Alison arrives at Casey's and says it is time for him to find a job. Casey isn't interested but Allie plows ahead. Every job she comes up with he turns down, saying it won't matter once a potential employer sees his criminal record. Alison says he has to do something to make things up to his parents and Casey says they don't know about the expulsion yet! Alison asks what he wants – and Casey tries to kiss her! She pulls away from him and asks what he's trying to pull. Casey says he wanted to kiss her, which only makes Alison more nervous. "I'm attracted to you," he admits. She says he has to control himself because she only wants to be his friend. Casey asks if they can be friends with benefits and Alison turns him down. She concentrates on his job search but he's still not interested and suggests a night of pool at Yo's.

Brian barges into the farm kitchen and finds Luke is hung over. He tells Luke about Lucinda's illness and tells him to get himself together. Luke insists he is fine and he can fool Lucinda but Brian says he can't. He says Luke is wasting his second chance by drinking again and storms out.

Lucinda stops by Lily's and tells her that the operation is set for that day. Lily is shocked and asks why Lucinda is doing all of this with Brian and not her family; Lucinda says it is easy to do this with Brian because she doesn't have to worry about him being worried about her.

Lucinda and Lily are getting her hospital room ready when Holden walks in. Brian arrives and kisses her, shocking Lily and Holden. Brian gives Lucinda a gift – tango lessons! A nurse comes in to take Lucinda to surgery. She hugs Lily and tells Holden to take care of her. Brian hugs her and tells her how strong she is. He hugs her and Lucinda leaves. He turns to Lily and says Lucinda is brave. Lily thanks him for staying by Lucinda but says he can leave now. Brian refuses to go. "I love your mother," he says!

Noah arrives at the hospital and runs into Luke. Noah says he ran into Holden and had to come by. Luke tries to hug him but Noah pulls back and says he is only there for Lucinda. Brian comes to the hall and says she is in surgery. Noah gives him the flowers and then leaves. Brian apologizes for being so hard on Luke at the farm; Luke says he deserved it. Brian offers to go for a walk with him but Luke leaves alone.

Lucinda is brought back to her room after the surgery. Brian offers to stay with Lucinda so Lily and Holden can be with the girls for a while. Lily kisses her mom and they leave. Brian pulls a stool up beside Lucinda and caresses her hair. She wakes up and mumbles that she isn't dead; she asks about Lily and Brian says she went to check on the kids. She asks why he is with her instead of living his life; he says she is the best part of his life! "I don't have too much time," Lucinda says. He offers her water and tells her he has plans for her post-surgery. She is tired so he quiets down. Lucinda mumbles about love and wasted time – and asks him to marry her! He tells her to ask when she isn't drugged! "Marry me," she says a little more strongly. He agrees!

At home, Holden and Lily worry about Luke. Holden says they have to give Luke space but Lily is worried that Luke is falling into a deep hole. She worries he'll start drinking again; Holden says he would never do that. Brian calls to tell them about Lucinda. He agrees to call if Lucinda wakes up again. She turns to Holden, worried that Brian is up to something. Holden says Brian is a good friend to Lucinda.

Luke goes to Yo's to get drunk. The bartender asks for his ID and Luke gives him a $100! Casey and Alison walk in and see him at the bar. They are worried and go to him. Luke mumbles about getting kicked out of school and dumped at the same time. Casey and Allie try to stop him but he just keeps drinking. Casey grabs the beer and dumps it; Luke slugs him and the bartender kicks them all out. Casey tries to take Luke's keys. Luke calls Alison a porn queen and Casey a loser when they try to take his keys. He storms off. Alison tries to stop him but Casey holds her back. He calls Noah and says Luke is in big trouble. "He needs you," Casey says.

Carly stops by the babysitters to pick up Sage but Jack already picked her up. She calls him and leaves a message that he better return Sage or she'll have his parental rights revoked!

Liberty arrives at Al's and asks Janet about Jack and the charges. Janet tells her not to worry because Jack has a plan. Carly barges in and demands to know where Jack and Sage are; Janet won't say. They fight about Sage's lie and Carly continues to defend her daughter. Liberty butts in and says Janet did not hit Sage but Carly won't listen. Janet tells Liberty that this isn't her fight and sends her outside. She turns to Carly and says that Jack better get the truth or she'll lose out! Carly says Janet is the only one in danger of losing and leaves.

Meanwhile, Jack takes Sage to the park to get ice cream. He tells her about lying and losing his job; he says lying is never the answer. Sage says sometimes lies are the perfect solution and points out that if Carly didn't tell him about her misdiagnosis, they would still be a family. Jack says Carly's lie isn't why they broke up. Sage nearly slips and tells him that she lied about Janet hitting her but clams up when he asks again if she lied. Jack brings up the hearing and tells her that she can't lie to a judge; he says Janet wouldn't hurt her. "Mom believes me," Sage says. Jack says more lies will not create a reconciliation between him and Carly; he encourages her to tell the truth. Sage angrily asks why he left her with Janet in the first place. Jack spots Janet; she tells him about Carly's appearance at the diner. She says they have to get out of there and offers to drive them. Sage refuses to go. Carly arrives and says, "She's not going with Janet – ever!" She sends Carly to the car. She accuses Jack of trying to influence Sage; Jack says she is the one trying to influence Sage! She accuses Janet of hitting Sage again and threatens to have Jack arrested if he doesn't stay away from Sage! She leaves. Janet apologizes for coming to him; he says this isn't her fault – it is Carly's. He follows her.

Jack follows Carly and Sage home; he apologizes for not telling her he was picking up Sage. Then he asks her to think about the hearing and reconsider her stance. "Don't drag our little girl into court to choose between her parents. That would be the biggest injustice of all," he says. Carly insists that she isn't making Sage choose. He begs her to look at all sides and says again that he believes Janet; he reminds her of Sage's other lies and says this is their fault – not Janet's! He says they have given Sage false hope over the past few months and she wouldn't be lying about Janet if they had broken the ties from the beginning. "Help me end this," he begs. He asks if he can talk to Sage – with her – so they can convince her that there is no future with them. Carly refuses. Jack says she won't let him see Sage because she doesn't want him to be with Janet! He thinks she wants him back again! Carly insists she doesn't want him at all. Jack says if she pushes this, Sage will learn about Carly's past and she will lose! He leaves.

Janet returns to Al's to find Liberty bussing tables. She tells Liberty about finding Jack – and Carly! She says she is losing Jack!

Next on As The World Turns:

Liberty begs Carly not to ruin Janet's life.

Noah and Luke argue; Luke begs Noah not to run out on him.

Janet returns Jack's ring!

Lucinda breaks her wedding news to Lily and Holden.

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