Dusty attacks a man he believes is Craig, but when he sees it isn't Craig, Dusty asks the man, "where is Craig Montgomery?"

While Dusty questions the man for information about Craig, Emily shows up and tells Dusty Craig is at Barbara's suite. Dusty immediately heads for the suite.

An alarmed Lucy asks Craig to leave, but when Craig refuses to leave Lucy yells for Chaz. Chaz and Barbara come running. Lucy takes Johnny and leaves the room, and Barbara picks up the phone to call Jack.

At the Gala, a panicked Lucy arrives with Johnny. Lucy asks Margo and Tom if they've seen Dusty. They inform Lucy that they haven't seen Dusty, and they ask her if something's wrong. Lucy tells Margo and Tom about Craig showing up at Barbara's suite.

Soon after, Dallas shows up with Craig, and right behind them is Dusty. Dusty tells Craig he'll kill him if he touches Johnny again, and Margo advises Dusty not to make threats like that in front of a bunch of cops.

As Margo gets ready to arrest Craig, Craig hands a piece of paper to Tom and asks Tom to do the honors. Tom steps forward, takes the paper from Craig, and reads it aloud: "The restraining order against Craig has been overturned. There is no legal reason that he can't spend time with his son... from now on."
The news shocks them all, and Margo asks Tom if he knew about this, but Tom informs Margo he knew nothing about it.

Dusty is told he's still Johnny's legal guardian, but Craig does have the right to see Johnny and spend time with him. Dusty asks to see the paper, and Craig tells Dusty they have some unfinished business. After Craig tells Dusty they have some unfinished business, a very angry Dusty gives Craig a look to kill. Dusty tears up the paper and tells Craig he doesn't care what it says! He goes on to say he will get the order reinstated.

As Dusty walks away, he is informed that until the order is reinstated Craig has a legal right to Johnny. Craig turns to Lucy and asks for his son, but a baffled Lucy looks toward Dusty. Again, Craig asks Lucy to hand over Johnny. Dusty tells Lucy not to give Johnny to Craig, and he informs Margo that he doesn't care if she arrests him, because Craig will not touch Johnny. Lucy, still holding Johnny, tells Craig Johnny belongs to Dusty, and she hands Johnny over to Dusty.

While joy riding, Carly and Prince Adolfo hear sirens behind them. The prince speeds up in an attempt to out run the cop, but a very frightened Carly persuades him to pull over.

Jack approaches the car, and Carly seems surprised. Jack tells Prince Adolfo, "If you're looking for a racetrack, Indianapolis is that way." Prince Adolfo and Carly talk Jack out of a ticket, and Jack insists on escorting them back to the Gala.

Back at the Gala, Carly asks the prince if they can go back to his penthouse, and the prince agrees. However, as Carly and the prince get ready to leave, the prince is told Vienna is off with another man. Carly assures the prince Vienna will be fine, and she insists they continue to his penthouse. The prince refuses telling her he must find Vienna, because she's wearing the jewels.

Adam gets ready to leave to find Jade, but Gwen's singing stops him in his tracks! He looks impressed as he listens to Gwen sing. Adam smiles and tells Casey, "Not bad. Not bad at all."

As Gwen leaves the stage, she approaches Adam to find out what he thinks. Adam tells Gwen her name will have to be changed from Munson to Morrison, because Morrison makes for a "great singer." He goes on to say it will take money, but he believes with a few minor adjustments they can make a singer out of her. An extremely cheerful Gwen thanks Adam before he leaves.

After Casey, Maddie and Adam leave, Will offers Gwen the money she will need to start her singing career. Will goes on to tell her he'll stand by her side through the whole thing, because he wants to make her a star. She kisses Will and tells him it's a deal!

Adam finds Jade in the lobby, and he asks her why everyone is against her. Jade thinks they told him the truth, but Adam tells her they haven't told him anything. He goes on to tell Jade he wants to hear the truth, and he wants to hear it from her, not the others.

At the dorms, Maddie makes the first move on Casey when she kisses him. Casey returns Maddie's kiss, but before things progress further he gets up to lock the door. As Casey goes over to the door, they both scream as they see the slasher!

At the hotel room, Vienna passes out again, but before Simon can snatch the necklace he hears someone trying to bust in the door. Soon after Simon puts on his shirt, Prince Adolfo, a security guy and Carly bust through the door.

While inside, they find Vienna passed out on the bed with Simon standing beside the bed. Simon panics and tells the prince it's not what it looks like. The prince tells Simon, "In my country you'd be hanged for this." Jack informs the prince he saw Vienna wandering the halls. He goes on to say, since she was "drinking excessively" he brought her back to his room in order to save them from embarresement.

The prince is angry with Simon, and demands that Simon hand over Vienna. Simon doesn't stop him, so Prince Adolfo carries Vienna out of the room.

Soon after Prince Adolfo and the security guy leaves with Vienna, a fuming Carly confronts Simon. Carly tells Simon she held up her end of the deal, and that she almost ended up "road kill" by doing it. She proceeds by telling Simon she hates him.

Carly's mood changes when Simon holds up the necklace for her to see. Carly looks confused, because she just seen Vienna leave with the jewels still around her neck. Simon explains to Carly that Vienna was wearing a replica. He goes on to say he switched the necklaces and they have the real one. Carly's so excited that she hugs Simon and says, "We did it! We did it!"

When Carly asks Simon how he done it, Simon tells her he was able to obtain a detailed photo of the jewels, which he took to a jeweler to have a copy made. He told Carly that he told the jeweler he wanted to treat his girlfriend like royalty. Carly tells Simon she feels "better than royalty."

Later, Carly shares her enthusiasm with Simon. She says to Simon, "It was exhilarating you know. Like... almost... almost better than sex."

"Are you kidding me? Nothing... is... better... than sex," Simon replies.

Immediately after Carly tells Simon what a thrill their adventure was, the two begin making out.

Next on As the World Turns...

Simon and Carly start to make love again, but a knock at the door startles them.

Emily tells Craig, "You have no idea what I want."

"Of course I do, because I want the same thing," Craig replies.