Emily meets up with Dusty as he is making plans to fly to Norway to follow the lead to Johnny. He tells her about it and she volunteers to go along; he says he is taking Josie! Emily can't believe it and tells him he's being stupid. She says Josie is a con artist; Dusty won't listen. "Don't tell me you're in love with her," Emily says. Dusty doesn't reply and she realizes he has deep feelings for the other woman. He leaves. Paul comes by and Emily tells him about Dusty's plans. He pretends he doesn't care but that only angers Emily. She says he has to expose Josie for Barbara's sake. Paul says Babs doesn't believe Josie's scheme is real. Emily asks what he really wants; he says he wants Dusty gone for good and he wants her to have a good life. Emily feels better when he says she is a wonderful woman.

Paul and Josie meet in Old Town. She says she wants out. He says she has to earn her money and won't let her back out. She says what they are doing to Dusty is wrong but Paul insists Dusty deserves it because he is trying to steal Meg! Dusty comes up and asks her to come to Norway with him; she says she can't. She says their connection isn't real. Dusty keeps trying to convince her, saying he doesn't care about her visions. They make their way back to The Lakeview. Dusty tells Josie that finding Johnny isn't about finding Jennifer again. He says he wants to be with her not because she looks like Jennifer but because she is Josie. She finally agrees to tag along with him. They make love. Dusty leaves to finish a few things; Josie says she'll meet him at the airport. When he leaves Josie calls Paul and sets up a meeting.

Dusty is waiting on the plane but Josie isn't there. He calls her because a weather system is coming in; she doesn't answer. He calls her again and says he can't wait for her! He tells the pilot to take off but then his private investigator calls and says the lead is a fake! Dusty sends the pilot to Norway but stays behind!

Emily has a drink at Yo's and then leaves. When she comes around the corner, she sees Josie and Paul! Josie hands Paul a wad of cash and says she wants out! Paul refuses and tells her to finish the job! He says if she doesn't go to Norway he'll tell Dusty the truth about her! Paul calls and finds out the jet left; Josie checks her messages and says Dusty had to leave because of a storm. She says that is proof that Dusty is only after Johnny. "We're done," she says. Paul hands her half of the money and tells her to get lost. She says he'll never see her again but won't take his money. Emily comes around the corner and confronts Paul. He says she is imagining all of this and warns Emily that she better keep her insinuations to herself! "I will do anything to protect my wife and my child from anybody," he says.

Paul returns to Fairwinds and calls out to Meg but she doesn't answer. He looks around but can't find her. He turns to the Christmas tree he just bought.

Emily goes to The Lakeview and sees Dusty getting on the elevator. She is confused about why he isn't on the plane. She follows him to his room; he is looking at a sketch of a little boy on his bed. Emily walks in and asks about his trip; he says the lead was a dead end. She asks about Josie. Dusty says she is a fake – and he is going to find her!

At the police station Brad and Katie convince Dani to let them in to see Henry. Vienna is already there and demands to know what they are doing to free Henry. They don't have any plans and that scares Vienna. Brad says they know Spencer is in Chicago but they don't have any more information. She tells them to find Spencer but Katie says they have been getting scary messages telling them to back off. Brad offers to pay Henry's bail. Dani hears their raised voices and tells Henry he has to get rid of some of his visitors. Brad and Katie leave. Henry wants Vienna to go home but she refuses to leave without him. Vienna suggests they make love in the holding cell, enticing Henry. She closes the blinds on the window and they begin to role-play. Dani comes in and says she is going to Chicago; she says Henry has to go back to his cell but Vienna convinces her to let Henry stay in the interrogation room with her.

At Java, Katie worries about Vienna. Brad says they have to go after Spencer but Katie is worried about the consequences. He says he is going to Chicago; Katie decides to go with him.

In Chicago Brad and Katie case the neighborhood where he saw Spencer. No one recognizes Spencer. Brad wants to keep looking but Katie is nervous their instant messenger guy will find out. They finally find someone who recognizes Spencer and pay him to give the address. They walk to Spencer's apartment and watch for a bit. Before long Spencer shows up and walks inside; both of them recognize her and follow her inside! They get to the apartment but the door is locked. Brad considers breaking in but Katie stops him and says they have to call the cops. Brad doesn't think they'll believe them and Katie says she'll perform a citizen's arrest. He knocks on the door but no one answers. Brad kicks in the door and yells for Spencer to come out. The window is open and no one is inside. They look for evidence of where Spencer may have gone. They find one of Spencer's scarves and Brad calls the police department. Dani answers and he tells her to get to Chicago because they have proof that Spencer is alive! Dani takes down the information. Dani arrives a while later and they show her the scarf and say they saw her. Dani says finding clothes similar to Spencer's doesn't mean she is still alive. She tells them to go home so she can investigate a little more. "I am way too soft for this job," Dani says. Katie asks her to keep this quiet because there could be a leak to the instant messenger. They leave. Dani picks up the scarf. "You little fool," she says. Dani makes a mysterious call and says Spencer's cover is blown! "She has to die," she says!

From Chicago Katie calls Vienna to report the new Spencer sighting. She says Dani is investigating but Henry wants her to call in Margo and the FBI! Brad watches the apartment for a while, worried. Katie hugs him and they leave.

Next on As The World Turns:

Emily learns that rejection hurts.

Craig returns to Oakdale!

Katie gets into trouble.

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