Larry meets Emily at the Lakeview. She angrily demands to know what he did with her eggs! Larry thinks that maybe the details of the egg transfer were changed after he signed the form. Larry thinks she should have a sonogram to see if her tubes can be untied. He offers to help her, but thinks she should forget about the eggs. As they are leaving, Susan approaches them and asks why they are together. When she finds out about the sonogram, she tells Larry he is full of it! Emily wonders why Susan is so negative, but Susan thinks Larry is using her to get to Alison. Emily informs Susan she will do whatever it takes to have a baby and leaves with Larry!

At the hospital, the doctor informs Emily she cannot have her tubes untied. Larry reminds her she has other options, but Emily wants to continue the investigation and asks him to take her to Chicago. He agrees to do so after he searches the records in Oakdale one more time. Susan approaches and tells Emily she hopes she is rid of him. Emily retorts that he is the only person giving her hope.

Casey offers to take Margo to breakfast, but she tells him she isn't feeling well. He reminds her that he and Tom will always be there for her.

Noah informs Luke that the army is giving him a hard time about military access. Luke suggests that he call Lt. Hansborough. Noah calls, but is told that he can't get through without military clearance. Luke thinks the situation is strange. Luke suggests talking to Riley, but Noah is concerned about Casey. Luke asserts Casey will understand.

Luke and Noah ask Riley for his help. He claims he can't because he is not in the military anymore. Luke thinks that he can talk to Lt. Hansborough and put in a good word for them. When Noah steps away to take a call, Riley reminds Luke that Casey and Noah hate him. Luke thinks it is Riley's chance to prove them wrong. Riley agrees to try and help.

Riley goes to see Lt. Hansborough, but Col. Mayer appears! Riley tells him he is not Lt. Hansborough, and Col. Mayer retorts that he is not Riley Morgan! Col. Mayer tells Riley he is very much alive and will tell Noah when the time is right. Riley claims he is going to tell Noah, but Col. Mayer tells him he knows all about him and he will follow his orders or his secret will be exposed!

Riley returns to see Luke and Noah. He informs Noah that he got him clearance to all military bases, but he has to go alone. Noah refuses to go without Luke. Luke tells Riley to tell Lt. Hansborough that Noah will agree to his terms because it is too important. Noah is angry, but Luke promises it will be okay and they will find a way around it.

Casey tries to hug Alison at the hospital. She shoves him away and tells him that he forced her to help him, even though she was uncomfortable with hiding Riley's watch. She demands that Casey tell his mom the truth! Casey claims he is doing this to help his mom. Alison feels bad being a part of the lie and making Riley homeless. Casey yells at her to just dump the watch and angrily leaves!

Margo sees Alison at the hospital. She asks her where Bob is because she wants an antidepressant. Alison offers to get another doctor, but Margo doesn't want to talk to a stranger. Margo ends up breaking down and admits that Riley's absence is making her miss Adam even more. Alison takes her to a private room and Margo wonders how she could have been so wrong about Riley. She brings up the watch and wants to show Casey she loves him. Alison apologizes if Casey made it harder but knows that he loves her. Margo says she knows Casey wants to make her feel better, but he can't and Riley could because he knew Adam right before he died. Alison offers that maybe some time alone might be good, but Margo thinks she is going crazy. Alison takes the watch out of her locker and hands it to Margo. Margo becomes upset when she realizes Casey took the watch. Casey interrupts and sees Margo with the watch! Casey claims he did it as a wake-up call to help her. Margo tells him he did it to hurt Riley and hopes she can convince him to come back home and angrily leaves.

Casey asks Alison why she told Margo about the watch and claims she has made everything worse. Alison cries that she cares about him and his family. Casey asserts that if she loved him, she would have stood by him. Alison thinks if they can't be honest with one another, then they have nothing. Casey wants to handle the Riley situation on his own first. Alison does not want him to hide things from her and cries that she doesn't know him! Casey can't believe Riley is breaking them up and leaves.

Casey goes to see Noah and Luke and informs them Alison broke up with him because of Riley. Noah and Luke tell him that Riley helped him and they have changed their mind about him. Noah thinks they should give Riley a chance. Casey yells that there is no way and storms out!

Riley sees Margo at Al's. She tells him that she wants him to come back home. She hands him the watch, but Riley wonders what will be different since Casey hates him so much. Margo admits that getting over Adam is more important. Margo believes that Riley can help Casey work through all his anger if he can take the heat. Riley agrees to come back.

Alison sees Riley in Old Town and apologizes to him about holding onto the watch. He thinks she is brave for telling the truth. She wishes she had not been involved in the first place. After she leaves, Riley calls Col. Mayer and informs him that Noah agreed to the terms.

At home, Casey calls the Veterans Association in Washington D.C. to get information on Riley!

Next on As The World Turns:

Susan asks Emily why she went on a date with Larry. Emily informs her that he found her eggs and they were celebrating!

Alison pushes Hunter away after he kisses her!

Meg asks Damian if he is buying up shares of Worldwide and demands that he stop.

Lily tells Damian he can't have both Worldwide and Meg.

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