Luke kisses Noah at Java. Noah wants to run an idea for his film by him. He wants to look inside the box of his father's stuff that the Army sent him on camera. Luke is supportive and agrees to help.

Riley helps Margo make hummus. Casey can't believe she is trying to cook and declines joining them. He steps outside to see Alison waiting with coffee. As Casey complains about Riley, she wonders if he is jealous of Margo paying more attention to Riley. Casey claims he is just concerned that Riley is taking advantage of his mom. Noah and Luke arrive and want the duo to join them on Noah's film.

Margo and Riley eat the hummus and he thinks Adam would be impressed with her cooking. Riley admits that Adam never talked about what happened before he left. He claims Adam felt like he could never come home. Margo feels like he could have tried because he was always her son no matter what he did.

Rosanna lies to Craig and admits to taking the money from him because it was her money to begin with. Paul enters and Craig accuses Paul of masterminding the funds transfer. Rosanna orders Paul to stay out of everything. Craig thinks Rosanna is the same cold and calculating woman she has always been and warns her that he is going to come at her in ways she can't imagine!

Carly returns home and Parker becomes angry when he realizes she was driving drunk. Parker thinks that things are getting worse. Carly claims that the past few weeks have been tough. Parker thinks she should pick Rosanna over Craig, but Carly thinks it is tough to just cut someone out of her life and begs him to stick with her.

After Parker gets Carly to lie down, Craig barges in and yells that Rosanna will not get away with what he has done. Carly denies Rosanna is a thief. Craig tells her he is calling the police, but Carly begs him not to because she just got her sister back. Craig feels he has no choice, but Carly reminds him he promised to always help her. Craig tells her all she has done is push him away. Craig calls Margo and asserts he does not care what anyone thinks of him. Carly reminds him of everything he stole from Rosanna and chases after him. Parker yells after her that she shouldn't be driving!

Paul reminds Rosanna he is the one who hacked into Craig's computer. Rosanna feels they can argue the money was hers to begin with. Paul reminds her she wanted to avoid court. A messenger interrupts with a revised custody agreement that will allow Paul supervised visits with Eliza. Rosanna thinks it is incredibly generous of Meg and won't let him throw it away to help her. Paul still feels like he can help her if she will let him.

Luke films as Noah goes through Col. Mayer's box from the Army. Inside the box is a gun. Alison suggests asking Riley to take a look at it since is it military issued.

While Margo is getting ready to leave, Riley finishes cleaning the kitchen. Casey, Alison, Luke and Noah return. Noah asks Riley if he can assemble the gun on camera. Riley refuses. He becomes angry and asserts that part of his life is over. Casey smugly remarks that he does not know how, but Margo interrupts and asks what is going on. Casey tries to explain, but Margo thinks they are ganging up on Riley. Noah explains the film. Riley abruptly takes the gun and assembles it perfectly. Margo orders Casey to be nicer and respect Riley as a friend of his brother.

Alone, Riley asks Casey what he has against him. Casey thinks it is time for him to leave. Riley reminds him Margo insisted that he stay, but Casey asserts that he doesn't belong there.

Carly watches Craig outside the police station from her car. She says to herself, "I can't let you do this." She puts her foot on the gas and aims for Craig, hits him, and Craig goes tumbling down! Craig winces in pain as Parker rides up on his bike and offers help. Carly runs over and claims it was an accident. Craig asks Parker to take Carly home and assures him he will take care of everything.

Margo meets Craig at the hospital and wonders if his hit and run had anything to do with him reporting a crime. Craig laughs it off as a random accident. Craig informs her that he changed his mind and has no crime to report.

Paul hires an attorney for Rosanna and as they are going over the details, Margo interrupts. Rosanna hugs her, but Margo suggests skipping the pleasantries. Margo informs them about Craig's phone call and hit and run. Rosanna is surprised and Paul smiles and asks if he is dead. Margo points out how odd it is because the same thing happened to Rosanna when she was going to report Craig. Paul calls his housekeeper in and asks her to see Margo out. Rosanna wonders what Craig is up to but Paul thinks he might let the whole thing go.

Parker takes Carly home and asks why she went after Craig. Carly does not remember what she did and Parker reminds her how she hit him with her car. Parker wants to call Jack, but Carly stops him and orders him to go to his room. She goes into the kitchen and makes herself a drink. Craig stops by and Carly is relieved that he is okay. Carly admits hitting him was not an accident. He informs her that he did not turn Rosanna in and will not. He asks her to lie down. Parker sees him and admits his mom is in serious trouble. Craig thinks they can help her and covers Carly up with a blanket. After Craig leaves, a worried Parker sits by his mom on the floor.

Next on As The World Turns:

Parker reminds Carly that she nearly killed Craig.

Damian toasts Meg on the beach and says, "To a perfect companion on a perfect day!"

Katie and Henry watch as Vienna and Brad have an accident on camera.

Henry arrives at the television station dressed as a woman!

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