Riley insists on doing the dishes and Margo gushes that he is the perfect guest. Casey overhears Riley telling Margo about how special his watch is to him. Margo invites Casey to join them at Al's, but he reminds her he has work.

Liberty tries to make small talk with Parker at Al's. He offers to take a break so they can catch up. He thinks they can still be friends, but Liberty declines because she is hanging out with a friend.

Craig checks in on Carly and she shows him her cabinets are purged of any alcohol. He informs her he is on his way to the station to give his final statement on the hit and run. Craig assures Carly he won't say a word about her involvement. After Craig leaves, Carly tries to work on her designs. However, she is too distracted to work and leaves.

Liberty's friend calls and cancels on her. A boy named Zack walks by and sees her sitting outside the diner. He offers to buy her a latte. Parker watches through the window and angrily leaves.

Parker interrupts Liberty at Java and when he sees that she is with another boy, he calls her a tramp! Liberty tells him she is sorry they were ever involved and does not think they can be friends if he continues to follow her around. Parker tries to apologize, but she demands that he leave her alone!

Casey kisses Alison at work. He asks her to hold onto a watch for her. She recognizes it as Riley's watch and demands to know why he stole it. Casey wants to prove to his mom that Riley is not her son. Alison thinks he helps her feel better, but Casey wants her to stand by him. Alison reluctantly agrees to hide the watch.

Riley informs Margo that he can't find his watch. Riley thinks Casey may have taken it. He points out Casey has been in jail before, but Margo tells him that is in the past. She offers to talk to Casey on her way to work.

Margo goes to the hospital and asks Casey if he knows where Riley's watch is. Casey claims Riley has it and is setting him up on purpose. Margo tells Casey she doesn't think Riley is capable. Casey wonders why she won't give him the benefit of a doubt. Alison points out that it isn't a contest, but Casey demands that Margo choose him or Riley! Margo becomes serious and tells him he is the only son she has and will always choose him.

After Margo leaves, Casey boasts to Alison he has won. She becomes angry and tells him that was the ugliest display she has witnessed! Alison thinks he feels bad that Riley makes his mom feel good and he does not.

The man who witnessed Craig's hit and run comes into the station to make a statement. He informs Jack that a tall sixteen year old boy on a bike helped Craig after the hit and run.

Craig stops by the station and Jack informs him he knows about the hit and run. Jack thinks it is suspicious that Craig did not mention it at dinner the night before. Craig claims he is responsible for the accident because he did not look where he was going. Jack claims his gut is telling him something is wrong. Craig retorts to take an antacid. Jack informs Craig of the witness, who described Carly's car as the one who hit him. Craig demands to sign off on the statement and leaves.

Carly rushes home and downs her new booze. Craig stops by to tell her that Jack is onto them! Carly wonders what she should do, and Craig admits she should tell Jack the truth. Carly thinks he is crazy, but Craig knows Jack won't give up. Craig thinks lying to Jack will be too stressful on her and drive her to drink again.

Jack stops by the diner and asks Parker about Craig's accident. Jack informs him there was a witness. Parker claims it was an accident. Jack asks if Carly was drinking, but Parker insists she has stopped drinking.

Jack arrives at Carly's house and tells her that he knows what happened. Carly admits the truth. Jack asks if she understands the damage she has done to Parker. Carly claims she is not drinking anymore, but Jack wants her to take a breathalyzer test right there! Craig tries to cover for Carly, but Jack angrily tells her his children are at risk. Craig tells Jack he witnessed Carly throw out all her alcohol and he should search the house for alcohol himself. Jack agrees to take her word, but she must go the distance. He offers to close the book on the hit and run. Carly promises him he won't be sorry.

Casey chases Alison into Old Town. He begs her to stand by him. She tells him she does not agree with him, and asks that he try to get along with Riley. Casey agrees to try now that Riley knows he can't come between him and his mom.

Margo returns home and offers to reimburse Riley for his watch. She admits that his presence is hurting her son and asks him to leave. Riley thinks this will make Casey's day. Margo reminds him that Casey is her son and she has to side with him. She offers to help him find another place to stay. Margo gets teary and tells him that he is her last connection to Adam. Riley assures her she won't lose him.

Liberty returns to Al's. She tells Parker he has to let her go because she can't explain herself every time she spends time with someone new. She sadly asks him to pretend they do not know one another!

Parker stops by the station to find out what happened with Carly. Jack informs him that he is letting the hit and run go, but he needs him to be straight with him if he catches Carly drinking again. Parker thinks Carly is really never going to touch another drink.

Carly thanks Craig for helping her. Craig is proud of her for proving that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. Carly wants to work on her sketches and Craig leaves her to work her magic. When he leaves, she immediately runs to the kitchen and tries to pour out her alcohol. Instead, she drinks straight from the bottle!

Next on As The World Turns:

Craig asks Carly to marry him!

Paul asks Rosanna if she is going to let her sister marry the man who tried to kill her.

Jack asks Carly if she loves Craig like she loved him.

Riley tells Col. Mayer, "You are not Lt. Hasborough." Col. Mayer remarks, "And you are not Lt. Riley!"

Luke and Noah wonder who Riley really is and Casey states that he is going to find out!

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