At Lakeview, Mike punches Simon! Confused, Carly asks Mike what is going on. Simon pulls Carly back and insists they leave. She says she's not leaving until she finds out what's going on! "He slept with my wife last night," Mike says to Carly. Carly turns to Simon, "Is that true?" Simon confirms, while Katie says they didn't mean for it to happen. Carly grows angrier. "You're disgusting!" Carly says to Katie. She goes on to say she hopes she's happy now. "Simon's all yours!" Carly finishes.

Later, Carly continues confronting Katie about sleeping with Simon. Simon says to Carly, "That's enough!" Carly says, "No it's not!" Before continuing, she cautions that she hasn't even gotten started on him yet.

Simon and Katie continue defending themselves, saying it was all a mistake. Mike, tired of hearing it, walks off; Katie follows behind him. Mike says to Katie he's done talking, he has said everything he has to say. Katie continues pleading for Mike's forgiveness, saying she doesn't want Simon. Before walking away, Mike says to Katie, "Grow up!"

Simon and Carly argue, Simon acknowledges he should have told her. "D** right you should have told me!" Simon harks back they're not married. "See you around!" Carly says to Simon.

Later on, Katie and Simon run into each other. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Katie asks Simon. He asks her why she told Mike, we could have worked it out he says to her. "Man, why do I just keep messing up my life?" Shaking her head and weeping, Katie apologizes saying she didn't think Mike would look at her files. Simon shouts if she was trying to get Carly to leave, then "congratulations, it worked!"

At the Snyder's, Holden asks Lily why she isn't dressed for their dinner together. She says she's not leaving the house tonight. Holden persist she join him, so they can have this time together. Again, Lily declines.

Lily leaves the room. Holden informs Jade that he's going out to take care of some business. Holden leaves and Lily returns. Lily asks Jade where Holden went, Jade says he went to take care of business. Jade notices Lily is upset and asks her about it. Lily confides in Jade, saying she doesn't like her body image anymore. Jade says she looks great, but Lily doesn't believe her. Jade continues to try to cheer Lily up and make her feel good about herself, but fails. Lily thanks her for the talk and sends her off to meet Luke.

The house is quiet; Lily helps Faith with her math homework. Faith asks Lily why she didn't go to dinner. Lily says she didn't feel pretty enough to get all dressed up. Faith says she's crazy, because she's beautiful. Lily hugs Faith and thanks her.

Jade arrives at Java; she's shocked to discover Holden with another woman. Holden and the other woman look happy. "Poor Lily," Jade says to herself.

Paul says to Meg that he's never going to stop fighting for her. He asks her to promise him if Craig does anything else, she'll tell him about it. She promises she will and says she needs to get ready for work. As she goes to get dressed, she feels sick again. Paul says she's not going anywhere feeling like that. Placing her on the couch, he kisses her forehead.

Later, Meg gets up and answers the door. It's Jack. Jack says he doesn't know what's going on between her and Paul, but he agrees with Paul about Craig. She says maybe she will play Craig, but Jack states she shouldn't waste her time on Craig.

At Java, Henry warns Emily, saying Craig is no good. Emily says he doesn't understand, "You're not seeing the whole picture," she continues. Trying to help Henry understand, Emily says, "What if what Craig wants gets me what I want?"

Henry, still trying to understand, asks Emily for the truth. He says if she doesn't tell him he'll track Craig down and find out from him. She assures Henry she knows her limits.

"Emily, there isn't a prize on this earth worth putting that kind of mallet back into your heart."
"My heart is the problem, Henry."
"No Sweetheart, Paul is the problem... Again."

Paul is just a virus, Henry says, "I won't watch you self-destruct," he continues. Emily assures him she knows what she's doing. Henry cautions, "If you're going to work with Craig, then the worst is yet to come!"

At the hospital, Craig approaches Lucy; Lucy says she has nothing to say to him. He begs her for a chance, saying he's still her father. She says she's going to the hearing, and she will tell the truth. She says the only solution is to drop the custody case. Lucy goes back to work.

When Lucy returns, she asks Craig why he's still there. He says he wants to go somewhere to talk. She says she's busy. Ignoring her, Craig asks, "Your testimony is going to hurt a lot of people, not just me. Are you prepared for that?" He goes on to say he'll never hurt her again. She says she's heard his word so many times it means nothing to her anymore!

Inside the car, Dusty regains consciousness. He hollers in pain as he opens the door and falls out to the ground. "Hey, I need help!" Dusty shouts. A car drives by. Again, Dusty yells out for help. The passerby hears him and stops.

Walking up to Dusty, Paul immediately grabs his cell phone and calls for an ambulance. Ignoring Dusty's request for no ambulance, Paul asks what happened. "No brakes," Dusty utters. He believes he was sabotaged he says to Paul.

Later on, the ambulance wheels Dusty in to the hospital. Lucy immediately takes over his care. Dusty says to Lucy, "It wasn't an accident." Dallas reveals Dusty's break line was cut, he asks Lucy if she knows anyone who would want to hurt Dusty. "Yes, my father," Lucy responds.

Carly talks with Jack about the kids, Jack says he's not there to talk about the kids, he demands to know what's really going on with her. She says, "You already know, Jack. The story of my life. I make a mess of everything, and I have no one to blame but myself."

Back at the hospital, Lucy patches Dusty up and walks him out. Dusty, noticing Craig, asks how long he's been there. Dallas says he knows it's a bad time right now. "No, it's a good time. Let's do it," Dusty says to Dallas. Dallas continues, asking Dusty why Craig would want to kill him. While Dallas is searching for answers, Meg walks up. Noticing Dusty, she asks what happened. "Craig tampered with Dusty's breaks!" Paul fills Meg in. Continuing to search for answers, Dallas asks Dusty where he was before the accident. Dusty says he was at Java. "What time?" Dallas asks. Dusty answers, saying he was there at eight. He goes on to say he left by nine. Craig chimes in saying that proves he had nothing to do with it, because he was with Meg during that time. "Isn't that right, Meg?" Craig asks for confirmation.

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"Once I walk out that door I'm never coming back," Mike says to Katie.

Jack gives Simon a choice, shocking Simon and Carly... "Either you can leave on your own, or I will help you out!" Jack says to Simon.