Brad sets up a live feed at home for Katie. They kiss and express how happy they are about the baby. Brad leaves to see Liberty before her prom.

Henry hugs Vienna to calm her nerves before the Oakdale Now taping. Vienna reminds Henry that the job is not hers yet and he has to pass the test today. She informs him the show segment on how to be a good date will be filming at Metro. Henry looks annoyed.

A depressed Parker tells Carly the prom is today. She gives him money to go bowling to keep his mind off of it.

When Liberty enters the kitchen in her fancy dress, Janet tells Liberty she will be the most beautiful girl at the prom. Liberty says she does not mind that Janet will be a chaperone as long as she pretends not to know her. Jack calls to tell Janet he has to cancel being a chaperone due to work. Brad stops by and gives Liberty a corsage. Janet asks Brad if he can help chaperone. Brad declines due to work, but gets Janet to take a picture of him and Liberty.

Parker leaves a tux rental shop dressed up. Craig asks him where he is headed to and Parker informs him he is going to the prom.

At home, Carly makes herself a drink. Craig comes over and begs her to talk to him. Carly finally opens the door and he informs her that Parker went to the prom! Carly thinks it is impossible, but Craig tells her he saw him in a tux. Craig offers to go with her to the prom to stop him from making a mistake. She goes into the kitchen for one last drink before leaving.

Parker tries to enter the prom, but the principal tells him it is for students only. He sees one of his friends who has no date. Parker convinces him to let him go as his date and enters the building. Liberty and her friend arrive. As Liberty flirts, Parker watches through a window. Craig and Carly arrive. Carly wants to wait outside, but Craig points out Parker hiding and watching Liberty. Craig offers to go and get Parker.

Kim informs Brad and Vienna that the actor playing the waiter bailed on them. Vienna tells them she has an idea and promises to be back in ten minutes.

Henry stops by to visit with Katie and sees the live feed. Vienna calls and asks him to come to Metro and fill in as the waiter. Henry reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Craig tries to persuade Parker to leave, but Parker angrily refuses. Craig gets stern with Parker, and Parker finally agrees to leave as long as he does not have to walk inside.

Janet asks Carly what she is doing at the prom. Craig approaches and they tell Janet they were concerned that Parker would show up. Janet tells him he is not a student and she will not let him ruin Liberty's prom. Carly tells Janet that Parker is sensitive and it will take time for him to move on. Craig lets it slip that Parker is there, but that he convinced him to leave.

Parker watches Liberty dance and fumes. He interrupts Liberty dancing and begins to beat up the boy dancing with Liberty! Craig breaks up the fight. Janet tells him to leave Liberty alone, but Carly tells her that Liberty is not concerned with Parker's feelings. Janet accuses Parker of being a stalker! The principal orders Carly to take Parker home before he has him arrested for trespassing. Janet apologizes to Liberty, but Liberty just wants her to stop talking.

Henry arrives to play the waiter. The taping gets underway. Henry fumes as Brad and Vienna pretend to be on a date. Henry interrupts and argues with them during the taping and spills champagne all over them! Kim orders them to get a grip before they go live. Brad explains to Henry that he is doing his job and to quit sabotaging them. Once taping, Henry spills wine on him. Brad gets annoyed and follows Henry to the bar to argue during the live taping! Kim is livid that the taping was ruined and tells them it is over. Brad tells Henry he has ruined it for everyone and Vienna angrily leaves.

Carly takes Parker home and asks why he went to prom. He tells her that he wanted to dance with Liberty, but she points out he scared her instead. She makes him go upstairs and change and then heads into the kitchen for another drink. Craig stops by and tells her he has a big problem with how she handled the latest problem with Parker! Carly informs Craig she talked with Parker, but Craig wonders if her drinking problem is hindering her ability to parent properly. Carly denies that she is no longer drinking, but Craig does not believe her. Carly tells him he wants to control her and orders him to leave. Craig promises he will still be there for her.

Brad returns home and tells Katie that Henry blew it! Katie tells him that she could understand how Henry would feel like he did. Kim calls him and apologizes. She informs him that the audience loved him with Vienna and that the show is back on!

Henry finds Vienna at the Lakeview Bar and apologizes. Vienna tells him Brad is their best friend and he never used to be so jealous. Henry confesses he never lost a child before and it is making him crazy. Vienna asserts that he has to get it together. Brad calls and informs her that the show is back on. Vienna tells Henry she will turn it down, but he agrees to fully support her. They get frisky and take off to their room!

Liberty tells Janet she wants to go home. Janet tries to persuade her to stay. Liberty is upset at how hurt Parker is. Janet reminds her that Parker is not her problem anymore. Liberty angrily tells her that she has not stopped caring about him and leaves.

Parker is waiting at the farm for Liberty. Janet wants to call Carly, but Liberty convinces her to let him talk. Parker apologizes, but Liberty tells him it was just a dance and she still cares about him. He apologizes again and leaves.

Next on As The World Turns:

Dusty asks Meg if she is breaking up with him because of Paul.

Paul asks Rosanna if she is pretending to find a job to cover her secret plan to get her money back from Craig.

Craig asks Rosanna if they can call a truce for Carly's sake.

Craig yells to Carly that her sister robbed him blind!

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