Holden returns home from the police station and informs Lily that there are still no leads on Paul and Eliza. Lily tells Holden that Meg wasn't feeling well and is resting in Damian's hotel room. Holden wonders why Meg and Damian are best friends, but Lily points out that Damian has been helping in the search for Eliza. Holden thinks Damian wants to insinuate himself into their family. Lily reminds him that Damian is Luke's biological father so he is a part of the family. Holden agrees to let it go, but wants to go get Meg. They kiss.

At the car garage, Dusty thinks Paul is still in the area, but Bonnie thinks he could be anywhere. Dusty takes off to look for him and Bonnie reluctantly follows. Dusty thinks she just wants to prove him wrong and Bonnie laughs that she wants to learn from, "Mr. Experience."

Paul hangs up after hearing Damian answer Meg's phone. Meg awakens and becomes frantic as Damian says that the call was from a blocked number. Meg wants to call Bonnie, so Damian agrees.

Damian tells Bonnie about the call, but she informs them it was not her. Meg asks if she has found Eliza yet, but Bonnie sadly tells her that no one ever showed at the meeting. She tells her that she and Dusty might have a lead. After hanging up, Bonnie tells Dusty they can't run into any more dead ends. They leave together to look for Paul.

Rosanna asks what Paul said to Meg, but he tells her that Damian answered the phone in his ravioli salesman voice. Rosanna thinks Paul is being unfair and Meg needs support. Paul becomes angry and breaks his cell phone so Meg will never find him. Rosanna thinks that seeing the video of Meg got to Paul. Paul thinks that Meg wants to get everyone in Oakdale on her side. Rosanna believes that people will hear him out, but Paul thinks she is just as loopy as he is.

Bonnie and Dusty search for Paul, but Bonnie thinks Paul got back on the road after having his car fixed. Dusty tells her she is wrong because his gut is telling him Paul and Eliza are nearby. They continue to argue outside a store, while Edna overhears. Bonnie angrily takes off and tells Dusty he is on his own.

Rosanna thinks she should take Eliza back to Meg herself. Paul starts to become irrational and thinks she is a fraud and has not changed. Rosanna asserts that he is embarrassing himself. Paul points out that he has a child and she does not. Rosanna starts to cry and thinks he is as cruel as everyone believes he is. Edna interrupts and tells them that she saw a woman and Dusty in town looking for Paul. Paul thinks that Edna and Rosanna set him up. Rosanna wonders if there is any end to his paranoia and Edna points out that she rushed back to warn him. Paul agrees to accept their help. Rosanna tells them she has a plan.

Meg continues to cry to Damian, and he thinks she should rest. She unbuttons her shirt and lays on the sofa in her bra. Holden and Lily arrive and Holden tears in for his sister. He sees Meg in just her bra and angrily asks what is going on. Meg tells them she fainted and Damian says they have the wrong idea. Meg tells them they got a response to the video, but the meeting fell through. Holden becomes angry they didn't tell the police, but Meg asserts that it was her idea. Meg becomes upset, but Lily calms everyone down and they all leave.

At the car garage, Dusty arrives to tell Bonnie he thinks she is right. As Bonnie is paying for her car, Edna arrives and tells them she knows something about Paul and Eliza. Edna informs them that earlier in the morning at the grocery story, Paul asked for directions to Sparta, Minnesota. As Bonnie and Dusty look over the map, Dusty watches Edna whispering with the car mechanic and thinks that Edna is lying to them.

Rosanna brings Paul lemonade while he waits. Paul wonders why she is helping him, but Rosanna claims she did it for Eliza. Edna rushes in and tells them that Dusty fell for their plan.

At home, Meg and Holden argue about the search for Eliza. Holden points out that Damian and Dusty are not trained professionals, and she should lean on Jack.

Bonnie and Dusty argue about Edna, but the car mechanic tells them Edna is an honest lady. Bonnie calls Meg and tells her about the Sparta lead. Holden calls Jack to send a team to Sparta. Meg calls Damian and fills him in as well. Damian then tells her he caught her flu, but asks her to keep him updated. Lily overhears and leaves.

At Damian's suite, Lily arrives to pack up Damian's things to come home with her. Damian thinks it is a bad idea, but Lily tells him he is family and Holden will understand.

Lily brings Damian back to her house. Outside with Holden, Lily persuades him to let Damian stay by pointing out it will help him take over Eliza's case.

Damian and Meg lay on the couch together. He apologizes that he cannot help but is happy to have company in his misery.

Still at the garage, Bonnie wants to head to Sparta, but Dusty wants to stick around and look for Paul in town. After arguing again, Bonnie agrees to stay in town and look for Paul since a team is looking for him in Sparta.

As they continue to wait, Rosanna tells Paul he is amazing with Eliza and he apologizes for attacking her before. Paul tells her his problems have gotten worse since his father died. Rosanna tells him that everyone has something in their past that they need to cast away. Paul worries that James will haunt him forever, but Rosanna thinks he should channel the good in him.

Next on As The World Turns:

Casey asks Tom what is wrong and Tom solemnly replies, "It's Adam."

Vienna spies Brad giving another woman a jewelry box.

Katie thinks Brad is having an affair.

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