Jack stops by Carly's to pick up Sage for the day. She tries to convince him to let Sage stay with her but Jack says Sage has to get used to his life with Janet. He says letting Sage skip the family dinner would send the wrong message. Carly calls Sage down, tells her to have a good time and sends them both away.

At the farm, Holden tells Luke that Lily and the girls are visiting Lucinda; he mentions the wedding and realizes Luke is upset about Brian. He asks what is wrong but Luke clams up.

Holden goes to Java and runs into Dusty; they exchange pleasantries and Dusty leaves. Holden invites Noah to the Snyder family dinner.

At The Lakeview, Paul tells Josie to stick with their plan and keep Dusty away from Meg. She says she can't do it – because she is falling in love with him! Paul laughs at her. He says if Josie doesn't stick with their plan he will tell Dusty everything and she will lose him! Paul writes down new instructions for her. He leaves. Dusty arrives and looks at the carpet picnic Josie has prepared. He has moon pies in a sack for their dessert. Josie says they should do an anti-Christmas, too. Josie reaches into the ice chest and jerks her hand away, saying it is burning. "Johnny," she whispers. She says the boy is cold; Dusty says Johnny will be fine because Lucy is with him. Dusty's PI friend calls and says they have a new lead on Johnny and Lucy! He says they are in Norway. Josie acts weirded out by the coincidence. Dusty kisses her; she takes off his jacket and they make love.

At the farm, Emma and Janet get on one another's nerves as they both try to cook Thanksgiving dinner their way. Luke arrives; so do Jack and Sage. Jack tries to get Sage to apologize but Janet takes it easy on the kiddo and sends her inside. Luke comes out and takes Jack's bag; Jack and Janet go inside. Luke reaches into the bag and takes out a beer! Emma and Janet get back to their cooking duties; Jack kisses Janet, upsetting Sage. Holden returns and asks Jack to open a few cans. Meg asks Sage to watch over Ethan for a bit. Luke comes back inside, drinking alcohol from a coffee mug. Lily arrives with Lucinda and the girls, Brian comes in, too. Luke kisses Lucinda but gives Brian the cold shoulder. Emma jokes that Brian is too old for Lucinda as Luke walks out. Holden tells Lily about inviting Noah but says he doesn't think Noah will show up. On the porch, Luke pours another drink. Noah arrives! "Surprise," Luke drawls. Noah mentions seeing Holden at Java, which upsets Luke. Faith comes outside and hugs Noah. She takes Noah inside. Brian asks if he can help and Lucinda gives him some cans to open, too. He gets the canned squash open on the first try and Luke obnoxiously asks if he's a real man now! Lucinda tells Luke to back off and Luke leaves the kitchen. Holden says Aaron is in Seattle for the holiday. Natalie mentions that Sage won't play with any of them, which worries Janet. She leaves. Abigail calls to talk to Holden; Emma asks Meg to fetch the Elderberry wine from the porch. Paul arrives with a rose for her and apologizes for being late. He blames business. Lily and Jack meet on the porch; he is worried that Janet may have gone to Carly's.

Janet arrives at Carly's, surprising her. She asks Carly to come to the farm for Thanksgiving dinner so she can be with Sage. Carly declines. Janet says this is about Sage, not Jack. "The last thing I want to do is keep her away from you," Janet says. Carly says she doesn't want to be around Janet and orders her to get off her property! Janet says, for Sage's sake, they should try to get along and reminds Carly that they were on the way to being friends for a while. Carly says she won't be welcome at the farm but Janet says it will be fine. She says if Carly doesn't come to the farm, she will stay at Carly's for Thanksgiving dinner!

Back at the farm, Holden asks Noah to give Luke some time. Emma asks the men to go after the Hubbard Squash. Brian asks about the squash and Lucinda tells him about the traditional hacking of the squash. Meg and Paul come in as Janet returns with Carly. Emma welcomes her. Jack says the boys and Libs are eating with Brad and Katie at Tom and Margo's. Sage is thrilled to see Carly. Holden and the boys arrive with the squash and saw it apart. Brian and Jack take turns sawing it and then Paul does a round of sawing. Luke makes more 'real man' comments to Brian until Noah pulls him away. Jack thanks Janet for bringing Carly because it made Sage so happy. The family sits down to dinner. Emma tells the family she is grateful they are all there. Jack and Janet hold hands, so do Lily and Holden. Meg and Paul talk about their baby and announce they are having a girl. Paul says they are going to name the baby Eliza; Emma starts to cry. Luke rolls his eyes when Emma welcomes Brian. Holden asks about wedding plans and Janet announces they are getting married on New Year's Eve! The family joins hands as Emma prays over the meal and Jack offers a toast to Emma. After the meal, Lily and Carly clean up. Carly mentions that New Year's Eve is Parker's birthday; she is upset that the day isn't just about him any longer. Sage listens as Lily says it is time to move forward. Sage goes to the porch where Jack and Janet are sitting alone. She asks if Janet really invited Carly; she says she did and Sage thanks her. She apologizes for all the bad things she has done and Janet forgives her. Jack hugs her; Carly watches from the kitchen. As Noah is leaving, Luke thanks him for coming by. Noah asks what is going on with Brian; Luke says he should ask Brian. Brian comes outside and says he and Lucinda are leaving. Noah leaves. Brian brings up Luke's drinking but Luke won't talk to him; Brian tells him to get breath mints before his family finds out. Luke says Brian better keep his secret or he'll be sorry! He returns inside.

Meg and Paul return to Fairwinds to unwind. She says he's finally part of the family and they kiss. He says he'll do anything for her. She asks him to join her for a bubble bath and goes upstairs to draw the water. Someone calls; Paul asks if Dusty took the bait!

Janet and Jack drive Carly and Sage back home, talking about Thanksgiving dinner. Sage hugs Jack and goes inside. Jack and Janet leave.

Next on As The World Turns:

Josie wants out of Paul's scheme but he won't let her go.

Emily hears Josie and Paul arguing.

Brad and Katie find Spencer in Chicago.

"She has to die," Dani tells someone.

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