Paul arrives at the farm for his visit with Eliza. He asks her about the battle between Dusty and Damian for Worldwide. Meg comments that men don't get it.

Tom thanks Adam for saving Margo's life and comments that he is a hero. Casey wants to talk to Tom alone, but he gets a call and has to leave. Adam asks Casey when he is going to tell Tom the truth. Casey asserts he will tell him as soon as possible. Tom returns and asks if he can talk with Casey and asks him to take Adam to lunch. After they leave, Tom asks Margo why Col. Mayer was threatening Riley. Margo suggests maybe it was because Casey was helping Noah with his film. Tom agrees to let it go.

Dusty admits to Bonnie he was trying to control Meg and wants to apologize to her and start over. Bonnie wishes him well after he kisses her. When he leaves, she notices Paul listening and she tells him men just don't get it. Bonnie doesn't understand why men are always fighting over Meg. Paul suggests she wants Dusty, but she denies it. Bonnie thinks he still wants Meg, too.

Damian arrives at the farm and fills Meg in on Col. Mayer's return. He admits that it hurt him to hear Luke talk about Col. Mayer the way he did because it could have been him, too. Meg thinks Luke knows Damian is changing for him. As they embrace, she sees Dusty staring at her through the door. She angrily goes to the porch and asks if he is spying on her! He tells her he was going to apologize for making assumptions about her and Damian, but he is taking it back! Meg claims that nothing is going on with her and Damian. Dusty tells her that he needs to hear her admit she does not need him. Meg tells him they are totally over! She returns inside and tells Damian she wants peace in her life. She orders him to not mention Dusty's name again and to respect her boundaries. He thanks her for letting him confide in her about Luke and leaves.

Over lunch at Yo's, Casey informs Adam he will be telling Tom that he is not really Riley as soon as possible. Adam tries to make small talk, but Casey tells him he can't forget all the horrible things he did, starting with Gwen. Casey asserts that attempted rape cannot be fixed with an apology. Adam thinks that Casey is jealous that he got away with something and he had to go to prison. Casey thinks Adam is a user, but Adam claims he wants to be close to his family.

Casey finds Tom at home and wants to talk about Riley. Tom tells him how proud of him he is for putting aside his feelings for Riley. Tom goes on to say that Casey will always be the most important person to them and embraces him. Tom asks Casey to return to the hospital while he works and promises they can chat later.

Adam tells Margo that lunch with Casey did not go well. She tells him she is so happy he is back and safe. Adam asks when she realized it was him. She thinks she knew from the very beginning because a mother just knows. Adam tells her even if he goes to prison, he is happy she forgave him. Adam thinks that Tom might keep his secret, but she reminds him that half the town knows what he did, but she will do whatever she can to keep him safe. Casey interrupts and admits he has not told Tom the truth yet and is not sure if he will. Adam tells Casey he will stay to face the consequences of his actions and leaves.

Casey asks Margo why Adam is so important to her. She reminds Casey that he made excuses and ran and they forgave him. Casey points out he was punished and Adam has not been. Margo tells him she is not strong enough to do that again. She begs him to keep the secret for just a little bit longer.

Dusty sees Bonnie at the Lakeview and asks her to join him for a drink. He tells her the apology with Meg did not go well. Bonnie thinks that he jumped to conclusions, but Dusty informs her that it is really over with Meg. Damian interrupts them and tells him to leave Meg alone! Paul witnesses the scene in amusement.

Paul returns to the farm to tell Meg that Eliza will be with Barbara. He comments that Meg looks edgy. She admits that she broke up with Dusty. Paul asks if it had anything to do with Damian. Meg becomes upset and wonders why everything is a contest between Dusty and Damian. Paul thinks that boys will be boys.

Paul heads to the docks and claims he needs to make a delivery. He heads into a restricted area and cuts a cord so that waste will dump into the water!

Damian gets a call that one of his ships is leaking fuel!

Meg arrives at the Lakeview to pick up Eliza. Paul sees her leaving and thanks her for allowing him and his mother to see Eliza. In the distance, they hear Damian yelling at Dusty. Damian asserts what he did was illegal. Dusty claims he didn't go near his ships. Bonnie claims Dusty was with her and he could not have done it. Damian tells them that there was a witness who can identify him. Paul pulls Meg aside and asks if she needs to be involved. She leaves with him and Eliza.

At home, Casey informs Adam he is keeping his secret for Margo. Casey wonders how he can get away with so much. Adam asserts he wants another chance and if he can't understand that, he is a liar. Casey tells him to hold onto his good-bye letters because he will need them sooner than later!

Tom returns to the hospital and tells Margo that everything is going to be okay. Margo says she just wants to be home with her family.

Back at the farm, Paul tells Meg that seeing Dusty and Damian fight made him happy that they are no longer in a toxic place. Meg admits that she liked how he handled things and was concerned with her needs.

At the docks, the shipping guard assures Damian that Dusty did not cut the cord.

At the Lakeview Bar, Bonnie thinks Dusty needs to protect himself. Dusty declares war on Damian!

Next on As The World Turns:

Emily asks Hunter if he has any idea who his father could be.

Dusty tells Lily that a security guard told him a man with an Italian accent made off with his laptop.

Paul talks to himself with a phony Italian accent.

Damian orders Dusty to stop the war!

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