Vienna is dressed in costume for a tango, but Henry is concerned that it is too revealing. Kim orders Henry to settle down and go watch the show with Katie!

Luke and Noah watch his film footage. Luke thinks it will be very powerful, but Noah claims he can't finish it because he does not have the cash. Luke offers to give him money from the Foundation. Noah asks him to fill out grant applications for him instead. Noah heads off to work. Luke looks through the pile of applications and thinks there has to be a better way to fund the film.

Dusty sees Meg with Eliza at the Lakeview and asks her to have coffee with him. Damian interrupts and Dusty realizes Meg is there to see Damian and not him. Dusty becomes upset and leaves. Bonnie witnesses the conversation in the distance.

Bonnie arrives at Dusty's suite. He wants to be alone, but she refuses to leave. She comments that she saw what happened with Meg and Damian and thinks he should act like a grownup rather than drink so early. Dusty asks why she cares, but she retorts that Jennifer was one of her best friends and wants him to be okay. She convinces him to play pool with her.

Bonnie and Dusty see that Yo's has replaced the pool table with a ping pong table. Bonnie tries to teach Dusty how to play better, but winds up hitting him with the paddle. She asks how she can make it better and he pulls her into a kiss! Bonnie pushes him away and tells him that his brooding routine is not going to work on her and leaves.

Luke runs into Damian and Meg in Old Town. Luke asks Damian if he will help fund the film. He is shocked when Damian writes him a check for $20,000! Luke heads off to tell Noah the good news. Meg comments that he made a mistake by throwing money at Luke. Meg feels that he does not deserve to be indulged right now because he was kicked out of school and is not working. Damian agrees that maybe he needs more than just a handout. Eliza becomes fussy and Meg leaves to take her home.

At the farm, Damian insists he enjoys spending time with Meg and wants to please her. Meg apologizes for overreacting and admits it had more to do with her feeling controlled in past relationships.

Noah can't believe that Damian gave him so much money, but does not want it. Noah admits that talking about his father again has brought out some heavy stuff. He wishes he could make peace with his father like Luke has with Damian. Luke thinks that he should use what money he needs and pay Damian back with the money from the grant. They go to look over the footage and Noah is puzzled that his DVD has been stolen.

Henry and Katie watch Brad and Vienna tango on live television. Henry comments that it is more like a sex education course. When Brad dips her, Katie thinks that they just saw Vienna's breasts! Katie calls the station to tell them before it is broadcast on air, but the production manager informs her it was live and on air!

Brad comes back home and informs Katie and Henry that Vienna had a wardrobe malfunction. Henry takes Brad outside and becomes livid with him. Brad tries to explain that he did not touch Vienna in a sexual way. Henry tells Brad he is putting a stop to all this and leaves!

Brad asks Katie if it was a problem for her to see what happened. Brad puts his foot in his mouth talking about Vienna and Katie asserts that he can't stop thinking of Vienna's breasts!

Henry calls the station and pretends to be a woman. Disguised as Miss Swift, he claims he is part of a group called "Illinois Citizens Against Nudity" and will come after them if they do not fire Vienna. Kim tells him if he is that serious, he should come down to the station and represent his group. Vienna comes home and Henry hangs up. Vienna tells him she heard a woman's voice and asks if he has a woman there. Henry tells her he saw the show and Vienna is upset she could be fired. Henry tells her he has to go to the dentist and leaves.

Vienna comes to apologize to Katie in person. They watch a special interview Kim is doing. The camera pans to Henry, who is dressed as a woman. He calls Vienna a Scandinavian Jezebel! Vienna can't believe Kim would put a hideous creature on air, and Brad agrees she was ugly. Katie reminds them they have to show both points of view. Vienna feels like the woman looked familiar and if she sees the frumpy witch she will smack her senseless!

Henry returns home and hides his outfit under the bed. Vienna returns home and almost catches Henry with makeup still on his face. Henry's phone rings with a call from Kim calling for "Miss Swift." She informs him she wants "Miss Swift" to be a regular on Oakdale Now! Kim asserts she will not take no for an answer and will not give up until "Miss Swift" says yes.

Dusty follows Bonnie and tells her she is not much of a kisser. She tells him she wasn't prepared and lays a passionate kiss on him. Bonnie informs him it will be the last one he gets and leaves, as Dusty smiles to himself. Meg and Damian watch in the distance. Damian apologizes that she had to see it, but Meg thinks it is just what she needed to see to move on.

Next on As The World Turns:

Katie watches Miss Swift on air and realizes she is Henry!

Carly tells Craig, Jack, Janet and Sage that she hopes things will finally be better.

Parker yells to Carly in the kitchen that she never stopped drinking!

Carly orders Parker to not yell at her, as Jack walks in and wonders what is going on.

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