Craig arrives at Carly's with flowers. She informs him that she is still marrying him, but has not yet told Jack. Carly admits the kids do not know yet, either. Craig asserts that he is going to tell Jack himself!

Janet kisses Jack and wishes she could spend the day with him. Jack tells her he is going to see the kids, but she thinks he is going to check up on Carly and see if she is still drinking.

Brad complains to Katie that he would rather be with her at the doctor as opposed to being on television with Geneva Swift. Brad thinks that Henry should drive her to the doctor. Katie covers that Henry is heartsick over the loss of their baby. Brad agrees to let her go alone if she twitters him her every move. He leaves for work and says, "Today is the day I take Geneva Swift down!"

Henry comments to himself that his dress makes him look hippy. Vienna enters their suite and tells him that the show is about pole dancing to spark conversation with Geneva Swift. Henry thinks that it is lewd and Vienna comments that Henry sounds just like Geneva! Vienna practices her pole dance on Henry, who throws her to the bed. Vienna leaves and tells them they can have their fun later. After she leaves, Henry yells, "This ends now!"

Carly tries to break the news to Parker and Sage that she is going to marry Craig. Jack arrives and asks what he is interrupting. Sage replies, "Mom is trying to tell us she is going to marry Craig!" Jack laughs that Sage is a comedian, but they realize Sage is right. Jack laughs and then congratulates her. Carly thanks him and thinks it will be good for the family. Sage asks if she loves Craig the way she loved Jack. Jack asserts to Sage that she must because why else would she marry him.

After Parker and Sage leave, Carly thanks him for being so calm. Jack tells her he is married to someone else and he has no right to tell her how to live her life. He then asks if she loves Craig the way she loved him. Carly believes Craig is good for her. Jack wonders if getting married is good for her right now. Carly claims Craig is the reason she is no longer drinking. Jack wants to give her his blessing, but he doesn't see her being happy with Craig.

Craig goes to the farm and is disappointed when Janet tells him Jack is gone. He tells her that he and Carly are engaged. Janet thinks he is crazy if he thinks his engagement will make Jack worry less about Carly. Craig claims he is a changed man, but Janet wonders if he can really handle Carly's issues. She wishes him luck and tells him he will need it!

Parker returns home and sees Carly drinking! She lies and tells him it was tap water!

Jack returns home and tells Janet and Craig he knows about the engagement. Craig hopes he will be positive for the children's sake and tells Jack that Carly does not need a back-up man anymore. After Craig leaves, Parker rushes in and tells them he caught Carly drinking! Jack tells him he will go talk to her. Janet asks him to go easy on her.

Craig returns home to tell Carly that everyone knows about their good news. He leans in for a kiss, but she leaves to make coffee.

Henry goes to see Katie dressed as Geneva. He tells her he can't get his breasts straight and needs her help. Katie thinks he should rethink his charade. Henry admits he signed a contract. Henry comments that "we girls" need to stick together, but Katie orders him to be careful.

Vienna practices pole dancing, but ends up having a back spasm! Kim calls an ambulance and Vienna is disappointed she can't get a rise out of Geneva. Henry arrives at the studio and Kim asks him if he can play a different role. Henry agrees and she asks him what he knows about pole dancing. Brad mumbles he is not watching Geneva do it and Henry asserts that he is not a sexual gymnast. Kim tells him he agreed to anything in his contract.

The show begins taping and Henry adlibs about pole dancing. Brad eggs Henry on, so Henry suggests that Brad try, too! Brad winds up falling on his back. Kim comments that the show is better than she could have dreamed! A group of fans arrive and hug Henry and ask for autographs and pictures!

Jack barges in on Carly and Craig and tells her that he knows the truth! Jack tells them that Parker told him Carly was drinking again. Carly claims she was not drinking. Jack asks if she is calling Parker a liar. Carly asks if Craig believes her, but he remains silent!

At Al's, Parker asks Janet what will happen to Carly. Janet promises him that everyone will work together to help his mom.

Katie sees Vienna at the hospital. Vienna asks her to call Henry for her right away. Vienna is worried when Henry does not show up, but Katie covers. Brad and Kim arrive at the hospital. Brad is upset that Katie is not home in bed and wonders why Henry has turned into the invisible man. After they leave, Kim informs Vienna that the show went just fine.

Henry returns to his Lakeview suite dressed as Geneva. He is shocked to see Vienna and Kim! A groggy Vienna wonders what he is doing there. Henry covers and says that even though they have differences, he wanted to check on her. Kim tells Henry that Vienna is going to be out because of her injury and asks him to be Brad's co-host!

Henry calls Katie and tells her that he is Oakdale Now's new co-host. Katie can't believe that he said yes! Henry assures her that he can do the show and it will be great for everyone!

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly asks Jack and Craig why they do not believe her.

Craig tells Rosanna her sister needs her and asks her to move in.

Casey, Luke and Noah inform Margo that the real Riley Morgan is dead!

Riley tells Col. Mayer he is leaving, but Col. Mayer yells that he is not going anywhere!

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