Noah and Luke try to console an upset Casey. Casey can't believe that Riley has conned everyone. Damian calls Luke and asks him to sign some papers for the Foundation immediately. Casey tells them he will be okay to wait alone, but grows impatient and leaves.

Riley yells and begs his mom to wake up! Riley calls an ambulance and talks to Margo and keeps her calm. Casey arrives and yells, "What did you do to my mom?" Margo tells Casey to calm down because Riley is his brother! Riley admits that he is Adam. Casey asks what game he is playing and why before leaving to go to the hospital.

Col. Mayer grabs Noah as he enters Java! Noah can't believe he is alive, but Col. Mayer tells him he missed him! Noah notices that he is bleeding and Col. Mayer asks if they can go someplace safe to talk. Noah agrees if he will go to the hospital.

Luke informs Damian that the real Riley Morgan is dead. Luke wonders why Riley was helping Noah. Damian offers his help, if needed.

Luke returns to Java and the clerk tells him Noah took his shift off. Luke wonders why Noah didn't leave him a voicemail. He sees Noah's bag outside of Java and heads back to see Damian. He asks Damian if the Grimaldi's could have come after him, but Damian does not think that is possible. Luke tells Damian he knows something bad has happened to Noah.

At the hospital, the nurse informs Casey and Adam that Margo has to have surgery. Casey and Adam step outside and Luke calls to find out where Noah is. Casey informs him that Col. Mayer is in town and shot his mom. Tom arrives and Casey makes Adam wait outside while they talk to Margo. Margo tells Tom that Riley saved her life, but does not tell him that Riley is Adam. Before being wheeled away, she asks Adam to be there when she gets back.

Casey pulls Riley aside and orders him to talk. Casey does not believe he is Adam. Adam tells Casey that after he left town the way he did, he had to face what he had done and knew no one would ever forgive him. Adam claims he was really in Afghanistan working, but was involved in an explosion and had to have plastic surgery. He claims he thought it was an opportunity to be someone he had always wanted to be. Casey tells him he is still lying and has not changed! Adam asserts the old Adam really did die. Casey tells him he has put Margo through too much and leaves.

Luke is upset that Col. Mayer is back in town and is positive he has Noah. Damian thinks that they have to be very careful and clever to catch Col. Mayer. Luke fills him in on the details and Damian thinks Lt. Hansborough might have been working with Col. Mayer. Damian calls the military with a phony story about one of his ships and asks for documentation. They realize Col. Mayer and Lt. Hansborough were working together. They leave to go to the docks.

Col. Mayer tells Noah he had no choice but to fake his death. Noah wishes that he didn't come back. Col. Mayer admits that he stole the DVD and watched the movie he was making and it gave him hope. Noah tells him they have no connection and he is a fugitive. Col. Mayer wants Noah to come away with him! Noah tells him he needs professional help. Noah begs him to turn himself in and get help. Col. Mayer says that Noah can help him get away or watch him die. Noah admits that he does not hate him, but feels sorry for him. Noah agrees to help him get away.

At the docks, Damian talks to Lt. Hansborough while Luke hides. Lt. Hansborough realizes it is a trap and runs away. Damian and Luke chase after him. Damian and Luke hang him over the dock and Lt. Hansborough agrees to talk. He tells them where Col. Mayer is hiding. Luke and Damian split up to search the area.

After surgery, Tom tells Margo she is his tough cookie. Casey interrupts to see if she is okay. Margo asks Tom to leave so she can talk to Casey alone. Casey tells her that Adam told her the whole story. Margo feels like she knew it was him for awhile now because she is his mother. Margo tells Casey they are not telling anyone the truth. Casey does not want to lie, but Margo wants to protect Adam so he will stay out of prison. Casey reminds her that she sent him to prison. Margo tells him Adam would be in prison for years and does not want to lose him again. Casey tells her it does not feel right and wants to tell Tom.

Outside Margo's room, Tom thanks Adam for saving Margo's life. He goes on to tell him he owes him a debt he can never repay and hugs him. They go back inside the room to see Margo. Tom asks Margo and Casey if they are interrupting.

Noah helps Col. Mayer outside. Luke sees them and Col. Mayer tells Noah he will be fine on his own. Luke wants to call the police, but Noah stops him! Damian arrives and tells Col. Mayer he is not going anywhere! Noah tells Luke he wants to help his father. Luke asserts that he can make peace with his father from a distance while he is in jail, rather than worrying about where he is all the time. Noah turns to face his father and calls the police!

Next on As The World Turns:

Adam tells Casey he is the liar!

Meg asks Paul, "Why does it always have to be a contest between Dusty and Damian?"

Paul heads to the docks and says, "I need to make a delivery for Mr. Grimaldi."

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