At The Lakeview, Dusty and Josie talk about the kiss; she says she wants to kiss him again but not until she knows about her past. Dusty tells her about Emily's background check, shocking her. She is understanding about why it was done and says she would do the same in his position. He says it was Emily's doing, not his and tells her about their old relationship. Josie says she wants to know why she feels connected to Jennifer and says she'd like to talk to her about Johnny! She wonders about her past and why no one is looking for her. Dusty suggests hypnosis to find out more about her past; Josie is hesitant and asks if he'll come with her. He says he will.

Paul arrives at Emily's office. She says they are losing time and have to get rid of Josie right away before Barbara is hurt. Paul doesn't want to go along with him but the more she talks about Barbara getting hurt, the more he falls in line with her plans. Emily calls Dusty, says she is back in town and ready to tell him about the conference. Dusty puts her off but Josie tells him to do it and leaves. Emily starts talking demographics and micro-blogging; she says they need to talk in person. They agree to meet in the lounge.

In the hall, Paul corners Josie and asks if they can talk. He leads her into the lounge and accuses her of trying to get money out of Dusty! Josie says she is doing no such thing. He offers her $1 million to leave town immediately. Josie slaps him! Dusty sides with Josie; Paul says he is trying to protect Barbara. Emily comes to Paul's side and Josie accuses them of being in cahoots! This makes Dusty curious. Emily tries to leave but Dusty keeps her with him. Josie blurts out that Emily and Paul are terrible for keeping Johnny from Jennifer. Dusty asks how she knows and Josie breaks down. She says she doesn't know how she knows anything and runs off. Paul accuses Dusty of feeding Josie personal information and says he hopes Josie takes off with his money. Paul leaves. Emily confronts Dusty, too, and says he knows how much she has changed. Dusty accuses her of setting up Josie. She says she did nothing of the sort. Dusty says he didn't tell Josie anything; Emily says someone told her something – and he better watch his step!

Brad and Katie arrive at the police station and tell Margo about seeing Spencer. They show her the picture of the area where Brad saw Spencer but Margo says it doesn't matter because she can't launch an investigation in Chicago. She goes to check something out. Katie is worried about the mysterious emails. Margo returns and questions why they were in Chicago; they tell her about the job interviews. She believes Brad imagined seeing Spencer but he insists it was Spencer. She says the medical examiner would have noticed if he performed an autopsy on a dead body. Katie says she didn't see Spencer. Brad asks if she doubts him; she admits she does. Brad swears that the woman he saw was Spencer. Margo tells Brad there is no way he saw Spencer. "I'm going to find her and bring her back here," he says and hurries out. Margo tells Katie it is time to come clean. She asks what Katie knows that she isn't telling! Katie clams up and leaves. Dani returns, asks what is going on and Margo says it doesn't matter.

Dani barges into Metro and is looking around. Henry sees her and questions her. He says he doesn't have Spencer's body. She admits she was looking for something related to Spencer. Henry says she is looking in the wrong place because he had nothing to do with Spencer's disappearance. "I need to find the body," she says desperately and tells Henry that if she doesn't find the body her career is in the toilet. He doesn't say anything. She turns to go and Henry says he didn't do anything to Spencer. She leaves. Brad arrives and tells Henry about seeing Spencer. He asks for Henry's help in finding her. Henry pours a stiff drink and says Brad must be hallucinating! "The cops won't help but I know you can," Brad says and asks for Henry's Chicago contacts. Henry reluctantly agrees to help. He makes a few calls; Brad tells him about seeing Spencer. Henry says Spencer might contact him and suggests that she may not have tried to frame Brad. He says maybe she just wanted to fake her death! Brad doesn't believe that. Henry says maybe it is another plan to break up his marriage.

Henry goes to Al's and finds Dani there. He says she won't find Spencer's body there, either. Dani says his bumbling act was fun to watch and he says her 'I'm Too Beautiful To Be Smart' act is good, too. He asks about Spencer's autopsy; Dani says she was there and Spencer is definitely there. Henry lets her in on Brad's sighting.

Brad returns home and tells Katie that Henry is on the case. Katie says she's been doing job research for them. Brad says she should look for a job without him; she says she goes where he goes. He tells her about Henry's thoughts about Spencer. Katie says she loves him. Brad says he is going to find Spencer and says it is okay that she doesn't quite believe him yet. Katie gives in and says she will help him. They sit down and list what they know about Spencer. Henry calls and tells them someone has spotted the thug with the music box, but so far no Spencer sightings. The computer beeps and a message from the contact pops up. "Tell Brad to back off," the message reads.

Spencer calls Dani and says being sighted was no big deal. Dani says she better watch out or she'll wind up a real dead body!

Dusty goes to Josie's room but she doesn't answer the door.

Josie is standing over Jennifer's grave when Dusty finally finds her. She says she found the location online. "I want to understand," she says. Dusty says she was right about Emily and Paul. "They want to hurt me," she says but can't explain how. He says it is all leading back to Jennifer. He admits that he believes she may be scamming him but says he likes her and wants to believe her. She says she stayed in Oakdale because of him, not because of the connections to Jennifer! She hugs him.

Paul and Emily go back to her office. He says her plan is going to ruin things with Meg. Emily suggests that Josie is on the up and up; Paul doesn't believe that. He says he is done with her plans!

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly and Jack argue about Janet.

Lucinda has surgery and then proposes to Brian!

Luke gets into more trouble; Noah tries to help him.

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