At the dorms, Will and Gwen leave to go to the studio. While they're on their way out, they run into Adam. Adam tells Gwen, "You have more than a dream, you have talent." Will makes Adam an offer he can't refuse when he tells him he wants to make Gwen a demo, and he conveys he'll fork out the money it will take. He likes the idea, and tells Will if he's serious about "footing the bill" then they should get started, and he confirms that he will be Gwen's producer. Gwen is so excited that she jumps up and down.

Things change when Adam tells them there's one more thing... they must put up with Jade. He goes on to tell them Jade told him everything, but shortly after Adam conveys what Jade said to him, Gwen's excitement immediately turns to anger! Gwen tells Adam if he believes a word Jade says she doesn't want to have anything to do with him, and she asks him to leave.

Just moments after Adam leaves, Gwen is even more upset. She expresses to Will that she can't believe she just done that. "I just threw it all away," she tells Will. She goes on to say Adam was her best shot and now she's ruined everything! Will comforts Gwen, and he informs her that Adam is not the only producer. He tells her they will find another one.

At Lily's place, Lucinda tells Lily about Jade showing up at the party. Lucinda urges Lily to throw Jade out on her "derriere." When Jade comes in, Lily confronts Jade about going to the party, and Jade tells Lily she had no intention of going, but a guy talked her into it. However, Jade failed to mention the "guy" was Adam. Instead, Jade tells Lily she met Adam at the party.

Lucinda steps in and warns Lily that Jade is a liar, then Lucinda tells Jade just what she thinks of her. Before Lucinda leaves, she tells Lily that Jade has her wrapped around her finger.

After Lucinda leaves, Jade enlightens Lily by telling her Adam is just a one-time thing, and she won't see him again. Soon after, Ethan begins to cry, and Lily leaves the room to go check on him. As soon as Lily leaves the room, the doorbell rings. Jade tells Luke it must be Lucinda coming back for "round two." Jade answers the door and finds herself looking at Adam and not Lucinda.

At Lakeview, Katie tells Mike how she's been feeling lately, and Mike wonders if she may be pregnant. Mike's phone rings, so he leaves to take the call. As soon as Mike leaves, Vienna shows up and sits down with Katie. Vienna tells Katie Simon left them for Carly. Katie gives the impression that she doesn't care what Simon does with his love life, and she goes on to say she may be pregnant and have a bestseller on the list. With all of this on her plate, she tells Vienna she doesn't need Simon.

As Katie starts to leave, Vienna stops her and tells her she saw Simon and Carly together in their suite. Then she tells Katie, "They were burning with love for each other. You could feel the heat a mile away." Katie's tune changes and she asks Vienna if what she saw was sex. Vienna confirms and describes the scene. Katie appears to be jealous.

Not long after, Mike comes back into the dining room and Vienna leaves. Before leaving, Vienna gives Katie a hug and tells her to be brave. Mike senses from Katie's look that something's wrong, and he asks her about it. Katie tells him it's nothing, and then Mike tells Katie his phone call was a job offer in Chicago. Katie gets upset and tells Mike he can't leave her. She tells mike if she's pregnant she's going to need him around. Mike suggests they go to the drug store to get a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

Later, Mike waits anxiously for Katie to come out of the bathroom to reveal the results of the pregnancy test. He keeps asking her how much longer it will be, and when she finally comes out she has a look of disappointment on her face.

Carly is talking on the phone with Simon when she hears someone knocking on her door. She goes to answer the door and says, "Jack." Carly invites him in and tells him she'll be a moment, because she's on the phone. Simon knows now that Jack is there Carly can't talk, so he tells Carly he'll do the talking and she can listen. Simon tells Carly he's going to get rid of the diamonds, and then meet with her the way they did last night, but he says this time they will be rolling in money. "How does that sound?" Simon asks Carly. Carly tells him she'll have to check her schedule and get back to him.

After Carly ends her phone call, Jack tells her he believes she's in trouble, and then he asks her why she went with the prince last night. Carly tells Jack she was "flattered" by the prince, but she goes on to say the prince isn't her type. Jack appears to be jealous, and he tells Carly she shouldn't turn to a stranger. Carly asks Jack whom she should turn to, and he replies, "You can turn to me."

Carly senses Jack wants more and asks him if he thinks there's a chance for them. "That would depend on whether or not Simon is out of the picture. Is he? Don't forget to rinse those dishes first," Jack divulges and then leaves.

Soon after Jack leaves, Simon shows up. He shows Carly a suitcase full of money. Carly asks about the money, and Simon tells her Spero is paid in full, and this money is leftovers for them to fix the apartments up with. While the two share in their enthusiasm over the money, Jack is watching from outside. When Jack knocks on the door Carly gets nervous and orders Simon to put the money away. Once the money is hid, Carly opens the door. Jack enters and tells Simon he wants to speak to Carly alone.

While Dusty and Lucy are talking, Emily comes up to them and reveals some bad news to Dusty. "Craig is up to something, and it may be far worse than what he pulled last night," Emily discloses. Since Emily now has Dusty and Lucy's full attention, she continues by advising Dusty to take Johnny and leave.

As soon as Emily leaves, Dusty grabs Johnny and prepares to take him as far from Craig as he can. On his way out, Dusty tells Lucy he will call her from the road. However, before Dusty can get out the door, Tom and Craig stop him. Tom tells him he can't leave, because it will violate the order. Therefore, Tom orders Dusty to give Johnny to Craig. Dusty refuses to hand Johnny over to Craig. Tom informs Dusty that he has no choice, because Craig has the legal right to visit with his son for a couple hours. Lucy asks her father, "How can you be so cruel." Craig tells them to just make the transaction simple and give Johnny to him. Dusty refuses, but an officer steps forward and warns Dusty he will be arrested if he doesn't follow the order. Dusty still refuses to give Johnny to Craig, and Craig tells Dusty he will have him arrested. Craig goes on to tell Dusty that wouldn't look good in a custody battle. Before Dusty can respond, a furious Lucy confronts her dad. Lucy tells Craig she can't believe he'd hurt Johnny like that.

After Lucy finishes scolding her dad, Dusty reluctantly hands Johnny over to Craig, and then Dusty and Lucy leave. Craig tells Tom he's going to take Johnny to see Margo, but Tom tells Craig that's not a good idea, because Margo isn't happy with Craig right now. Craig tells Tom to take the day off so he can spend time with his son alone.

After Tom leaves, Emily approaches Craig and says, "So, you got what you wanted."

"Not quiet, there's one more thing you're going to do for me," Craig responds.

Dusty and Lucy talk about Craig, and Lucy tells him since Craig is playing by the rules there has to be a way they can deny him access to Johnny. "There is, and you're it," Dusty tells Lucy.

Next on As the World Turns...

Jack asks Carly if she's with Simon or not, and Carly informs Jack that her relationship with Simon is "strictly business."

Dusty tells Lucy prison is the only thing that will stop Craig, and then he tells her she's the one who can put him there.