Margo receives a call from the Veterans Association with information for Casey. She lies that they have no information and asks Casey why he is calling the Veterans Association. She orders him to drop his investigation. Casey thinks that Riley is hiding something, but Margo refuses to listen to him.

Col. Mayer orders Riley to bring Noah to him alone, or he will expose him to Margo! Riley calls Noah and claims that if he talks to Lt. Hansborough alone first, he will be able to get him military clearance for Luke.

Casey opens a letter from the Veterans Association and rushes out of the house!

Carly cries to Craig, "Tell them you believe me!" Craig orders Jack not to make baseless accusations. Jack asserts that Parker would not lie, but Carly tries to cover that Parker is just upset about her engagement. She tells him to search the house for alcohol if he does not believe her. Jack begins to search the house! Craig orders Jack to get a search warrant, but Jack tells him he will make sure his children are not hurt and angrily leaves.

Craig tells Carly he will always support her. Carly wants to get married right away! Craig wants to wait for the children's sake, but she yells that he believes she is still drinking. Craig wants her to avoid stress, but Carly claims he does not trust her. She angrily calls off the wedding! Craig tries to calm her down and tells her he will head straight to the courthouse with her. Carly softens and they kiss and make up. After Craig leaves, Carly downs a drink!

Janet assures Parker that Jack will get to the bottom of things. Rosanna enters the diner and asks Parker if he is okay. He rushes into her arms for a hug. Parker covers and tells her he is upset because he hates his job. Rosanna jokes that at least he has one. Parker offers to give her his trust fund, but Rosanna refuses. She tells him she is going to interview for a managerial position at the Wagon Wheel. They make plans for a future lunch date.

After Rosanna leaves, Parker tells Janet he feels guilty for not telling Rosanna the truth about Carly. Janet tells him he cannot fix everything. Jack arrives and informs them that Craig covered for Carly. Janet reminds them that Carly has to beat the addiction on her own. Jack tells Parker that he and Sage can come live with them at the farm. When Parker leaves, Janet tells Jack he is making a big mistake! Janet tells him that Parker and Liberty living together at the farm is not a good idea. Jack apologizes, but asserts he is worried about his children. Janet thinks that when Craig moves in, things could get better.

Craig arrives at the diner and informs Jack and Janet that the wedding date is being moved up and Rosanna is moving in. Jack thinks it is a good idea, and Janet remarks things will work out. After Craig leaves, Jack thinks he is right that Carly is drinking and Craig knows it, too. Janet tells him it is Craig's job to take care of the situation!

Rosanna meets Craig at the Lakeview. He informs her that he and Carly are moving up the wedding date. He admits that Carly needs Rosanna's support and he wants her to move in with Carly! Rosanna is skeptical, but Craig tells her that Carly needs her. Rosanna feels like he is hiding something, but Craig tells her they both want what is best for Carly. Rosanna agrees if it is what Carly wants.

Luke tells Noah he has a bad feeling and does not want him to go meet Lt. Hansborough alone. Noah thinks it will be okay because Riley has helped them. Casey interrupts and tells them the Veterans Association sent him a letter informing him that the real Riley Morgan was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan! Riley listens outside and hears that Casey is going straight to Margo with the news.

Casey, Luke and Noah head to the police station and hand Margo the letter proving Riley is a fake! Margo tells them she will handle the situation and orders them to stay there.

Rosanna arrives at Carly's and asks her if she can move in with her while she gets on her feet. Carly hesitates at first, but tells her it is not a problem. Craig and Parker arrive and Parker comments how happy he is that Rosanna is moving in. Rosanna leaves to pack, and Parker goes with her. Alone, Carly tells Craig she knows he arranged for Rosanna to move in. Craig tells her he just wants her to be happy, and Carly claims she is not upset. When Craig leaves, Carly has another drink!

Col. Mayer angrily calls Riley and demands to know where Noah is. When he does not get an answer, he loads a gun and says, "I guess we will do things the hard way!"

Riley packs his bags and heads out to leave from the Hughes home. He writes Margo a note, but before he can go, Col. Mayer arrives with a gun and tells him he isn't going anywhere! He aims a gun at Riley, but Margo arrives and orders him to drop his weapon. He laughs at Margo and shoots her! While Riley wrestles with Col. Mayer, the gun goes off and wounds Col. Mayer. Riley rushes to Margo and picks her up and cries, "Mom, are you okay!"

Next on As The World Turns:

A wounded Margo tells Casey that Riley is his brother!

Damian orders Dusty to stop the war they are in.

Luke thinks Noah is in danger.

Col. Mayer grabs Noah!

Emily asks Larry if he had a child using her eggs!

Hunter and Alison kiss!

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