Hunter sees Alison in Old Town. He asks her for help with finding his dad, but she is distracted. He puts his foot in his mouth and upsets her. She admits that she and Casey broke up. Alison softens and offers to help him and suggests talking to his mom again.

Hunter visits his mom at the nursing home. He introduces Alison again. He plays music for her and asks who Tristan is. His mom starts to cry that she is tired. They leave to let her rest. Alison suggests getting a copy of his birth certificate to see if his father's name might be anywhere. The name Tristan Wagner is listed as father. Hunter thinks that the name is fake, but Alison thinks it is a start. They get an address online and go to the house. The owner is a young African American man and Hunter is disappointed he is not his father. Hunter wants to give up.

Alison and Hunter go to Yo's. She tells him about why she and Casey broke up. Hunter thinks Casey does not deserve her. Alison comments that he blurts things out without thinking. Hunter reminds her that she told him to not analyze things so much and pulls her into a kiss! She tells him he is out of his mind. He apologizes but tells her he is really into her and can't help himself. Alison thinks they can be great friends, but that is it and leaves.

Susan tells Emily she was not expecting to see her at the hospital. She tells her she is sorry for how they left things and offers her help. Emily informs her Larry is going to help her find the eggs. Susan is skeptical and storms off. Larry arrives with a cooler and tells her he found her eggs! He tells her that the eggs were buried in the back of a freezer and they need to be tested to see if they are still viable. Emily is thrilled, and apologizes for how she has treated him. Larry asks her to join him at the opera to celebrate.

Emily meets Larry at the Opera House. Emily tells him her mom never mentioned he loved opera. He says that there is a lot that his mom never knew about him. Larry tells her that a friend exposed him to opera. Emily asks about his friend, and Larry tells her she was someone he knew and loved a long time ago. He tells her that Tristan Wagner was the first opera composer that he went to see with her!

Emily and Larry go back to the Lakeview. Susan sees them and asks Emily why she is dressed like she is going to the prom. Emily tells her they are celebrating because he found her eggs. Susan tells her that is impossible! Emily storms off upset and Larry suggests finishing their drink upstairs. As they head upstairs, Susan watches in horror!

In Larry's room, Larry suggests that he be the father of her child. Emily thinks it would be too creepy and wants to use an anonymous donor. Larry and Emily toast to the father. She stands up, but feels woozy and Larry tells her she should stay with him for the night and he will take the couch. Emily lays down to rest. As she sleeps, Larry watches.

Holden visits the farm and comments he is surprised Meg is alone and without one of her many gentlemen callers. She informs him that she and Dusty broke up and Damian is just a friend. Meg claims she wants to stand on her own two feet. Holden invites Meg to join him and Lily for a drink at the Lakeview.

Dusty yells on the phone to find out who bought up his Worldwide stock! Bonnie rushes in and tells him she could hear him yelling from the elevator. Dusty tells her someone is trying to steal his company away from him! Bonnie tells him to lighten up because he is not the corporate type. Dusty hires her to track down the holding company. Bonnie makes a phone call and discovers that Damian is behind the purchase. They leave together to find Damian.

Damian sees Lily at the Lakeview. He tells her he made a business deal and they might be partners again. He informs her he is buying Worldwide stock, but she thinks his purchase is about Dusty and Meg. Lily asserts that he wants Meg, but Meg does not want to be a prize to be won in a contest.

Holden and Meg arrive at the Lakeview and see Lily and Damian. Lily suggests that an uncomfortable Damian tell Meg about his new business purchase. Dusty interrupts and yells that Damian is trying to put him on the street and will be sorry! Damian counters that he is not scared of his threats. Meg demands that they stop and explain what is happening. Bonnie explains that Damian is secretly buying shares of Worldwide. Meg asks what he is trying to prove and is not impressed. She tells them that they are all ridiculous. Dusty tells Damian he is not hijacking his company and leaves with Bonnie. Meg tells Damian she wants no part of it or him and leaves.

Lily tells Damian he blew it! Lily thinks he needs to make a choice between Worldwide or Meg because he cannot have both. Damian asks Lily to talk to Meg for him. Lily does not think it is her place, but agrees if he fixes the mess. Damian calls the Worldwide deal off and Lily remarks that he must really care about Meg.

Holden takes Meg home, and Lily enters with Damian. Damian wants to talk to Meg alone. On the porch, Lily tells Holden that Damian cancelled the deal for Meg. Holden thinks the last thing Meg needs is Damian.

Meg tells Damian she does not need him to fight her battles. Damian informs her that he sold back the shares. Meg thinks he uses money as a weapon and they have no future if he continues to do so. Damian smiles and comments, "So you are saying we have a future together?"

Dusty gets a phone call and discovers that Damian is unloading all of his shares. Bonnie thinks Dusty should let it go, but Dusty tells her it is not over! Bonnie reminds him that she charges by the hour. She then coyly tells him she is available for a dinner date. Dusty accepts.

Next on As The World Turns:

Brad tells Katie that he is going to take Geneva Swift out on the show.

Kim tells Henry, dressed as Geneva Swift, that she wants him to pole dance on the show!

Jack asks Carly if she loves Craig like she loved him.

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