At The Lakeview, Dusty and Josie talk about how much they aren't looking forward to Thanksgiving. He suggests they get out of town and she suggests Tampa, saying she has a feeling she once had a good time there. Dusty remembers when he and Jennifer went there and says he wants to go back. She is hesitant but he convinces her.

Josie and Dusty arrive at the Tampa hotel; she dares him to sing karaoke but he says she should. She sings the same song Jennifer used to sing! The crowd claps and Josie goes back to Dusty; he is quiet and tells her that Jennifer sang him the same song in the same place! She is shocked. Dusty says this can't be coincidence and Josie says she is scared. She says she feels connected to Jennifer but isn't sure how. She says she understands if he wants her to go; he takes her hand and says he wants her to stay with him. Dusty talks about Johnny and how much he wants to find the boy – and Lucy! Josie worries that her psychic moments are just weird happenings and won't help him find his son. He says whatever is happening, he wants to stay with her. She kisses his hand and asks if he wants to go somewhere. Dusty gets them a room; he turns to go but Josie says they made a bet - for whatever she wanted. She kisses him. He asks if she is sure about this and she says yes. They make love.

At the doctor's office, Paul and Meg learn they are having a girl. The doctor says things look good but they still need to be careful.

At the farm, Meg suggests naming the baby Jennifer but Paul nixes the idea. "How about Ryan?" Meg asks. She suggests they move in together, shocking Paul. She says she wants to move in immediately. He kisses her. Emma walks in and Meg says the doctor visit was good. Emma hugs her and Paul hugs Emma, who is a bit sedated with him. Meg shows the sonogram picture and Emma gets excited about decorating for a baby. Paul says Meg is moving back to Fairwinds, shocking Emma. Meg says the baby needs them and this is what she wants. She goes upstairs to pack. Emma turns to Paul and says this is a bad idea. She changes her tune when Meg returns and stands by Meg's decision.

Henry tells Brad and Katie that his contacts found Spencer's brother; Brad wants to go but Katie convinces him it is a bad idea. Henry can't believe they made him put out feelers and aren't following up. He leaves. Katie decides to tape some promos, telling Brad that things are getting too dangerous. Katie finishes her work at WOAK and learns that Brad skipped out.

Brad goes to Al's and tells Henry to give him the meeting information. Henry doesn't want to but finally gives in. Katie arrives and asks where Brad is; Henry says he went to the meeting. Katie wants to follow but Henry gave Brad the only instructions he had!

Henry goes home to find Dani ransacking his room! She has him arrested on possession of stolen property charges; she shows him Spencer's scarf and asks how he got it. Henry insists he doesn't know.

Brad gets to the meeting and confronts Spencer's brother. Scared, the man breaks down and says he is an actor hired to play a part and he doesn't know anything else.

Katie returns to WOAK to tape more promos. She finishes as Brad arrives. She asks why he went alone. Brad takes her into the office and says he had to do something; he tells her about the brother/actor. Both are more confused than ever; Katie is very worried but Brad is certain that Spencer is behind the instant messages. Brad swears he'll find Spencer. Henry calls from jail but Brad rambles on about the actor. Henry tells him to shut up and bail him out! Brad and Katie leave. Katie says Henry's arrest was a message for them to back off!

Katie and Brad arrive at the police station; Dani says Henry can't just be bailed out. Katie tells her about the instant messages and says none of them were involved. Dani says they could be arrested, too, if they don't bring the computer in. Katie says she'll do it. Dani returns to Henry and says Brad and Katie are bringing in their pilfered evidence. Henry asks if he can go but Dani keeps questioning him about Spencer's body. Henry says she is a fool being played by a nut; she has him sent to holding. When she is alone, Dani calls a contact and says she will hold Henry as long as they need!

Katie and Brad get home to find another message – this one threatening Brad – on the computer. Brad wants to take the computer but Katie says they can't or he could be hurt. Brad is worried about Henry; Katie says they have to find another way. Brad says they have to help the police but Katie refuses.

Paul and Meg arrive at Fairwinds, excited to start their life over again. He thanks her for another second chance and promises that things will be good this time around. He admits that he still hears James from time to time; Meg says he is free of James and Paul agrees. He kisses her.

Next on As The World Turns:

Alison catches Casey and Emily kissing.

Carly orders Janet off her property.

Josie tells Dusty she is falling for him.

Brad and Katie return to Chicago – and find Spencer again!

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