Dusty is happy that Meg has Eliza back, but wants her to tell Jack what really happened so Paul will go to jail. Meg yells that she is trying to protect her daughter. Bonnie wonders if Meg is sure about what she is doing, while Damian asserts to let Meg rest. Jack says without Meg's testimony, Paul is free. Dusty then asks Rosanna to admit that Paul kidnapped Eliza. Rosanna doesn't want to be put on the spot, but Dusty reminds her of Jennifer and begs her to make sure no other woman has to go through this again. Rosanna claims if Meg says Paul is innocent, then he must be. Rosanna then asks to speak to Jack alone.

Meg tells Dusty that Eliza does not need two parents fighting over her and they all need peace. Dusty does not believe she will ever get peace with Paul around. Meg wants to leave and allows Paul to say good-bye to Eliza.

Dusty bangs on the interrogation room door and asks Jack why he is being so stupid. Jack orders him to settle down or he will be the one in handcuffs!

Paul goes into the interrogation room and thanks Rosanna for backing him up. She is elated he brought Eliza back home. He apologizes for dragging her back to Oakdale, but she thinks maybe there was a reason she ended up there again.

Rosanna fills Jack in on what happened to her. Jack does not understand why she did not come home to the people who love her. Rosanna believes the last time she was there everything was out of control. Rosanna is sorry he and Carly didn't make it and asks how Carly is. Jack informs her that Carly has had a tough year, but Carly loves her and would love to see her. Rosanna is nervous because of Craig, so Jack agrees to call Carly for her.

Craig arrives at Carly's to check in on her. Carly tells him she doesn't need him to check in on her to see if she is behaving. Craig assures her that he has confidence in her and hands her a check for her drawings. He then asks her to be his business partner. Carly thinks they had a one shot deal and her life is too complicated. As they argue, Jack calls Carly and tells her that Rosanna is at the police station. An ecstatic Carly tells Craig that Rosanna is back and takes off to see her.

Meg and Damian take Eliza back to the farm. Meg comments that Eliza is so peaceful and must know she is home. Damian knows that Holden will be upset with her for letting Paul off of the hook. Meg thanks him for understanding her. Damian knows she only wants what is best for her child. Meg thinks that Paul losing Eliza is punishment enough.

Rosanna asks Jack how close Carly and Craig are. Jack tells her that they are too close and Carly is in trouble. Carly bursts into the room and the two sisters hug, as Carly cries. Carly wants details of what happened and Rosanna tells her she will tell her over a drink.

Bonnie buys Dusty a drink at the Lakeview Bar. Dusty is upset that Paul is still free, but Bonnie thinks he is upset that he can't be Meg's hero and tells him he should back off.

Carly and Rosanna arrive at the Lakeview Bar and Dusty interrupts. He angrily asks Rosanna why she let Paul off the hook. Rosanna believes everyone deserves a second chance. Carly interjects and says that some people have to make a few screw-ups before they get it right. Carly then asks Dusty to leave and allow her to catch up with her sister.

Paul goes home to Fairwinds and tells Barbara that he is free. He tells her that Meg never looked more beautiful than when Eliza was in her arms. Barbara does not want him to get the wrong idea. Paul knows he is all alone, but Barbara reminds him she is there. Paul sarcastically smiles that he always has her. Paul then tells her he saw Rosanna and she reminded him he could let go and let things be. Barbara reminds him that Rosanna is in a coma, but Paul explains that Rosanna had settled in a town up north and it was meant to be for him to run into her.

Meg asks Damian to hold Eliza as she gets her room ready. Dusty knocks on the door and Meg returns. He tells her it is not too late to put Paul away for good. Meg informs him that her decision is final. Damian steps in and tells Dusty to stop harassing Meg and go! Meg calmly tells him she appreciates his help, but he has to stop trying to be her hero. Meg reminds him that he has a son who had two people fighting over him. Dusty hopes she does not regret her decision and leaves.

Carly tells Rosanna she thought about her a million times. Rosanna knows about the breakup with Jack. Carly does not want to talk about it, so Rosanna changes the conversation to how she has been spending time with Craig. Carly assures her it is over. Rosanna asks what she could find appealing about a man who tried to kill her. Carly explains she was feeling low and he was there. Rosanna admits that Cabot Motors is gone. Carly tells her that she can have Parker's trust, but Rosanna refuses. Carly then admits that Craig is Parker's trustee. Rosanna tells her she will find income and a place to stay. Carly invites her to stay with her, but Rosanna won't because of Craig. Rosanna promises to tell her what her next move will be and hugs her before leaving.

Craig arrives at the station and asks Jack what the real story is with Rosanna. Jack happily tells Craig that Rosanna is back. Craig grimly says that is amazing, but looks ill. Jack smiles that Craig looks scared. Craig reminds Jack he was acquitted of the charges from running Rosanna off the road. Jack states that Carly will choose Rosanna over him. Craig thinks they both can be a part of Carly's life. Jack thinks Craig should look for a new friend if he can find one.

Alone at the bar, Carly downs two cosmopolitans and leaves. When she goes home, she contemplates tearing up her check that Craig gave her. Craig knocks on the door and asks if Rosanna is there. Carly asserts Rosanna will never forgive him. Craig thinks they should talk and clear the air. Craig asks Carly to be his business partner again if Rosanna forgives him. Carly tells him she is not making deals with him ever again!

After helping Meg with Eliza, Damian tells her she may have lost a friend in Dusty but she has a friend in him. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Dusty arrives back at the Lakeview bar to see Bonnie still sitting there. He tells her Meg accused him of being a hero. Bonnie laughs that she warned him about that. Dusty angrily cancels his drink order and leaves. Bonnie follows Dusty to his room with a bottle of bourbon. Dusty claims he is not good company and Bonnie tells him she has a high tolerance for a bad attitude. He tells her she is lucky he has a tolerance for a bossy attitude. They toast to not hating each other as much as they used to.

Rosanna arrives at Fairwinds and tells Paul the housekeeper let her in and hopes that is okay. Paul smiles and tells her she is always welcome there. Rosanna informs him she needs a place to live. He asks why she wouldn't stay with Carly, but she reminds him of Craig. Rosanna claims she won't be there long, but Paul asserts she can stay as long as she likes. She thinks they should take it one day at a time.

Next on As The World Turns:

Susan asks Emily what more she needs to make her happy. Emily replies, "A baby."

Noah tells Alison that he discovered the man he thought was his father is not.

Luke laughs to Noah that he is reading too much into things, but Noah believes that there is something about Riley that is not right.

Tom tells Casey that Margo is treating Riley like a long lost friend, and Casey replies, "More like a long lost son."

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