Margo arrives home and sees a package from Afghanistan has arrived. She calls a co-worker to see if it is a bomb. She gets the okay to open it, and throws it on the table.

Tom arrives to see a sweater and watch in the box, which Margo recognizes as the one she got him for Christmas. They see his wallet and wonder what Adam was doing in Afghanistan. Margo is scared.

Alison arrives at the Intruder to see Hunter. He apologizes for inviting Larry to her party. She tells him she is glad that it happened and thanks him. She tells him it also helped her get closer to Casey. She then invites him to a barbecue that she and Casey are throwing.

At the hospital, Jade notices Casey seems happy and guesses that he and Alison slept together. He comments that he doesn't kiss and tell, but Jade tells him it is written all over his face.

Vienna calls Katie and asks how her morning sickness is. Vienna hangs up when Henry arrives. Vienna wants to know if they can be friends with Katie and Brad, but Henry says he is not ready.

Brad sits on his couch and writes on a card, "For Gina," and attaches it to a box. Katie interrupts and asks him what he is doing. He asks her how her flu is and she asks him to get her tea she left in the room. When Brad leaves, she sees the box and thinks Brad is having an affair. Brad returns and asks her what is wrong. She lies that it is the flu. He tells her he has to run a few errands. She overhears him on the phone asking someone to meet him at Al's.

Katie calls Vienna and asks her to meet her at Java. Vienna then tells Henry that Katie is sick and she is taking her chicken soup. Henry asks her to tell Katie he hopes that she feels better.

At the Lakeview, Margo and Tom meet with someone from the state department. He informs them that Adam was working in a supply booth distributing food, which was attacked by a suicide bomber and there were no survivors!

At Casey's house, Alison tells Casey she invited Hunter to their barbeque. Casey is annoyed, but Alison reminds him that Hunter's help brought them together.

In Old Town, Hunter sees Jade and tells her that he helped Alison, but is surprised when Jade connects the dots for him and the help was sex. Jade suggests that he take her to the barbeque as his date.

Hunter and Jade arrive at Casey's house together. Hunter offers to help Casey with the grill. Jade tells her that she is surprised Hunter asked her, but she had to be there to celebrate her and Casey getting over the hump. Alison wants things to be okay between them and Jade assures her they are. Hunter comments that Casey seems really happy now that he is sleeping with Alison. Casey laughs he is out of line, but tells him that it was the right time for them.

At Java, Katie tells Vienna about the bracelet and thinks Brad must be cheating on her. Vienna offers to go to Al's and prove that she is wrong.

At Al's, Vienna spies on Brad behind the counter. He hands her the bracelet. Gina asks when he is going to tell his wife and Brad comments that he will tell her soon.

Margo and Tom interrupt the barbeque. Casey asks what is wrong and Tom solemnly tells him it is about Adam. Casey follows them inside and angrily asks why they are letting Adam come back after all that he has done. Tom yells that Adam is dead. Margo thinks Adam was trying to make up for all the damage he had done. Casey steps outside and sees that Hunter and Jade have left. He tells Alison about Adam's death. Casey wants to be alone with his parents and Alison leaves. Casey apologizes for what he said about Adam. Margo wishes he had not gone halfway around the world to a dangerous place to prove himself to them.

Vienna arrives at Katie's home and tells her what she saw. Katie can't believe Brad is leaving her. Vienna thinks Katie should tell Brad about the baby, but Katie doesn't want him to stay out of pity. Vienna promises to take care of her and they agree to meet in Old Town to get out of town.

Henry arrives to see Vienna packing her things. She explains how Brad is cheating on Katie and they are going to go away for awhile. Henry can't believe Brad would hurt Katie like that.

Brad returns home to see Katie has left. He sees a note from her, which explains that she is leaving him. A confused Brad then opens the door to see Henry. He asks where Katie is and Henry replies, "Gone," and punches Brad! Henry tells Brad that Vienna saw him with Gina. Brad explains that Gina is pregnant and giving her baby up for adoption.

At Java, Alison tells Jade and Hunter that Adam was killed. Jade tells them she and Adam dated, but that he was evil. Casey calls Alison and asks him to meet her on the hospital roof.

Vienna meets Katie in Old Town and tells her that Henry knows about the affair. Henry calls Vienna but she hangs up when she finds out that he is with Brad. He calls back and tells her that Katie is making a big mistake. Vienna agrees to stall Katie. Brad and Henry arrive and Brad explains who Gina really is. Vienna gets Katie to admit that she is pregnant. She says it is a miracle. An overjoyed Brad kisses Katie.

Alison meets Casey, who thinks Adam's death is his fault because he wished Adam was dead. Casey is upset that Adam can never change. Alison hugs him as he cries.

Margo and Tom try to comfort one another. Margo admits she had a fantasy that Adam would come back to them and be a part of their family. Tom says now they will never know if he could have changed. Margo holds onto Adam's sweater and can't believe that is all they have left of him. She feels that they lost him before this. Tom suggests having a service, but Margo wonders what they could say about him. Tom feels they should still celebrate him in some way. She cries as Tom holds her.

Next on As The World Turns:

At Adam's memorial service, a serviceman arrives with something he wants to say about Adam.

Rosanna tells Paul she is positive that Edna's decoy worked.

Rosanna sees Dusty in town.

In a store, Bonnie yells, "Whose baby is this," as Paul hides.

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