Casey asks Riley if he is leaving. Riley hands him a letter to give to Margo thanking her for her hospitality. Casey asks where he is headed. Riley thinks it does not matter and leaves.

Margo and Tom come home and Casey hands her the letter from Riley. Margo wonders what Casey told him and Casey admits he suggested that he leave. Margo yells he had no right to do that! Tom asserts there is nothing they can do about it now. Margo reminds Casey that Riley was her contact with Adam. Casey points out that everyone had doubts about Riley. Margo tells him Riley served in a war and Casey has done nothing but be arrogant and selfish. She orders him to find Riley at the bus station! Casey yells that Riley is not her dead son! Margo leaves to find Riley on her own.

Casey is angry that Tom did not back him up. Tom reminded him they agreed to be supportive. Casey becomes angry and yells that Riley is not Adam and Adam is gone forever! Tom asserts Adam's death is a loss to everyone and he was proud of him. He tells him Margo is in more pain than they could possibly know. Tom admits he was thankful for Riley making Margo smile again. Casey is worried Riley is a fake, but Tom tells him they will handle it.

Margo finds Riley at Yo's. Riley admits he is heading to Los Angeles. Margo asks him not to leave. Riley does not want to stay if Casey is upset. Margo admits Casey thinks he is a con-artist and point blank asks him if he is! Riley admits he was trying to restart his life like Adam and finish what Adam was trying to do. Margo reminds him he has no place to go and promises to handle Casey. Riley asks if Casey had a problem with Adam. Margo informs him that they had a big falling out due to Adam's behavior, but before that, Casey adored him and that is why the betrayal hurt him so much.

Margo arrives back with Riley and informs Tom and Casey that he will be staying as long as he wants. Casey sarcastically tells her that is great news and leaves. Riley takes a beer outside to Casey, but Casey leaves without saying a word.

Riley helps Margo set the table and asserts he isn't going anywhere, as Tom looks concerned. Riley leaves them alone and Tom asks Margo not to be so hard on Casey. As Tom hugs her, Margo cries that she needs Riley.

Alison greets Hunter at Al's. They discuss their love for cheesy horror films and watch one together. They are surprised when Larry arrives. He informs Alison that Susan called him. Alison wonders why her mom would do that, but Larry is more concerned about how Alison feels. She admits she is coming around. Hunter gets defensive and asks if Larry promises to stick around. Larry promises and asks for her to keep writing to him. After he leaves, she gets teary and tells Hunter because of him she has a father again. Hunter gets a call from the nursing home informing him that his mom is agitated. Alison offers to go with him again and they leave together.

At the nursing home, Hunter's mom begs him to take her away. She calls him Tristan and becomes agitated when he tells her he is Hunter. His mom asks why Alison is there and continues to call him Tristan. The nurse asks them both to leave, as Hunter's mom cries for Tristan!

At Java, Alison wonders who Tristan is and thinks that it sounded like his mom was talking to a lover. Hunter tells her he never saw any lovers. Alison points out Tristan could have been around before he was born. Hunter thinks maybe Tristan is his real father! Alison thinks he should look for his real father. Hunter agrees if she will help him. Hunter confesses she gets him like no one else has before. Casey interrupts and hugs Alison. He updates her on the latest with Riley and wants to be alone with her. Alison agrees and tells Hunter she will help him starting tomorrow.

Susan informs Emily that her eggs are nowhere to be found. Susan admits she called Larry for help, but is not optimistic considering he didn't even pay attention to his own daughter. Susan thinks Emily should give up on the baby idea, but Emily whines that Susan is never on her side. Susan points out that having a baby is not going to stop her from aging. Emily thinks that Daniel is a good child because of Tom and Margo, but she is a different person now and has a lot to offer to a child. Susan admits that is how she felt with Alison.

Susan brings in a box to continue the egg search. Larry arrives and Susan is shocked he actually showed up. Larry informs them he has no idea where the eggs are but assumed they would stay at Memorial. Susan asks why he came all the way there just to tell them that, but Larry offers to help look. Susan asks if he has more plans with Alison, but he tells her he will be at the Lakeview. After he leaves, Susan tells them they still have the shipping and receiving paper files to look through. Susan leaves Emily to look through them on her own. Emily finds a paper and takes off to see Larry.

At the Lakeview, Emily shows Larry a paper receipt she found with his signature transferring the eggs to the University of Chicago. Larry claims he has no idea what it is or why anyone would want it. Larry thinks maybe someone illegally obtained her eggs and forged his name. Emily thinks he is lying, but Larry assures her he has done nothing wrong. Emily apologizes, but wants to know where her eggs are.

Emily returns to the hospital and shows Susan the receipt. Susan thinks Larry is lying. Emily wonders what he would want with her eggs!

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