At Java, Will and Gwen tell Casey their not doing the demo with Adam. Gwen explains to Casey why, and tells him about their falling out the previous day. Adam listens, but doesn't seem satisfied about the news.

Adam show up at Lily's, and when Jade answers the door Adam tells her he's leaving. He says since Gwen let him go he's going to go back to LA, and he tells Jade to take care of herself and look him up if she's ever in LA.

As Adam leaves Lily's, his phone rings and its Casey. Casey asks Adam to meet him at Java in five minutes.

Moments later, Adam shows up at Java, and he sits down to talk with Casey, Will and Gwen. Casey asks Adam to reconsider being Gwen's producer. Adam tells them he will under one condition: "Gwen must act like a professional." Will immediately jumps Adam for talking to Gwen that way, but Gwen intervenes and asks to speak with Adam alone.

When Casey and Will walk away, Adam tells Gwen he's not trying to get her to like Jade, he's just trying to help her, and then he asks Gwen if she's prepared for him to call the shots. They talk a while longer about the whole deal, and Gwen and Adam seal the deal, again.

Meanwhile, Dusty and Lucy continue to talk about Craig getting custody of Johnny. Dusty asks Lucy to help him out and testify against her father. "Only one thing is gonna stop him--prison. And you're the person who can put him there," Dusty continues.

At the hospital, Paul and Meg discuss their wedding, and then Paul leaves. Minutes after Paul walks out, Craig shows up with Johnny. Meg goes for the phone to call the cops, but Craig stops her and shows her his court order. Stunned by the news, Meg scolds Craig for buying his way into things. Once Meg is finished, Craig asks her to help him. He tells her he brought Johnny in for a check-up, because he heard Johnny almost died. He goes on to say he wants to make sure he's doing everything he can to protect Johnny. She suggests he go to Lucy instead, but Craig tells her Lucy is too close. Meg gives in and agrees to help him.

Soon after, Paul comes back to find Craig with Meg. "What the hell are you doing here!" Paul asks Craig. Craig answers telling Paul he brought Johnny in for a check-up. Paul informs Craig there's nothing wrong with Johnny.

A few minutes later, Meg hangs up the phone and tells Craig he will have to reschedule Johnny's appointment with Dr. Lake, because something has come up. Craig thanks Meg for her help and leaves.

After Craig leaves, Paul and Meg fight. Paul confronts Meg for being alone with Craig. He tells her every time he turns his back she's alone with him. Meg asks him why he returned. "Emily told me Craig was here," he answers. She reminds him that earlier they were discussing honeymoons, and now they're fighting. Ignoring what she just said, Paul orders her not to talk to Craig anymore. Meg is shocked! Paul tells her he's just trying to protect her, but she tells him he's not going to control her!

Later, Craig returns with Johnny. Dusty takes Johnny to go lay him down. While Dusty is laying Johnny down, Craig speaks with Lucy, and he asks her if she's mad at him. Lucy gets up to leave, but Craig keeps talking. Craig tells her he knows he pushed hard, but he just wanted to get to know his son better. Lucy warns him by telling him he pushed too hard, and as a result, he may not get to know his son better. When Craig tells her he doesn't understand what she means, she spells it out for him, and then she warns him again, saying if he doesn't drop his plans for custody she will testify against him in court.

Katie weeps as she reveals the pregnancy test results to Mike. She tells him she's not pregnant, and she fears she's never going to get pregnant. She goes on to tell him that maybe it's not meant for her to be a mom. He comforts her, and tells her they've not been married long, and that it will happen when it's time. He goes on to say he's not going to let it be a tragedy.

Later, Katie tells Mike she knows he has to leave because they had a deal. She tells him it's okay, and she'll take the time to think things through. She says when he returns she'll be a "sane" wife again. She goes on to tell him she loves him, and to go before she changes her mind. They share a quick kiss, and Mike tells her he will miss her, and he adds that she's perfect just the way she is. Katie smiles.

After Mike leaves, Katie pulls a box from the closet. She sheds tears as she goes through the box of memories. While rummaging through the box, she flashes back to the good times her and Simon have shared over the years.

A while later, she decides it's time to let go, so she heads for the door to throw the box into the trash, but is surprised to find Simon standing there, and they stare at one another without uttering a word.

Carly reveals to Jack that her relationship with Simon is "strictly business." Simon looks stunned, because it's news to him too. Jack asks Carly about the kiss, but she informs him the kiss is none of his business.

After Jack leaves, Simon confronts Carly, and tells her last night didn't seem like just business. He goes on to say he finds what she just said insulting, but Carly tells him what she told Jack was the truth. She claims they were just on a high and celebrating, and she asks Simon if that's all it was to him too. Simon tells her no, he says it was real to him. Carly asks Simon to leave, but Simon explains to her that he thinks she's just hung-up on Jack, and then he reveals his true feelings to her. He tells her how much he really cares for her, and he says he's just a grown up kid. Carly asks how he'll prove that, and he kisses her.

Later, Simon tells Carly she can still be there for her kids and live her life if she goes with him. She wants to know why he came back to Oakdale in the first place, and she tells him she thinks it was because of Katie. Simon is still trying to convince Carly they have something good, but she tells him what she said to Jack about being "strictly business" was the truth. Simon gets angry and leaves.

After Simon storms out, Carly flashes back to last night, and then asks herself, "Who am I kidding." A little while later, she picks up the phone and dials Simon. When Simon doesn't answer, she leaves a message telling him how it is more than business, and she goes on to say she cares for him. While she's leaving her message, Jack returns and opens the door, but he stops when he hears Carly leaving her message, and Carly doesn't even notice that he's standing in the doorway. As Jack listens, he appears to be hurt by what he's hearing.

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