Noah enters the Snyder home and informs Luke he got accepted into the Honors Program at the film department. Alison shows up and interrupts with the bad news about Adam. Luke remembers he dated his sister, Abigail, but came back from California changed. Alison explains the memorial is only for immediate family. Luke thinks Casey needs his friends. Alison agrees it is a good idea to go to the memorial.

Casey is looking through photo albums of Adam. Margo remembers that Fourth of July and Tom recalls it was a great time. Margo wonders what happened to that little boy. Tom wonders if the memorial is a good idea and Casey points out the rest of the family won't be there. Margo is happy it will just be the three of them. Casey reminds him that other people loved Adam, too, like Bob and Kim. Casey wonders who will say something nice about Adam. Tom thinks Casey should not say anything that will make him uncomfortable.

Bonnie and Dusty walk through town and he wonders if she will ever stop talking. He approaches the sheriff and wonders if they will get on the ball and look for Paul. Bonnie is angry at his behavior and the sheriff threatens to arrest him if he does not leave town.

Inside the store, Rosanna is playing a guitar. Paul and Eliza enter and Rosanna sings a song for Eliza as Paul is looking around the store. The sheriff that Dusty was just speaking with enters the store and approaches Rosanna. He asks if she will play another song for him and looks at Eliza. He asks if she is Edna's granddaughter. The sheriff reminds her that they had movie tickets for a date. Rosanna takes Eliza to the back and hands him over to Paul.

Bonnie and Dusty continue to walk along the street when the Sparta police call Bonnie. They report there is no trace of Paul. Dusty is not surprised. Bonnie decides she needs food. Bonnie wants to check out the market and farm and take a break from fried food.

Rosanna and the sheriff stroll through town on their date. He tells her about an annoying man who is harassing them to find a man and his baby. Rosanna realizes that Dusty is still in town. As they round the corner, they see Dusty sitting on a bench. Rosanna tells the sheriff she is feeling a little sick and will call him again soon.

Alison, Noah and Luke enter the memorial and Margo tells Casey it is fine for them to stay. Casey tells them it means a lot that they showed up. A tearful Margo tells Tom she can't believe Adam is gone and she'll never get a chance to tell him how much she loved him. The memorial service begins and the priest asks if anyone would like to share memories of Adam. A sergeant interrupts and wants to say a few words about Adam.

Sgt. Riley Morgan explains he met Adam on a tour of duty in Afghanistan and they became fast friends and were like brothers. He says that Adam talked about how he did wrong at home and wanted to make amends and worked as hard as he could. He feels that Adam made a real difference. He explains about a house that Adam rebuilt for a family because it might help him rebuild his own life. Margo thanks Riley and invites him and the others to join them at home.

In the general store, Bonnie walks in and sees Eliza sitting in her carrier as Paul hides behind the counter! Bonnie begins to yell for help, as she wonders who would leave a baby alone. Bonnie decides to call the police. A girl approaches and explains that the baby is Edna's granddaughter. Bonnie makes a purchase and leaves.

All the memorial guests go back to the Hughes home. Alison pulls Casey aside and asks how he is doing. Casey feels like it was his and Will's fault because they told him to never come back. Alison reminds him the terrorist killed Casey. Casey wishes he had not written Adam off and Adam is just like him. He messed up and wanted to make up for it. Alison thinks in time Casey would have given him a second chance, had Adam asked for one. Alison asks Casey how she can help. He says he just wants to be with her and they leave. Alison and Casey head to the hospital and she asks him to lean on her when he needs. He pulls her into a kiss.

Riley hands Margo an envelope, with a CD enclosed. He explains that he and Adam made a mix of some of the music they were into and produced. Margo cries that is perfect. Riley apologizes, but Tom thinks it is nice to hear nice things about Adam. Riley says that Adam hoped one day they would welcome Adam home again. Riley tells Margo he is going to a hotel and then Omaha. Margo invites him to stay with them.

Rosanna arrives at the store and tells him Dusty is still in town. Paul fills her in on Bonnie's visit. Rosanna suggests Paul return Eliza to Meg. After Paul refuses, Rosanna tells him they have to get out of there immediately.

In town, Bonnie tells Dusty she saw a baby. Dusty thinks that it was Eliza, but Bonnie says a worker was blase about the baby so she assumed it could not be her. She asks Dusty if he has a picture. He replies he knows how to get one. They approach the sheriff again and apologize for being pushy. They ask if he can help get a picture of the kidnapped baby for them. The sheriff returns with a picture of Paul and Eliza and Bonnie says that it was Eliza in the store.

At home, Luke tells Noah they had a sad afternoon. Noah tells him he has been to many services on the base. Luke thinks maybe Noah's movie should be about his life growing up on army bases. Noah doesn't want to build a cinematic monument to his father's life, but Luke points out it can be about what Noah has learned and pulls Noah into a kiss.

Margo tells Tom she is so happy Riley showed up and reminded them that Adam was not a monster. Tom thinks it is good that the gaps in Adam's life were filled in. Margo thinks Riley will be comfortable in Adam's room. Tom points out that he will only be there for one night. Margo doesn't want him to pick a fight and Tom thinks she doesn't need to get too attached to Riley. They then play a CD and hear Adam singing about ups and downs in life.

Riley enters to see Margo crying on the couch alone. He tells her he was having trouble sleeping. He goes on to say that he and Adam had a lot in common and he had thought of heading to LA to do what Adam did. Margo cries and tells him not to feel pressured, but asks him to consider their home his home and stay as long as he needs. He tells her that means the world to him.

Next on As The World Turns:

Henry tells Vienna that she can't expect for him to go on TV and pretend to be happy that Katie and Brad won the baby lottery when theirs is gone.

After collapsing at work, Katie waits in the hospital and asks if she lost her baby.

Edna orders Paul and Rosanna to take the baby and get out of town immediately.

Dusty yells in the store, "Tell us where you took that baby!"

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