Craig greets a chipper Carly, who comments that she is drinking seltzer water. Craig promises he won't tell Jack about her drinking problem. Sage comes downstairs and spies them kissing. When Carly realizes Sage is gone, Craig wonders if she saw them kissing. Carly wants to make him comfortable in her home. Craig wonders if things are moving too fast for her and would understand if she did not want to go public with their relationship. Carly insists she is not ashamed and wants everyone to see how much he helped her.

Katie watches Henry dressed as Miss Swift bash Vienna on television. Brad turns the television off and can't believe Kim wants Miss Swift on the show. Brad tells her she never had to apologize for being sexy, so why should Vienna. Katie pulls him into a kiss, but Brad won't make love to her because she is on bed rest. As he feels her belly, she agrees they shouldn't take chances.

A fan spots Vienna and wants an autograph, but Henry runs him off. Vienna comments that he sounds like Miss Swift. When she leaves for work, Henry calls Kim as Miss Swift and agrees to be on the show.

Sage arrives at the farm and tells Janet and Jack that she saw Craig making out with Carly. Janet thinks Sage should realize everyone has moved on. Carly calls and invites Jack and Janet to dinner. Jack asks what bomb she is planning on dropping this time! She informs him she just wants to celebrate and he agrees. Jack sarcastically tells Janet they have dinner plans.

Katie calls Henry as he is dressing and asks him to come over and watch Oakdale Now with her. He tells her he has remodeling to do at Metro, but assures her that Vienna will not have any more wardrobe malfunctions!

Kim informs Brad and Vienna that Miss Swift is going to be on the show. Vienna can't believe anyone would want to hear what she has to say. Kim believes that Miss Swift will bring in ratings. Henry arrives as Miss Swift. Vienna demands that Miss Swift say the horrible things to her face. Henry asks if she is wearing the skimpy outfit on television. Vienna comments that she is wearing couture and Miss Swift asks her if that is French for see-through. Kim tries to calm everyone down and save it for the show.

During the show taping, Kim introduces Henry as Miss Swift. Miss Swift asserts that Vienna is not appropriate for daytime television. Brad and Vienna argue it was an accident. Brad counters that they have had sexual content on the show before. Vienna asserts that Miss Swift is a sad and jealous woman with no sex life. Miss Swift calls Vienna a jezebel and storms off the set.

Katie calls Henry to tell him to watch the television, but Miss Swift's phone goes off while on television. Katie realizes Miss Swift is Henry! She laughs as she watches him and remarks, "Henry, you are so busted!"

Jack and Janet arrive with Sage at Carly's for the dinner party. Janet comments that Carly seems happy. Craig says that Carly has been through some personal challenges but is over them.

In the kitchen, Parker asks Carly what she poured in her drink and she claims it was bitters. Carly returns to the dinner party and boasts that she has been through a rough time, but is happy things are better. She thanks Craig for his help and toasts to family and good friends. Parker interrupts and calls her back into the kitchen. He tells her there is alcohol in her drink and the only reason she feels good is because she is drunk. Carly realizes alcohol was in the drink! Parker thinks she is lying to herself.

Jack and Craig step outside and he asks if he is now living with Carly. He denies it, and Jack admits Carly seems back to her old self. Jack wants to make sure they are on the same page with Carly's drinking. Craig agrees that they are.

Craig interrupts Parker and Carly arguing and wonders how she did not know bitters contained alcohol. Carly claims she will start over. Parker exclaims she has never stopped. Carly orders him not to speak to her that way. Jack enters and asks what is going on! Parker covers that they were arguing about going to a concert. When Carly leaves to check the grill, Jack tells Craig and Parker he knows something is wrong.

Brad tells Vienna he is glad that Miss Swift is gone, but Kim informs them that Miss Swift is going to be a regular part of the show! Vienna wonders if she will have to dress like a nun, but Kim thinks she could be more provocative. Kim suggests pole dancing classes to get Miss Swift going. Vienna says she just needs a refresher and will practice with Henry.

Katie calls Henry and asks him to hurry over. When he arrives, Katie claims she is worried about Miss Swift attacking Vienna. Henry argues that Miss Swift is correct that Vienna is too exotic for daytime television. Katie pulls makeup off his face and calls him Geneva! Katie thinks he is jealous of the attention Vienna is getting. Henry thinks that Vienna doing her job is getting under her skin. Katie admits it is true, but what he is doing to Vienna is wrong. Henry claims she will never find out if Katie promises to keep quiet.

Brad returns home and thinks Miss Swift needs to be punched in the mouth. He informs them that Kim wants Miss Swift to be a regular part of the show! Henry boasts that Miss Swift can give them a run for their money.

Jack tells Carly and Craig he had a nice time and he and Janet leave. Carly thanks Parker and Craig for not ratting her out to Jack. Parker retorts it doesn't matter and Craig agrees that Jack is not the problem! Carly pours the bitters out in the sink and promises she will be okay. Parker walks away, and Carly begs for him to come back. When he does not, Craig holds her.

Over beers, Janet asks why Jack is so glum. Jack tells her he walked in on something and has a bad feeling, but Janet begs him to let things go and quit stirring up trouble.

Next on As The World Turns:

Riley tells Margo he thinks Casey took something from him.

Casey demands that Margo choose between him and Riley!

Jack asks Parker if he saw Carly driving drunk.

Craig tells Carly that the last thing she needs is more stress.

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