In Old Town, Alison joins Hunter in the restaurant. She asks if they can still hang out together. She offers to go with him the next time he visits his mother. He tells her that his mother had a stroke and is dead. She tells him to remember the woman as she was. Casey joins them and asks to talk privately to Alison. They both walk away from the table to talk. She tells him that if he is there to talk about Riley, it’s not a good time. Alison asks Casey to leave. Casey makes disparaging remarks about Alison, Hunter stands up to defend her and Casey starts throwing punches. Alison screams at Casey to leave and get out of her life. Hunter tells her that she’s better off without him. She says she wants to spend the rest of the day with Hunter.

At the hospital, Susan gives Emily a DNA analysis report regarding the eggs that were found. Emily looks at the results and Susan explains that those eggs aren’t hers. Susan warns her that Larry is lying. Emily calls Larry on her cell and leaves a voice message. She wants to see him right away.

Meg and Damian are together at Worldwide and Damian says he has no reason to doubt that Dusty cut the fuel line on the ship. Meg is worried about how the fight between them is escalating. First an oil spill, then what! He says that he will do his best to stop the fighting. He is worried about the costs for the cleanup.

Dusty and Lily are having a coffee at Worldwide, and Lily says the project could be a cash cow. Dusty tells her that the word is out that he cut the fuel line. He says he’s innocent but he doesn’t think she believes him. Lily doesn’t believe that Damian set him up. She says Damian promised to stop fighting with Dusty. She suggests they concentrate on the JKR communications project. They have an animated conversation about the money this will generate and she asks to see the presentation.

In Dusty’s office, Paul looks through papers and the janitor walks in on him. Paul uses a fake Italian accent and tells him to call security if he must and gives his name as Damian Grimaldi. Paul is still snooping around when he opens Dusty’s laptop, sees the JKR presentation, and walks out with the laptop. He goes to Damian's room and plants the laptop behind a curtain.

Dusty and Lily go into the boardroom at Worldwide with their investors and Dusty sees that the laptop is missing. Lily apologizes to the group and tries to hold things together while Dusty looks for the laptop with security. Their guests leave in a huff. Dusty returns to find they are gone and didn’t reschedule. Dusty tells Lily that security saw a man in the office earlier who gave his name as Damian Grimaldi.

At the hospital, Susan runs into Alison and tells her that Margo was shot yesterday.

Emily and Larry come in the restaurant and sit down. She tells him the eggs aren’t hers. He is shocked. Emily asks him if he’s responsible. He claims the containers must have gotten mixed up. He says he’s there for one reason. He wants to make amends for all the things he’s done wrong in the past. He tells her he wants a relationship with her and leaves wishing her good luck with the pregnancy. She sees Hunter and joins him. She offers to listen to his story about his mom. Before his mother died, she told him his real father was named Tristan. She asks what his mother's name was. He leaves without telling her. She picks up a play program that Hunter left behind and daydreams about a conversation she and Larry had once.

At Worldwide, Dusty and Lily run into Damian and Meg. Dusty accuses Damian of taking the laptop but he denies it. Dusty asks Meg to join him for a coffee and they leave. They go to Damian’s office and look for the laptop. She says if Damian was trying to sabotage Dusty, why would he give out his name so freely? Dusty finds the laptop in Damian’s room, find and confronts Damian. Paul is in the corner of the same room and overhears what’s going on. Meg is annoyed and leaves. Damian grabs Lily’s arm and claims he’s innocent. She tells him they lost a multi-million dollar deal because of him. They sit down and Damian asks her to convince Meg he is innocent. She says that Holden is right. This situation is toxic for everyone.

Casey checks his cell messages and sees that Alison called. Just then, Alison knocks on his door.

Over at the hospital, Larry tells Susan that she can’t stand the fact that Emily likes his company. She accuses him of planting the eggs. He denies there is a ‘plan’. She tells him to stay away from Emily. He tells Susan that she’s jealous. She wants to know who he got the eggs from. He tells her she’s sick. She tells him, “Only when I look at you".

Paul runs into Meg at Old Town and she tells him what has happened between Dusty and Damian. He asks her for a coffee but she politely refuses.

Lily and Damian go to Dusty’s door. When he answers, Damian tells him that all this fighting has to stop. Damian denies he cut the fuel line. Lily begs Dusty to listen. Dusty warns Damian to stop messing around. Damian tells Lily that Dusty won’t listen and there’s only one way to deal with him.

Casey arrives at the hospital and asks Susan if she’s seen Alison.

Alison comes to Hunter’s room. He tells her he doesn’t need comforting. He says he’s angry at his mother because she died without telling him who he really is. He wants to find out who his father is. He asks why she cares. She says she doesn’t know and they kiss tenderly.

Emily asks Larry if he ever knew a woman named Aurora Hunter.

Next on As the World Turns:

Carly doesn’t want her sister to know she’s drinking,

Emily asks Larry if he had a child using her eggs?

Hunter tells Casey that he loves Alison.

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