At home, Lily says it was nice of Brian to stand by Lucinda through this. Holden says it's about time she gave him a little credit.

At the hospital, Lucinda asks if Brian meant it when he accepted her proposal. He says yes and calls her a tsunami of a woman. Lily and Holden arrive; Lucinda tells them about her engagement and Lily freaks out. She says they are moving too fast; Lucinda says she is simply not wasting time. Brian leaves to make some arrangements and Lily follows him to the hall. She tells him to put things off and not hurt her mother. Brian says he loves Lucinda and would never hurt her. He leaves. Holden comes out of the room, shocked at Lucinda's announcement. Lily goes back inside and says, "I will not let you marry that man!" She says Brian might be up to something. Lucinda says Brian doesn't want her money; Lily asks her to wait a few days so they can draw up a prenup; Lucinda refuses. "I saw the grim reaper at the foot of my bed," Lucinda says and starts to cry, "I don't want to die alone." She says she wants to be with Brian for however much time she has left. Lily finally understands. She says she's going to buy dancing shoes as a wedding present. Brian returns with a minister and a prenup! Lily and Holden watch as Lucinda signs; Holden witnesses it and the judge says it is a binding document. The judge begins the ceremony. Brian says he didn't realize his career move to Oakdale would make him a better man. Lucinda thanks the universe for bringing Brian into her life. He gives her his Princeton class ring until he can buy a proper wedding ring. They each say, "I do," and kiss. Brian leaves to pick up some things for Lucinda and asks a nurse to call if Lucinda needs anything.

Noah calls Luke but he doesn't answer; just then Luke comes up behind him. He is very drunk and says Noah is just like his father! Noah gets him coffee but Luke won't drink it. He can't even stand and, feeling sorry for him, Noah takes him back to the farm.

Noah gets Luke back home but no one is there. He gets water and aspirin but Luke refuses everything. He offers to call someone for Luke but he refuses that, too. Luke asks him to stay and says he wants things to go back to the way they were. Noah says things have changed too much, takes his keys and leaves. Luke throws the water bottle and stumbles to the counter, looking for something. He goes to the door and yells, "Noah, you can't walk out on me!" He starts walking to town. Brian is driving when he sees Luke, drunk, walking on the road. He picks Luke up; he rambles about finding Noah but Brian takes him home. He tries to get Luke to drink water or tea but Luke refuses everything. Brian sits with him and Luke finally thanks him for not telling on him. Brian hugs Luke – and then they kiss! Luke pulls away and runs upstairs.

Liberty goes to Carly's and asks her not to ruin Janet's life. Carly says she is just protecting her children; Liberty says Janet wouldn't hurt a child, either. She defends her mother but Carly remains firm on her anti-Janet stance. Liberty says Janet only hit her because she was afraid Liberty would turn out just like her; she says Jack is good for her mom. Carly tells her to leave. Parker returns from a movie. Carly says Liberty was just leaving and she walks out. Parker follows her. Sage comes downstairs, worried about the court date. She says she is afraid! Carly says she just has to tell the truth about Janet hitting her. Sage asks if the judge will be like the judges on television. Carly asks if swearing to tell the truth is a problem and Sage sadly says no. She goes back upstairs. Carly calls Lily but she isn't home.

On the porch Liberty tells Parker what went down inside. She can't believe Carly wouldn't listen to her. Parker says he'll help her fix things and hugs her. Parker goes back inside and Carly asks him to watch Sage while she goes out.

At the police department, Janet gives Jack his ring back! She says she won't be the person who causes him to lose his kids. He says they'll win in court; Janet says there will be no winners. Jack tries and tries to get her to take the ring back but Janet won't. She says they can't force Sage to like her; Jack says Sage is just confused and will come around. She says they have to postpone the wedding. Jack says this isn't Sage's decision; Janet agrees – and says it is hers! "I want everybody to be happy when we tie the knot," she says. Jack holds up the ring, saying he wants the same things. She finally takes it back. An officer interrupts them with work for Jack; Janet slips away. Jack looks down and the ring is on his desk!

Jack goes to Al's; Janet is working. He says they can't call off the engagement because it will give blackmailing Sage the wrong idea. She doesn't agree and keeps working. Jack says they just have to stick together because once the judge hears about Sage's lying past, he'll side with them. Janet finally gives in.

Carly arrives at the hospital and asks Lily about Lucinda. Lily fills her in and then tells her about Lucinda's impromptu wedding to Brian. Carly turns to go but Lily stops her and asks what is wrong. They leave to have a drink.

At The Lakeview, Carly tells Lily about Sage and the custody suit. Lily says she is doing the wrong thing and is just taking advantage of Sage's issues so she can have Jack back! Carly says that isn't true. Lily asks if she believes Sage or if she wants to believe Sage. "There is a big difference," she says.

They walk back to Lily's and she tells Carly to be certain of Sage before the hearing. Holden arrives and Carly leaves. Lily tells him she is happy for Lucinda.

Parker arrives at Liberty's and says he'll help her keep Jack and Janet together.

Next on As The World Turns:

Janet runs into Sage in Old Town; Carly sees them and says Janet will never be Sage's family!

Sage tells Carly they need to talk.

Luke sees Brian, Lily and Lucinda toasting to the marriage.

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