Paul arrives at the farm to thank Meg for allowing visitation with Eliza. Meg reminds him the visitation means that he gets to spend time with Eliza, not her.

Meg waits outside and tells Lily and Damian she doesn't want to be in the same room with Paul. Damian offers to take her away, while Lily offers to keep an eye on Paul.

Lily informs Paul that Meg left with Damian. Faith arrives and Paul tells her she looks beautiful. Faith asks Paul why he took Eliza away from Meg. Paul admits that he was not thinking clearly. Faith tells them she was never scared he would hurt Eliza because he was always so good to her and Parker. Paul tells Lily he hopes Eliza turns out like Faith. Lily thinks because of Meg, she will.

Damian helps Meg onto a boat and informs her they are going to a picnic on a private island. Damian thinks Meg looks beautiful in her bikini he brought for her. Meg is happy she can fit into it after having a baby. Damian insists that she relax. Once on the beach, Damian gives Meg champagne and toasts to a perfect day with the perfect companion. Meg thinks they should head home, but they soon realize the boat is gone! Damian calls the coast guard. He admits he is happy with the opportunity to spend time with her. Meg admits she feels something between them, but wants to get control of her life. Damian asserts he only wants to make her happy. The coast guard arrives to take them home.

Craig visits Rosanna at Fairwinds and tells her he is not turning her into Margo if she agrees to return the money. Craig wants Rosanna to tell Carly he did something nice for her in return. Craig hopes that Carly can count on her for help.

Carly awakes with a killer headache. Parker reminds her about how she ran Craig over. Carly promises she is never drinking again, but Parker is scared. Carly assures him that Craig's accident was a wake-up call. Parker begs her to get better. She persuades him to leave and have some fun rather than take care of her.

Rosanna arrives to check on Carly. She informs Carly that Craig is not turning her into the police because he did something nice for her despite what Carly did. Carly tries to cover what she did, but Rosanna tells her she knows the truth about the hit and run. Carly asserts that it was an accident, but Rosanna points out that she could have killed him. Carly offers to make coffee, but Carly can't stop shaking. Rosanna demands to know what is wrong with her. Carly tells her she is just stressed and that ever since Jack married Janet, she feels her life slipping away. The two catch up on her life and children. Carly tells Rosanna that Craig was good to her when she was alone. Rosanna thinks they can forgive one another and put the hurt of the past behind them. Carly agrees and Rosanna jokes that if she wants a Janet voodoo doll, she will be there.

After Rosanna leaves, Carly makes herself a drink but smashes it and sobs. She asks aloud, "What is happening to me?"

At Java, Faith tells Parker she saw Paul. They recall how bad they thought their lives were. Parker thinks it does not compare to how bad his life is now.

Parker runs into Rosanna in Old Town. They are thrilled to see one another and hug. Rosanna tells him she is worried about Carly, but Parker hopes that now that she is home things will get back to normal.

Damian explains to Lily what happened with the coast guard. Meg hopes that Paul will be a good father with the new conditions she has established. Meg again thanks Damian and kisses him. Lily notices the sparks between them.

Rosanna informs Paul of Craig's visit. Paul tells Rosanna if she wants to give back the money she should. Paul and Rosanna agree it is so much nicer to live life in peace.

Craig hears a knock at the door and is surprised to see a smiling Carly. Carly asks if she caused his limp. Craig knows she was not herself at the time. She asks how she was able to get away with it. Craig tells her that he and Parker covered for her. Carly thanks him for helping Rosanna as well. Craig assures her he will always be her friend. Carly admits all she can think about is having a drink and begs him to help her think about anything else. The two kiss. Craig does not want to take advantage of her because she is so special. She tells him she only feels safe with him!

Next on As The World Turns:

Larry tells Emily he knows that she wants to retrieve the eggs.

Hunter tells his mother, "My name is not Tristan, I am your son!"

Hunter asks Alison if Tristan could be his father.

Casey tells Margo that Riley is not her dead son!

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