Paul tells Jack him and Meg are fine, and that they just had a misunderstanding. Jack knows the misunderstanding involves Craig, and he warns Paul that Craig likes to annoy other women's men.

At Java, Craig asks Meg if she's all right and offers to drive her home. Meg accepts Craig's offer and tells him she must have the flu or something.

After Craig and Meg arrive at her home, Meg apologizes for getting sick in his car, and she realizes she's a mess. Craig suggests she get undressed, and he promises her he won't look much. She takes her top off, then she sits down on the couch and covers herself with a throw pillow. She expresses to Craig that she's embarrassed and requests he go, but he says he's not going anywhere and sits down beside her. As she sits beside her on the couch, he lays a pillow in his lap and she rests her head on it.

Later, Meg tells Craig it was sweet of him to drive her home. While talking, Paul walks in and says, "Looks like the party started without me." Craig tells Paul Meg isn't feeling well, and he explains that's why he's there, because he drove her home. Paul thanks Craig for helping Meg, and then he tells him he'll take over. Before leaving, Craig assures him that finding the two of them the way he did is completely innocent.

After Craig leaves, Meg reports to Paul she almost passed out and tried to call him, but she says when she got dizzy and disoriented she dropped the phone. She goes on to say, after she dropped the phone, Craig showed up and offered to help, and, because of her condition, she accepted.

Later, Meg informs Paul he shouldn't be around her, because what she has may be contagious. "Craig is next," Paul responds. Meg seems confused by his response and asks what he means. "If you're contagious then Craig is next," he explains. Meg recognizes where he's going with his statement, and she tells him they done nothing, and says the reason she took her top off was because it was a mess. "No kissing this time?" Paul inquired. Paul's question shocked Meg. "There was no kissing," she replies. Then he continues by asking her about the night at the Gala, when she kissed Craig. She explains that she believes he got very emotional and tried to kiss her, but she says she didn't kiss him back, and she tells Paul she slapped him instead. Paul conveys to her that Craig tells a different story, and he continues to confront her in search of the truth. Meg, on the other hand, continues to tell him the truth. The kiss meant nothing and she slapped him, Meg clarifies. Paul tells Meg she lied to him that night, because when he asked her what was wrong she responded by saying nothing was wrong.

At Java, Lucy talks with her lawyer as they are getting her ready for her testimony on the stand. While they prepare for trial, Dusty arrives.

After the lawyer leaves, Dusty tells Lucy if she has second thoughts it's okay, and she can tell him how she really feels. At that moment, he notices she's wearing the necklace she gave him; the one he gave back to her. Since they can't be together until after the trial, she explains to him that she wanted to wear the necklace as a symbol of their love.

Later, Emily arrives and joins Dusty. Lucy gets a to-go bag and tells Dusty she will see him later. After Lucy leaves, Emily tells Dusty she fears Craig may have a plan to stop the hearing. She discloses everything she knows about Craig, including the vial. Dusty asks what was in the vial, and she tells him she doesn't know, but it may be some kind of drug. She goes on to say Craig vowed to do whatever it takes to get custody of Johnny.

After Emily tells Dusty everything, Dusty gets up to leave and Emily asks him where's he's going. "I'm going to stop Craig before somebody gets hurt," he answers before walking away.

At Simon's place, after making love, Simon and Carly discuss their future together. Soon after, Carly jumps out of bed and remembers she promised the kids she'd be there to tell them goodnight. Simon's a little disappointed, because he thought they would spend the night together, but she informs him that she must keep her promise to her kids. Therefore, he offers to drive her, but she doesn't think Jack would approve.

At the Kasnoff's, Mike explains to Katie why he was in her laptop. When she turns the laptop around to finish getting the papers for Lucinda, she notices that he found what she wrote about Simon. With her head down, and unable to look at Mike, she asks him, "Did you..."

"Read about you sleeping with Simon? Yes, I did," Mike interrupts, and then asks her if it was just something she wrote, or if she did sleep with Simon.

When she avoids his question, Mike asks her again if she slept with Simon. Katie confirms, and goes on to tell him how it all happened. Mike gets angry and shoves some things sitting on a nearby table into the floor. Katie continues to apologize for her mistake, and she tells him it meant nothing. He refuses to believe her, telling her she still has feelings for him, because she wrote those feelings down in her computer. He goes on to say how he trusted her, and how they were planning to have a baby together. "We can still have that," Katie sobs. Mike grows even more suspicious of Katie, and asks her where she just came from. She replies telling him she was at Java with Margo. She says she needed someone to talk to, and she tells him since Margo and Tom made it through their affair, they can too.

Mike tells her that Carly told him Simon was back with her, but he says she must already know that. She admits she does know, because Simon told her the two of them were back together. Mikes becomes angrier realizing she has seen Simon since she slept with him, and he confronts her about it. He thinks after she found out Simon was back with Carly, she came back and had no plans of telling him about their affair. "How could you do that to me? I thought you loved me," Mike asks. Katie tells him she does love him, and says the only reason she went to Simon was to ask him not to say anything, because she didn't want Simon to wreck things. Mike responds by telling her Simon didn't wreak things, she did. Katie assures him it won't happen again, but Mike doesn't believe her, so he leaves. Katie begs him not to go, but he walks out the door. She grabs her coat and keys, then rushes out the door after him.

At the Snyder's, Jack has made hot chocolate for the kids, and they ask him where their mom is. Jack tells them she must be running late, and about that time, the phone rings. It's Carly; she's calling to ask Jack if it's all right for Simon to drive her out. Jack approves, telling her he wants to talk with Simon anyway.

Later, Carly and Simon arrive, and Carly goes in to see the kids, leaving Simon and Jack to talk. While inside, Carly promises the kids she'll take them to the ice rink tomorrow, and Parker asks if Simon is coming, but J.J. says he doesn't want Simon there. Carly asks him why not, and he says, "Because Jack doesn't like him."

Outside, Jack tells Simon he doesn't want to see the kids hurt. Simon tells him he'd never do anything to hurt them, but Jack informs him that he already has by getting involved with Spero. "If she goes to prison, how are my kids suppose to deal with that?" Jack asks, referring to Carly. Simon tells him he respects his position, and he tells Jack not to worry, because Carly is in the clear.

Carly comes back out and tells Jack the kids are in bed. Jack tells her and Simon to have a goodnight, and he goes back inside.

Back at Java, Craig tells Emily about his encounter with Meg, and taking her home. He also tells her about Paul walking in on them once she was home. After telling Emily about Meg, he asks how her meeting with Dusty went, and wants to know where he is now. She tells him about the meeting, and says he left in his car to go looking for him. Craig smiles.

While Dusty is driving down the road, he realizes he has no breaks! He starts to lose control of the car, and the tires squeal!

Mike arrives at Lakeview to confront Simon about sleeping with his wife, and Katie shows up right behind him. She begs him not to walk out on her, and she tells him she will do anything. While Katie is pleading for Mike's forgiveness, Simon and Carly arrive. With hate in his eyes, Mike starts toward Simon. "No, no, Mike, no," Katie says as she grabs Mike.

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"He slept with my wife last night," Mike tells Carly.

"Craig tells Lucy her testimony is not only going to hurt him, but it's going to hurt an awful lot of people, and he asks her if she's prepared. She asks him if that is a threat, because it sounds like one to her.