At home, Katie tells Brad that Kim wants them to stop by the studio for their reality show. Brad hands her baby vitamins and asks her to take care of herself. Katie promises she will be fine, but is worried because Kim wants Henry and Vienna to do the show with them.

In the suite, Vienna chats on the phone with Kim and promises she and Henry will be at the taping. Henry reminds her that is where she fell and lost the baby. Henry doesn't feel like talking about how Katie and Brad won the baby lottery and they lost. Vienna is sympathetic, but still wants to be there for Katie. Henry understands.

Paul fastens Eliza's car seat. Rosanna worries if they will be okay. Edna interrupts and realizes Eliza was kidnapped. She is angry their community was put in jeopardy. Edna orders Paul to take Rosanna with him immediately, and refuses to cover for them.

Looking at Eliza's picture, the sheriff tells Bonnie and Dusty he will make a call to the police. Dusty does not want to wait, so he and Bonnie head to the farm.

Vienna explains, at the studio, that Henry is still too upset to be on the show. Kim hugs Vienna, and Vienna assures that the show must go on. She sees where she tripped, but remains composed. The show begins to tape and Brad and Katie announce their pregnancy. Katie explains how Vienna was going to be their surrogate, and goes on to tell Vienna they feel her loss so deeply. Vienna tells them she is so happy Katie is having a baby of her own and it is the perfect happy ending. As Vienna talks to the audience, Katie collapses!

Dusty and Bonnie rush into the market and see Edna. The sheriff arrives and Dusty tells him that Edna is in on the kidnapping and lied to them. The sheriff apologizes to Edna, but wants to take her in for questioning. Bonnie apologizes to Edna for Dusty's behavior and offers her free legal advice. Bonnie tells Edna that Meg lives on a farm just like the one Edna lives on. Edna begins to soften and tells Bonnie that Paul was headed south on Route 6. As the sheriff leaves with Edna, Dusty and Bonnie take off on the road.

On the side of the road, Paul's car breaks down. Paul tells Rosanna he is broke, and Rosanna reminds him that she left her purse behind. He decides to get out and push the car. Paul can only push so far, and Rosanna wonders how they are going to feed Eliza without money. Rosanna thinks it is a sign that he should take her home, but Paul becomes angry and refuses. They head to a nearby diner.

Bonnie and Dusty check at a motel to see if Paul was there, but Dusty thinks they need to keep heading south. Bonnie begins to feel sick. She wants to get on the road, but Dusty thinks she is in no condition to be on the road and asks the hotel manager for two rooms.

Rosanna and Paul are at the diner and tell the manager they are on their way to visit her mother, but are out of money and ask for his help. The manager reluctantly agrees. Paul takes a break from washing dishes as Rosanna finishes feeding Eliza. Eliza begins to cry and Paul wonders if something is bothering her. Rosanna sees a guitar and begins to play a lullaby. Paul thinks Rosanna is amazing and Eliza falls asleep. Paul tells Rosanna he and Eliza are lucky she is there for them.

Brad tells Katie to relax. Katie worries that she jinxed herself. Vienna excuses herself to call Henry. She tells him that Katie is in the hospital and that she needs Henry. Henry agrees to be there for Katie.

The doctor enters the room and informs them that the baby is fine, but Katie has elevated blood pressure and Katie will have to stay on bed rest and have no stress for the remainder of the pregnancy. Vienna begs Katie to not take any chances. Katie asks them to go back to the studio and finish taping the segment for the show. Brad leaves to fill out paperwork and Vienna tells Katie she is so lucky. Henry arrives with flowers and tells them that Brad told them the good news and is happy for her.

Vienna and Brad finish taping the segment for the show and tell the audience Katie is doing okay. After the taping wraps, Kim tells Brad and Vienna they are wonderful together. Brad informs Kim that Katie can't come back to work until the baby is born. Vienna offers to fill in for Katie while she is away. Kim thinks it is a great idea and agrees to give Brad his job back with a trial show.

Still at the hospital, Katie tells Henry she is happy she did not lose him. Henry said that the thought of her losing the baby was too much for him to handle. Katie tells him she knows it is unfair she gets her baby and Vienna does not. Henry tells her they need to look to the future. He believes as long as Katie is his best friend, all is right in his world and they hug.

Vienna and Brad return to the hospital and tell them that the shoot was amazing and that Vienna is going to fill in for Katie. Katie is thrilled and thinks they will have great chemistry. Henry becomes jealous, and Vienna scurries him off to keep Katie from being stressed.

The manager of the diner tells Paul and Rosanna they can stay in the back room on the cot. Rosanna tells Paul she doesn't feel afraid after making it through the day. Paul lets Rosanna have the cot and she tells him they will figure it out in the morning. She takes Paul's hand.

In the hotel, Bonnie tells Dusty he can leave her to keep looking for Paul. He puts her to bed and Bonnie can't believe he is being nice to her. Dusty promises to take care of her until she falls asleep.

Now home, Brad brings Katie dinner in bed. Brad asks if she is okay with him still working and doing the show with Vienna. Katie tells him he is fine and they will work it out. Brad's phone rings with a call from Kim, who wants to have a meeting with him and Vienna about the test shoot.

In their suite, Henry tells Vienna that she and Brad could be the next Brad and Angelina. Vienna tells Henry no one can do to her what he does. She tosses him on the bed. As they are about to make love, Kim calls to schedule a meeting. Vienna tells Henry she loves him and leaves.

When they arrive at the studio, Brad asks Vienna how Henry is handling everything. Vienna promises he will be fine.

Alone in his suite, Henry watches the taping and turns it off when he sees how much fun Brad and Vienna are having.

At home resting, Katie smiles as she watches Brad and Vienna.

Next on As the World Turns:

Paul tells Rosanna to go back to the farm.

Rosanna walks into the diner, where Bonnie and Dusty are standing. A surprised Dusty exclaims, "Rosanna!"

Paul orders someone on the phone, "Do it in an hour or no one will hear from me again!"

Barbara tells Meg she knows how to reach Paul, and Meg orders her to do it immediately.

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