Adam and Casey wait for Gwen at the studio. Adam grows anxious because Gwen is running late, but Casey assures him Gwen will show.

At Java, Gwen is in a rush to get to the studio, because her professor over slept causing her to be late. Will suggests, since she's tired, to go home, rest, and re-schedule the session for tomorrow, but she advises him that she'll be fine.

Time continues to pass and Will and Gwen have not received their coffee yet, so Gwen says to forget the coffee and they leave.

Later, Gwen and Will arrive at the studio, and Adam reminds Will that his time is precious. Furthermore, before he gets started, he tells Gwen her voice sounds a little raspy.

Gwen finishes her first recording session, and Will and Casey are excited, but Adam doesn't look as cheerful, and asks Gwen to come out of the booth so he can talk to her. Casey asks Adam what was wrong with it, and he discloses that the bridge is bothering him. Will tells Adam there was nothing wrong with what she recorded, but Gwen assures Will its fine. Will continues by saying everything isn't fine, because he's making her feel bad for no reason. Sounding like Simon Cowell, Adam responds saying it was good, but not close to the best it could be. Gwen offers to do the song over, and as she's re-recording, Adam stops her and informs her that her pitch is off a little. Will grows angrier, because he's making her sing the same song repeatedly.

Adam joins Gwen in the booth, and he lets her know how he admires her song, then he asks her why she wrote it. Gwen tells him it's personal, but goes on to say it's about her pregnancy. While the two of them are talking, Will and Casey watch from outside the booth, and Will believes Adam is upsetting her, so he knocks on the window to get his attention, but Gwen assures Will she's okay.

Later, when Adam comes back out, Will asks what he said to her. "I think I'm about to make her a star," Adam replies. Gwen sings again, and after she finishes she asks Adam for his opinion, and he tells her she's getting better.

Meanwhile, Tony opens the door and discloses that their time is up. Will asks if he wants him to go ask for more time, and Adam confirms. He advises Will and Casey to try to get him another hour by promising Tony whatever they need to.

When Casey and Will leave, Adam sits down and says, "Okay Gwen, let's knock this out." However, when he looks up he sees Gwen sleeping, and he doesn't look pleased.

Paul set up breakfast for Meg at Lakeview, and he's glad to see she came. She responds by telling his she knew it was either him or Craig. She goes on to say given that he tricked her to meet him, he has to apologize. In a low tone, Paul apologizes for forbidding her to see Craig. After apologizing, he tells her Craig is in jail, and she asks him what he done to put Craig there, and if he's happy Craig's in jail. Paul responds telling her he believes Craig belongs there for all the lives he's ruined.

Emily arrives at Craig's place, and she asks him how he can consider drugging his very own daughter. "I'm not drugging anyone, you are," he responds. Then he corrects her saying he wants her to drug Meg and not Lucy. She refuses, and then asks him what the drug will do to Meg. Craig says it will just make her feel like she has the flu. He asks her to re-consider, and tells her to think about her future with Paul if she does this for him. He goes as far as inventing the fantasy for her. She says she doesn't want to get involved, but she will do it, then she asks him how she's supposed to drug Meg without her noticing. Craig reveals that she'll meet her for coffee and then slip her the drug.

Back at Lakeview, after Paul leaves, Emily walks up and asks Meg if she can join her. Meg is surprised and gets up to leave. Before leaving, she tells Emily she doesn't need this, but Emily stops her and says they need to quit being so hostile toward each other.

Katie tries to work on her book, but flashes back to her and Simon making out. Bringing herself back to reality, she shakes her head at the memory, and opens her laptop to work on "Oakdale Confidential." Still, after opening her laptop, she finds herself unable to work, because all she sees on her screen is Simon talking to her. She quickly closes the laptop, and Mike enters and says, "Writer's block?"

Margo stops by to share the news about Craig arrest. Later, after Mike leaves the room, Katie attempts to write again, but Margo sees Katie is in a daze and asks her what's wrong. Katie tells her about Simon, but she leaves out the part where they made love. Margo gives her some sisterly advice by telling her that her feelings for Simon are normal. "Besides, you were just fantasying about him, it's not like you slept with him," Margo verbalizes. Margo goes on to suggest she tell Mike, and she says she thinks he already knows anyway. Katie sobs as she tells Margo she doesn't want to hurt him, but Margo tells Katie she should write her feelings down first. Before leaving, Margo adds, "You love Mike, and he loves you. And this is all going to work itself out."

After Margo leaves, Katie gazes at her laptop, and her thoughts take over. She thinks to herself how much she loves her husband and can't break his heart, but she wishes she could have them both (Mike and Simon). Since she can't have them both, she knows she can no longer continue lying to Mike. A phone call interrupts her thoughts, and she sees that the person calling is Simon.

Carly stops by Simon's and reveals that she's stepping down from their business plans with the apartment. Soon after telling Simon she wants to quit, someone knocks on the door, and as Simon goes to answer it; he asks her not to leave yet. The broker walks in about the apartments, and he tells them he's glad they're both there, but Carly informs him that she's leaving. Before she can leave, he hands them figures and asks them both to look at them. While looking over the figures, Carly asks with admiration, "How is this possible?" The broker responds by revealing that the model apartment was so impressive they sold every other unit. Carly and Simon continue to smile as he reports there was a bidding war over the final five apartments. Still flabbergasted by the news, Carly says, "But there's no actual money right? The cash, we don't actually have." The broker grins and hands her an envelope telling her that's what he deposited into their account today. Simon and Carly open the envelope, and Carly squeals with excitement!

"Holy moley," Carly exclaims.
"That's what I said when I started calculating my commission," the broker responds.

He continues to enlighten them by saying they have a down payment on every unit, and the cash was paid upfront. He reveals even more good news when he tells Carly the buyers want to book her designer skills.

After the broker congratulates them and leaves, Carly and Simon hug, and almost kiss. Carly apologizes for accusing him of not being over Katie, and he tells her he has one more thing to take care of, so she says she'll take the folder with her to Java and go over the numbers while celebrating with a latte. Simon instructs her to keep the phone close by, because he will call her as soon as he's done.

Carly arrives at Java and bumps into Mike. The two of them sit down together, and she tells him her building is paying off. He's happy for her, but tells her she should start doing stuff on her own.

"Well, the thing with Simon... it's not just business, it's personal too," Carly responds.
"But I thought you two..."
"Weren't together. Well, we weren't, and then we were. Even yesterday, I wasn't sure how he felt about us. How he felt about me," Carly interrupts.
"But now you're sure?"
"Yea. Yea. I think that Simon and I may really have a future together."

Back at Simon's place, Katie shows up and Simon tells her, "You've been on my mind. I'm glad you came." She responds by telling him she's been thinking about him too.

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Megs gives in and joins Emily for coffee.

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