At Java, Margo is thrilled when Tom tears up Craig's retainer, and she expresses how proud she was of him when he told Craig he quit. When
Casey arrives, Margo shares in their good news, telling him that Tom quit the case! Casey's happy, but wonders what Tom will do for a job now, and tells him he should go back to his previous job. However, Tom thinks they may not take him back, and he says he could get a job working at Java.

Later, Casey tells Margo and Tom the reason he stopped by was to talk to them about money, but since Tom is currently unemployed, he says his timing is off. They ask him what he needs anyway, and he tells them about Gwen's demo. Tom tells Casey he will have a check in the mail tomorrow. Casey wasn't expecting an answer that quickly, but Tom tells him he thinks it's great he's working with his brother, and he jokes asking Casey to remember them in their acceptance speech when Gwen starts to win awards. Casey thanks them and leaves.

While Tom and Margo get ready to leave, Margo's phone rings and she answers it. Upon answering, she can't believe what she's hearing, and she appears to be very angry.

At the jail, Craig introduces Emily to his new lawyer (Cassandra Williams). Cassandra tells Craig he must be prepared to "discredit" Lucy in court, and then she asks him how far he is willing to go to do that. Craig tells her he's not going to have to discredit his daughter. He goes on to tell Cassandra he will take care of Lucy himself.

Later, Cassandra is finally able to post Craig's bail. Back at his place, Craig marvels at the little tube he's holding between his fingers. Emily asks him Craig about the tube, and he responds by saying, "This is a means to an end, for both of us." He goes on to reveal the contents in the tube are drugs, and then he tells her he wants her to help him.

Later, Craig answers the door and finds a very angry Margo behind it. Margo isn't surprised to see Emily there, but Emily leaves. After Emily leaves, Margo warns her brother. She tells him if he tries to jump bail she will hunt him down and drag him back. "I'm not going to do that," Craig responds. She continues by saying if he goes near Johnny she will use all means possible to keep him away from "Dusty's" son.

"He's my son," Craig retorts.
"I will get a warrant and I will trash this place," Margo threatens.
"That is harassment!"
"And that is exactly what you did to Lucy! You turn my stomach, Craig! I will never let you make Johnny as unhappy as you made her, and that means keeping you out of his life."

Lucy and Dusty are interrupted by a phone call. When Dusty answers it's Emily telling him Craig is getting out on bail. She continues by telling him Tom quit working for Craig. Dusty thanks Emily for her help and hangs up. After hanging up, Dusty relays the news to Lucy, and then a few minutes later, he tells her he wants them to be together.

Later, Barbara enters with Johnny, and after Dusty leaves to go lay Johnny down, Lucy tells Barbara she thinks they should try to get along for Dusty's sake. Barbara has no objections, and she tells Lucy she appreciates her standing up to her father, however, if her relationship with Dusty continues then Craig will use it against her on the stand. Therefore, Barbara goes on to say she needs to stay away from Dusty so Craig can't use it against her later.

A while later, Barbara, in anger, tells Lucy to ask herself if she's doing everything for Johnny or if she's doing it for herself. Dusty approaches and Barbara tells him, "She's all yours!" Dusty sits down and asks Lucy what that was all about, and Lucy tells him she believes they should stop seeing each other. She advises it would be best for Johnny, and she enlightens him when she states even thought they wouldn't be seeing each other they will still go through this together. He kisses her, and she laughs tenderly and tells him they can't do that.

"Goodbye Lucy," Dusty says.
"Not goodbye. Never goodbye," Lucy replies with a kiss.

At the cottage, Mike tells Katie not cry, because he doesn't like to see her unhappy. She starts to get up and cries out when she steps on glass. Mike examines her foot, and then continues to ask what happened. She flashes back to when she and Simon broke the trinket, and then she tells Mike she made a huge mistake and he deserves to know about it. As she starts to reveal the truth, the doorbell interrupts them. Katie answers the door, and it's Lucinda. Lucinda informs her she's there to see the pages for "Oakdale Confidential," and she goes on to say she's dying to know what "steamy" love affair is next. Mike informs Lucinda it isn't a good time, but she reminds Katie about the deadline and tells her she needs the papers soon.

After Lucinda leaves, Mike tells Katie he knows what's wrong, and he tells her she's upset over the book and meeting the deadline on time. Katie says nothing; instead, she lets him believe he's correct.

At Simon's place, Simon tells Carly when he left he thought they were done. Carly confesses that she didn't realize how true her feelings for him really were, and then she continues to try to get him to tell her what he's been up to. "I really hope that you don't make me drag it out of you, but I will if I have to," Carly tells him. Avoiding the question, Simon tells her he needs to get dressed. While he's getting dressed, she wants to make sure he got her message, and he confirms that he did. She lets him know Jack returned after she left the message, and then she reveals that she told Jack how she really feels about him (Simon). Simon is confused, because she told him she wanted nothing to do with him, and now she's changed her tune. Carly tells Simon she's not looking for "marital bliss," she just wants to see how things "play out." Simon admits that everything he told her was the truth, however, he doesn't want to hurt her. He hints for her to go back to Jack, but she tells him they're not meant for each other.

Later, Carly feels as if Simon is trying to let her down easy, so she tells him she came by because she thought he meant what he said earlier. When Carly starts to leave, Simon stops her.

"What is it, Simon, and it better be good?"
"Just be careful," he replies.

Back at Craig's, Margo is still warning him, and Craig orders her to leave.

"Drop dead!" Margo says before leaving.
"And I love you too, Sis! Next time bring a warrant!" Craig says as he slams the door.

Craig is alone, and he says to himself, "Every family has its ups and downs," Craig begins as he glares at the drug. Still alone, Craig, with a devious grin, continues "We didn't get a chance to finish our little chat did we, Emily. But we will, and you'll do exactly as I tell you."

Next on As the World Turns...

Simon tells Carly they need to work things out.

"Craig's in jail. Paul, what on earth did you do," Meg asks.

Craig tells Emily she misunderstood him. "I'm not drugging anyone, you are," he explains.