Alison tells Casey she will be ready for lunch, but he admits he forgot. Alison understands that he is going through a rough time and believes Margo needs him more. He thanks her and offers to call her later.

Margo makes Riley a special breakfast and asks him to call her Margo. Margo asks him about Omaha, but he claims he does not really like to talk about himself. Margo thinks he is a hero, but Riley thinks Adam is the hero.

Tom watches Margo and Riley talk through the window outside. Casey approaches and Tom tells him that Margo is treating Riley like a long lost friend. Casey replies, "More like a long lost son!" Tom wonders if she is using Riley as a substitute for Adam. Margo sees them and tells them to come in. Just as they do, Noah and Luke arrive and ask Casey if he wants to help them run sound for Noah's film project. Margo interrupts and tells them Riley could help with the sound.

After the boys all leave together, Margo tells Tom she is happy Casey got out of the house to do something. Tom wonders if she has had enough time to grieve over Adam. Margo believes no one can replace Adam in her heart and wishes he would stop worrying about her. Margo feels that Riley is helping her by recalling Adam's positive attributes. Tom thinks they should spend the afternoon together, but Margo persuades him to go to work instead. When he leaves, she sits on the couch and begins to sob.

Hunter arrives late to work. Emily angrily orders him to get to work. He tells her he can't work with her today. She protests, but he leaves. Emily calls Alison and tells her she is desperate for her help.

Hunter goes to Old Town. Alison finds him and admits that Emily sent her looking for him. Hunter informs her that his mom had a stroke. He explains he must go to a nursing facility in Chicago and Alison offers to go with him. They head to the nursing home. After Hunter talks with his mom alone, he tells Alison that his mom admitted that the man he thought was his father is not! Alison asks if he knows who his father is, but he tells her that his mom drifted off after telling him. Alison thinks he should talk to her again, but Hunter wants to leave.

Emily gets frustrated with her technical difficulties and asks Susan to meet her for an early lunch. At Al's, Susan worries if Emily is just upset that Hunter is not paying enough attention to her. Emily denies it and claims she does not need a man, but thinks maybe another baby would make her happy! Susan tells her she is too old, but Emily points out she was older when she had Alison. Susan wants her to think before she makes any decisions. Emily agrees if Susan will be supportive.

While setting up, Noah asks Riley if he knew his dad. Riley explains that there are a lot of servicemen and not all of them would know who he was. Riley then remembers he has an appointment with the Veterans Association and Casey snarls that he is taking off just like Adam. Riley angrily replies he really has to be somewhere and can't help them if they don't get started! When the Lieutenant interviewee shows up, he is introduced to Riley. Riley suspiciously tells the Lieutenant no one in his company would recognize him. Casey continues to make sarcastic remarks at Riley. After Luke and Noah leave, Riley tells Casey if he has a problem with him, they need to settle it now! Casey tells Riley that Margo tends to adopt replacements and angrily leaves.

Tom meets Bob at the hospital to talk about Adam. Bob wonders why the memorial didn't include family. Tom explains it was Margo's idea and she just wanted immediate family. He admits he is worried about her. Tom explains Riley's arrival and how Margo might be substituting him for Adam. Bob advises Tom to be patient.

Alison and Hunter return to Java and she remarks that he gave up on his mom too soon. Hunter admits he didn't know his father that well anyway. Alison asks what his mom is like and he replies that she is a brilliant professor and it is sad to see her like she is now. Alison offers to go with him to see his mom again. Hunter wonders if Casey will have a problem with it, but Alison laughs that he has a lot to learn about relationships.

Noah and Luke return home and talk about how weird the vibe was between Casey and Riley. Noah believes Casey was right to question Riley. Noah thinks it is strange that Riley did not know his dad. Luke thinks he is reading into things. Noah asserts there is something off about Riley. Luke suggests that maybe he should get to know him better and Noah agrees.

At the hospital, Emily tells Susan she thinks she has more in life to give. Susan worries she could get hurt, but Emily asks what happened to her eggs that she donated to her when she conceived Alison. Susan thinks they are still stored in the hospital and agrees to check with Bob. After investigating, Bob tells them, "This is the strangest thing, they are gone!" Bob thinks they were lost during reorganization. Susan agrees that they will be able to find them because the eggs are so well-protected. Emily hopes so because she wants a baby now with all her heart!

Casey looks through the door window and sees Margo crying on the couch. He calls Tom for help. Casey goes inside and without saying a word, holds Margo in his arms as she cries. Tom returns home and Margo brushes off her weeping. Tom and Casey offer to help her, but Margo tells them she is going to make lunch. Casey tells Tom how hard Margo was sobbing. Tom thinks they should help her with lunch and take it one step at a time. Riley returns and Margo tells him he is just in time for lunch. Casey looks on disapprovingly. As they eat, Riley tells them Adam talked about how great his family was, but Casey disagrees that Adam would say anything nice about them. Margo changes the subject and wants to show Riley old videos of Adam. Casey and Tom cautiously watch Margo laughing with Riley on the couch.

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