At the farm, Luke dreams that Brian kissed him. He wakes and wonders if it really happened. He splashes water on his face and makes coffee. He finally gets Lily's message and decides to go to the hospital.

Lily and Holden are getting ready to leave for the hospital; she calls Luke and leaves a message asking him to come to the hospital. Jack arrives and asks Holden to help him stop Carly! He asks Holden to be a character witness at the hearing. Lily returns. Holden tells him he'll be at the courthouse. Jack leaves and Holden explains everything. Lily says Jack needs more than a character witness and tells Holden to talk to Carly! Holden doesn't want to because of their past; Lily says talking to Carly won't hurt their marriage but he is still hesitant. She says they have to stop tiptoeing around one another and the past! She says she wants to fight with him and have hot sex with him; she says they could turn out like Carly and Jack if they don't move forward now. Holden says Carly might start leaning on him again; Lily says that is fine with her because she trusts him. She kisses him and leaves.

At Al's, Sage is feeling sick. Carly says she is just nervous but Sage asks if they can postpone. Carly says too many people are involved now. Sage goes outside to wait for Carly and runs into Janet. She tries to talk to Sage about the hearing and possibly losing Jack. She says if they take some time they can all be a family. "You'll never be my daughter's family," Carly says angrily. Carly sends Sage away and accuses Janet of stalking and bullying Sage. Janet says she did nothing of the sort and was just trying to stop the situation before things go too far. Carly implies that the only way the situation will stop is if she leaves Jack! Janet tries talking to Carly; she asks why Carly hates her.

At the hospital, Brian stops to see Lucinda. They are cuddling in bed when Lily walks in. Brian grabs the food; Lily says Holden won't be there and they can go ahead. Lily waits impatiently for Holden. Brian proposes a toast. "I am surprised and blessed by loving you," he says. They clink glasses and Luke walks in, shocked. Lucinda and Brian break their news, which only upsets Luke more. Lily sees how out of it he is and tries to talk to him; he says he is fine. Lucinda asks Luke to toast with them but he doesn't want to. Brian goes to get another glass; Luke follows him outside and angrily confronts him. He says Brian is ripping off Lucinda! Luke tells him about the kiss; Brian says, "Did I do that?" He says Luke must have imagined or misunderstood what really happened! Luke keeps talking but Brian interrupts and tells him not to ruin everything for Lucinda, who is finally happy. He goes to get another glass and when he returns, Luke is still there. He threatens to tell Lucinda everything but Lily interrupts. Brian goes inside. Luke tells Lily that Lucinda is going to be hurt; Lily tells him that Brian drew up a prenup and has been there for Lucinda through all of this. Luke calls him a snake but Lily won't listen. She tells him that Lucinda's marriage is about her needs and wants, not his feelings about Brian. She tells him to go inside and tell his grandmother he is happy for her. Luke watches through the window as Lucinda and Brian exchange real rings and kiss.

Holden goes to Carly's and brings up the hearing. She angrily blames Jack but Holden says Lily asked him to come! Instead of talking about the custody suit, Holden brings up Lily. He doesn't understand what Lily wants; she says Lily just wants him back. Holden apologizes for agreeing to testify because of their history and tells her to drop the suit. She says she can't do that and keeps defending Sage. He says Janet isn't stupid enough to hit Sage and says supervised visits are not the answer. "I didn't start this," she says. Holden says only she can finish it. Carly tells him to leave but Holden won't go. She refuses to consider that Sage is lying. Holden still won't go. Carly says it is unfair that everyone has moved on – Jack to Janet, Holden back to Lily – when she is still alone. Holden says she can't take her unhappiness out on other people. Carly tells him to get out, refusing to believe Sage could be lying. "What if I drop the case and Sage is telling the truth?" she asks. Holden says Sage just wants her parents back together; he asks how far Carly would go in the same position! He leaves. Carly calls Sage downstairs; she says she wants to go to Al's after court with her and Jack! Carly says the court decision won't stop Jack from being with Janet. Sage asks if the judge will keep her away from Jack; Carly says she can see Jack but it won't be like before. She tells her about supervised visits with a court officer. "Daddy won't want to be around me," she says and opens the door. Sage tells her to stop. She says she doesn't want to go to court; Carly asks if she is afraid of Janet and Sage shakes her head. She asks if Janet ever hit her and Sage shakes her head! Carly can't believe it. Sage says she just wanted her parents to be together; Carly says that is never going to happen and sends Sage to her room.

Janet arrives at the police department; Jack and Tom are there. She tells them about the run-in with Sage and Carly. She says she was just trying to stop Sage and apologizes; Jack says her heart was in the right place. Tom says it doesn't matter because this is about Carly, not Janet. He says they better be prepared to get all three kids. Janet is worried how this will affect the kids and Carly; Tom says they have to stay strong. Jack wonders if he can stop this; Janet tells him to go to Carly. Jack says that isn't the answer and blames himself, saying he should have stayed gone in the past instead of always being around for Carly. Janet asks if he is confused about his feelings now; he says he isn't. She tells him to talk to Carly but he says talking won't help now. "I know what we have to do – we have to get married," Jack says. Janet gets angry and says getting married is not the answer. Jack smiles, kisses her neck and says they have to move forward so that everyone knows they are forever. He says that is the only way to stop the pain from the mixed signals. She agrees; Jack says he loves her. She says he has to tell her that every day for the rest of her life. Holden calls and says his talk with Carly didn't help. Jack defends Janet; Holden says he believes Janet but doesn't blame Carly for standing by her kid. They agree to meet at the courthouse. Carly arrives and says she is dropping the suit because Sage admitted she was lying! Janet and Jack are relieved. He asks to see Sage; Carly says he can but not today. He agrees to her wishes. "I never meant. . .I'm very sorry," she says and turns away. Jack says he is sorry, too. She leaves. Janet asks what is next; Jack says they are going home to get her out of her sensible clothes. They kiss.

Lily arrives at home to find Holden there. She tells him about Luke and then apologizes for pushing him to go see Carly. He says she was right about them being too careful around each other and says Jack called about the dropped lawsuit. He brings up his talk with Carly and then reaches into his pocket; his wedding ring is inside and so is hers. They each say, "I love you," and then place the rings on their fingers.

Next on As The World Turns:

Dani arrests Henry; Katie tells Brad that the bad guys got to Henry to send a message!

Dusty tells Josie he doesn't want to lose what they have between them.

Meg and Paul learn they are having a girl.

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