Dusty arrives at Al's with flowers for Bonnie. Bonnie remarks that she must be a good kisser, but he informs her that the flowers are a thank-you for her legal help.

Damian approaches Meg and sees she is watching Dusty through the window. She assures him she is fine being around Dusty. They enter Al's, and Dusty looks on upset. Bonnie comments to Dusty that it is very uncomfortable. Damian comments to Meg that she seems very uncomfortable. Meg thinks Dusty moved on a little quickly with Bonnie. Damian points out it looks like she is doing the same thing with him and she is lying to herself about her feelings for Dusty.

When Damian leaves, Meg asks if she can speak to Dusty alone. Bonnie thanks Dusty for the flowers and leaves. Meg admits that she was too hasty to end things with him! Dusty is still angry that Paul is in Eliza's life. Meg tells him the arrangement is going well so far, but Dusty tells her it won't last. They both admit they miss one another. Dusty agrees to try things again if Paul stays out of her life. Meg asks about Bonnie, but Dusty tells her they have issues of their own. Dusty thinks Meg needs protecting because she gets herself into trouble too often. Meg thinks if he does not respect her, they can never make things work. Dusty asks why she takes Damian's advice and not his. Their fighting escalates and Dusty remarks he would rather hang out with Bonnie.

At Metro, Derek apologizes to Bonnie for being so harsh with her about Dusty. She admits to him that she and Dusty have kissed twice. Derek tells her he is back to be with her, but not if she has something going on with Dusty. She admits she has no idea what is going on with Dusty. Derek tells her not to bother letting him know when she figures it out!

Dusty goes to the Lakeview to see Damian. He tells him he has not forgotten about his history. Damian asserts that Dusty thinks he is the only one good enough for Meg. Dusty tells him he will regret coming back to town and leaves. Damian calls his assistant and orders him to buy up as much Worldwide stock as he can!

Dusty heads to Metro to see Bonnie and tells her things are still the same between him and Meg. She admits that it is the same between her and Derek. He wants her to go dancing with him, but she tells him she would prefer to stay home and clean her oven then go out with him. Dusty laughs as she leaves.

At the farm, Damian apologizes to Meg for urging her to talk to Dusty and informs her about his run-in with him. Meg tells him that she is not ready to start something else so soon. He tells her he is happy to be just her friend for the moment. Meg can't believe he is so sweet and kind, but he points out he can also be patient.

Carly pours alcohol into her coffee and tries to work on her designs. Craig arrives and wants to work, but Carly informs him they are all alone and she can think of better ways to spend their time and pulls him into a kiss. After they make love, Craig tells her he hates being in Jack Snyder's bed. Carly tells him that Jack hasn't been her man for a long time, but he will always be protective of her. Craig tells her their current situation is not working for him anymore. Carly retorts that she can't uproot her children or keep them away from their father. Craig agrees that their families need stability and they should make it official. Craig confidently tells a shocked Carly, "Marry me!" Carly tells him she can't put her children through another marriage failure. Craig thinks she has turned a corner with drinking, and they can do the same by starting a new chapter together. Craig believes Parker and Sage will get used to him and Johnny could use a mother. Carly thinks Jack will freak out, but Craig points out that he is happy with Janet. Carly reminds him he needs Rosanna's approval. Craig orders her to get dressed and talk to her right away.

Paul sees Rosanna crying on the couch. She admits seeing Eliza reminds her of all she could never have. Paul tells her she can still have a family if she finds the right person. Rosanna admits she feels like she has nothing. Paul tells her he loves her company and suggests that she stay on longer. Rosanna thinks it would be unhealthy in the long run. Paul says she is welcome to be a part of his life while he tries to rebuild it. Rosanna does not want to get in between him and Meg. Paul tells her he just needs her friendship to be a better dad. Rosanna agrees to think about his proposal.

Carly and Craig arrive at Fairwinds to see Rosanna. Carly reminds her how she once asked for her approval to marry Craig, and now she wants her blessing to do the same. Rosanna is shocked and Carly tells her she will not marry Craig without her approval. Rosanna asks Carly if she loves Craig. Carly answers that she needs him and Rosanna asserts it is not the same thing. Carly turns to Craig and tells Craig she does love him. Rosanna says as long as she loves him, she will not stand in the way. Paul interrupts and Craig informs him that he and Carly are getting married. Paul becomes angry and tells her she will end up in a coma, too! Rosanna orders him to stay out of it, and Craig and Carly leave. Rosanna thinks Paul was inappropriate, but he can't believe she would let her sister marry the man who tried to kill her and orders her to stop it! Rosanna thinks that Carly is a grown-up who can make her own decisions. She tells him she cannot stay with him any longer because she can't sink back into her old way of life. Paul offers to pay for her room at the Lakeview since he messed up her life at the farm. Rosanna promises not to stay long and leaves to pack.

Back at home, Craig tells Carly he is happy that they are officially engaged and wants to celebrate. Carly offers to get sparkling cider from the kitchen. She immediately takes a drink from her bottle. When she returns, Craig asks if she meant it when she told Rosanna she loved him. Carly believes things will work out and Craig tells her he loves her, too.

Next on As The World Turns:

Emily demands that Larry tell her why he took away her eggs!

Noah asks Luke how he can understand why his father tried to take away the one person who meant more to him than anyone else. Luke replies that Riley will help them understand.

Riley tells Col. Mayer that he is not Lt. Hansborough, and Col. Mayer remarks that he is not Riley Morgan!

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