At Bonnie’s, Dusty gives her a few things that she left in his car the other day. He dangles her bra in front of her and says that he found it in the glove compartment. She asks him if anything happened as she can’t remember the evening. Dusty gives her a sexy smile. They tease each other and she offers him a drink. He says it’s too early and that he has to go to apologize to Meg for dissing Paul. Bonnie suggests he take flowers and he tells her to keep track of her underwear. He leaves and Derek arrives and sees the bra. He asks for an explanation. She says anything she does is none of his business. He asks her point blank if she is having an affair with Dusty and she orders him out.

At Meg’s, she tells Damian that she is so glad to have the baby back home. He asks her how she feels now that her life is perfect again. He warns her that it will take time for her to recuperate. He asks if he can go see Eliza. While he’s gone, he asks her to look at the revised custody agreement. She tells him she’s giving Paul more time with Eliza as long as he follows the rules. Damian tells her that she is doing the right thing. She believes it’s important for the baby to have a relationship with her father and with Barbara.

Paul serves Rosanna a cup of tea and she is amazed that he still remembers how she likes it. They talk about everything that went down in their lives. He tells her he’s sorry for what he put her through. They agree that they are glad to be friends. She tells him she doesn’t want to be dependent on him. She wants her own job and her own place. He says she can stay there until that happens, and that he likes having her around. He asks her to please stay and she agrees. They discuss job possibilities and she says she likes growing vegetables. She says she’s changed. She says she was angry at Craig for taking her money but now she feels differently and wants a simple life. They talk about letting go, but Paul doesn’t agree that she should. He offers to help her fight him to retrieve the money. She thanks him but says no and hugs him. She asks him what he’s planning to do later today and leaves for Carly’s.

Craig shows up at Carly’s door, supposedly to check up on Parker. He tells her it’s a beautiful day and they should work on their project. She can’t believe that he doesn’t get it. She says she doesn’t want to work with him! She reminds him that he is her problem. She explains that when she let him into her life, she lost everyone. Everyone hates him. Craig says then it’s his job to change everyone’s mind. Carly tells him that Rosanna is staying with Paul. He decides to go visit her there and leaves.

Eliza is crying so Damian goes to see her, and Dusty arrives at Meg’s door. She tells Dusty she can’t let his hatred of Paul interfere with what she’s doing. He asks for a kiss, she says yes and they kiss tenderly. Dusty sees the custody agreement on the table and reads it. He’s shocked that she plans to let Paul see Eliza. He warns her about this but she says it’s her decision. Damian walks into the kitchen and tells Dusty if he loves her as much as he says he does, he will leave her alone. She asks Damian to hang around a bit more while she talks to Dusty outside. Dusty is angry that she is letting Paul see Eliza. She asks him to back off and she breaks up with him. He can’t believe it. Damian interrupts them to say that Eliza is crying again. Dusty says he won’t let her do it and leaves.

Craig sees Rosanna at Oldtown. He knows she despises him and asks for a truce for Carly’s sake. Rosanna suspects he still has feelings for Carly and he admits he does. She decides to do what’s best, then tells him she wouldn’t approve of him seeing her sister if her life depended on it!

Carly opens her front door and Rosanna is there. Carly tells her about ‘prom gone badly’ but says she really doesn’t want to talk about it. She warns Rosanna that Paul is completely insane. Rosanna disagrees and says Paul has changed. Carly doesn’t want her to be with Paul and says she doesn’t trust him. Rosanna says that she trusts Paul. Carly says that maybe Craig has changed too. They both laugh at that comment. Carly says no one thinks that she can do anything right. She wants Rosanna to forgive Craig. Rosanna sees the collaborative project papers that Carly was working on with Craig.

Paul goes to the Lakeview Hotel and goes into Craig’s room. He snoops around and checks out his laptop. He finds his financial accounts and makes some changes. Just then, Craig is outside the hotel door, when Rosanna comes to him and asks to talk to him. Craig invites her inside. They open the door but suddenly decide to leave for a more public place. When they leave, Paul leaves.

In the hotel restaurant, Rosanna and Craig chat about Carly. Rosanna tells him that her sister is in trouble. Craig assures her that Carly will be ok again. Craig wants to help and tries to enlist her as a partner but she says she doesn’t want him helping Carly. Then she admits that Carly seems to need him, so she reluctantly agrees to be on his side. She warns him that if he hurts Carly she’ll make him pay. He tells her that goes both ways.

At his place, Paul tells Rosanna that he got her money back for her. She screams she didn’t want it back. She is dumbfounded and asks if he’s out of his mind. Paul says he’s happy that he got her some payback. Rosanna yells at him that he hasn’t changed at all. She tells him he just ruined his chances to see his daughter again and that he doesn’t listen. He offers to fix the problem, but she tells him not to bother. She says she’s going to Craig, telling him what happened, then giving him his money back.

At her bar, Carly chugs a fast drink just as Craig walks in. He tells her that Rosanna and he have both agreed to support her. His cell phone rings. The bank tells him that there has been a large money transfer to Rosanna. He says it’s unauthorized and he tells Carly that her sister just robbed him blind. He’s very upset and screams at them to reverse the transfer.

Carly phones Rosanna and says that Craig is really ticked off and that he’s looking for her. She tells Carly she’ll see her later, hangs up, and sends Paul on a bogus errand. Craig arrives and tells her off. He accuses her of setting him up. She says that she did and that it worked.

At Bonnie's, she tells Dusty that Derek dumped her because of the bra thing. They share a drink and toast each other.

In Meg’s kitchen, Damian tells her that Dusty treats her like a child. He compliments her and says wonderful things about her. They look into each other's eyes deeply.

Next on As The World Turns:

Noah asks Casey to assemble a gun for him on camera.

Craig tells Rosanna that she has committed a felony.

Parker tries to stop a drunken Carly from driving and she almost hits someone.

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