Lily pours coffee for Damian and Meg, and tells them she is so happy they are feeling better. Meg is still a wreck over having no new information about Eliza. Holden returns home and sadly informs Meg there are no new leads. Meg thinks Paul could be anywhere, but Damian tells them no one can stay in hiding forever. Holden comments that Damian should leave since he is feeling better. Meg walks Damian outside and thanks him for all his help. Holden watches them hug through the window.

Jack stops by Barbara's room and asks her what she knows about Paul. Barbara thinks Paul will not call her because he does not trust her. Jack reminds her time is crucial and asks for consent to tap her phone lines. Barbara refuses! Jack asserts that he will get a warrant. Barbara angrily tells Jack he is wasting her time, but Jack promises he will come after her if she is lying.

Paul feeds Eliza as Rosanna wakes up. Rosanna thinks that the cops will find them if they stay there. Paul informs Rosanna she will not be going with them because she will be an accessory to a fugitive. Rosanna tells him they can decide the future after breakfast.

Bonnie wakes up to see Dusty in her bed sitting up asleep and orders him to get out! Dusty tells her he was taking care of her, not taking advantage of her. Bonnie begrudgingly thanks him. She apologizes for getting sick and wants to get some breakfast. The hotel manager recommends the nearby diner.

While having breakfast, the manager tells Rosanna and Paul he used to be a mechanic and fixed their car. Paul thinks she should go back to the farm and tells her he is going to Canada to start a new life. Rosanna sadly agrees and tells him to take care of his beautiful baby. After packing up his car, Paul thanks her for her help. Rosanna thinks Edna won't let her live on the farm again and maybe it is time for her to get on with her life. Rosanna tries to convince Paul to take Eliza to her mother, but Paul adamantly refuses.

In the diner, Bonnie is looking over the menu. Rosanna walks into the diner and turns away as a stunned Dusty exclaims, "Rosanna, is that you?" She turns around and talks in a southern accent and pretends to be someone else. The manager of the diner comes back and calls her Rosanna. Bonnie demands to know why she lied. Rosanna explains she wanted to start her life over and is on her way to Detroit for a bankruptcy settlement. Dusty asks if she has seen Paul, but Rosanna lies that she has no desire to see Paul and hurries away.

Bonnie and Dusty follow Rosanna. Dusty grabs her and demands the truth! Dusty orders Rosanna to stop lying and Bonnie threatens to have her arrested. Dusty reminds Rosanna how she tried to help Jennifer get Johnny back and now Meg needs her help. Rosanna admits Paul is trying to get to Canada, but she tried to convince him to go back to Oakdale and begs for them to give him a chance. Bonnie agrees it is a good idea to give Paul time to come to his senses. Dusty thinks that Rosanna is trying to buy Paul time and Dusty tells her she is going back to Oakdale with them.

Paul calls Barbara from a payphone and she tells him he has to bring Eliza back. Paul tells her he plans to if Meg agrees to say that she gave him permission to take Eliza. He gives her his payphone number and wants her to get Meg to call within the hour or he is leaving forever.

Meg returns inside after saying bye to Damian. Lily and Holden try to comfort her, but Meg leaves the room crying. Her cell phone rings with a blocked number which is Barbara. She hangs up when Holden answers.

Barbara sees Damian at the Lakeview and wants him to arrange a secret meeting with Meg. She thinks she can bring Eliza home but she must talk to Meg directly. He wonders why she didn't tell Holden when he answered the phone, but Barbara knows Holden would not help.

Lily answers Meg's ringing cell phone. Damian asks her to bring Meg to the Lakeview without telling Holden. She agrees to trust him. Lily convinces Meg to come to the mall with her.

Barbara informs Meg about Paul's call and request. Meg agrees if it means bringing Eliza home. Barbara calls Paul on the payphone and hands Meg the phone. Meg tells him she could kill him! Paul asks for her to lie that she gave him permission to leave and asks for a sworn affidavit. Meg tells him she will, but only if he brings Eliza directly to the police station. Paul agrees and orders Barbara to call him in one hour. Meg tells Barbara they need to find a lawyer fast.

Meg fills Lily and Damian in on the new development. Lily disagrees and thinks that Jack will be furious when he discovers she let Paul off the hook. Lily leaves to tell Holden and Meg and Damian take off to the police station.

Lily returns home and tells Holden the truth. She claims she lied because of Paul's conditions. Holden thinks Damian is the problem. Lily asserts she couldn't say anything, but Holden believes she did not want to. Lily tells Holden that Meg is at the police station with Damian, which makes him even more livid. Holden believes that as long as Paul is free, Meg and her baby will always be in danger.

Meg and Damian go to the station and tell Jack that she conceded to Paul to get Eliza back. Jack yells that it is perjury and he will arrest Paul himself. Meg wants to stick to the plan, but Jack refuses to let Paul walk. As they argue, Paul enters the station with Eliza and hands her over to Meg. Paul tells her he is sorry, but Meg orders him to not talk to her! Jack tries to arrest Paul, but Meg hands Jack the affidavit. Jack tells Meg she is making a mistake. Meg lets Paul say good-bye to Eliza.

Dusty and Bonnie enter the station with a captive Rosanna. Rosanna is elated to see that Paul returned Eliza to Meg. Dusty is angry that Paul is not in jail, but Meg tells him it is alright. Dusty tells her it is not!

Next on As The World Turns:

Tom and Casey watch Margo and Riley through the window. Tom comments that she treats Riley like a long lost friend.

Parker starts a fight at the prom.

Hunter tells Alison the man he thought was his father is not really his father.

Craig tells Carly that Rosanna robbed him blind!

A car runs Craig over!

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