I left my sword in my other lab coat," Dr. Oliver says as Henry chases him down in the hall. Henry explains that Brad died on the day that Jacob was born. He claims that he's just happy that Katie isn't going to be alone and hopes he has nerves of steel. Reid tells him that he's rather moody himself and taunts him about moving in with a 'hottie' like Katie. Henry stutters.

At the TV station, Molly calls around, trying to get a hold of Holden. She tells him she can't walk away from him. Lucinda has been eavesdropping and tells her that her fling with Holden is over. "Now it's time for both of you to go home," she says. Lucinda tells her that she is condemned to be a seat filler in Holden's life. She suggests that she walk away while she has her dignity.

Holden rushes into the farm house with blood all over his hands. He thinks about beating Damian.

Henry returns to Katie's in a panic, suggesting that her new roommate could be a serial killer. She informs him that Dr. Oliver is one of the top surgeons in the world. "If you get too crazy, he can give you a home lobotomy," she jokes. After she leaves, Henry feeds the baby and tells him that they are going to figure out a way to get rid of Reid.

Reid meets with Katie at Java so he can sign the lease and go over details. She tells him that he has a lot to learn. "I guess that depends on the teacher," he says.

Luke and his mother go home and argue about Damian and his demons. She hates what he did but she still loves him. They wonder if they'll ever see him again. Holden walks in. He tells them that he let Damian go. He claims that he had to do it because he was afraid that a trial wouldn't get rid of him. Lily thinks Meg deserves justice. Holden says that never seeing Damian again is what's best for her. Luke tells Holden how lucky he feels to have him as a father. Holden and Luke leave as Lucinda arrives. "Finally! All is well with the world," Lucinda says. Lily fills her in on what Holden said about Damian. "He'll be back like a virus," Lucinda groans. She rants. Her daughter yells at her and insists that she is partially to blame for this and they need to accept that Damian is gone. Lucinda thinks only a stake through the heart will keep him away.

Luke runs into Noah outside of the bookstore. They catch up. Luke wants to tell him all about what he's feeling, but he won't mess things up for him and Dr. Oliver. Noah tells him this is stupid. Luke walks away.

When Holden returns to the farm house, Molly is waiting for him. She informs him that she is moving to the Lakeview. She notices that he's bleeding and questions him.

Next on As The World Turns:

Teri and Dusty spend some time together.

Liberty brings Carly to see Jack and Janet.

Molly looks at Holden's wounds and asks him what he did.

Holden tells Lily she'll never see Damian again.

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