Carly goes to the police station to see Jack. She says Sage was afraid to go to school because of Janet; Jack is flippant and asks why Janet would be at Sage's school. He says Sage needs to talk to a therapist about her lies. Carly gets angry and says Jack is the one who needs therapy. She says Sage wouldn't lie to her but Jack disagrees. He reminds her of the Halloween prank; she says Parker put Sage up to it! He turns to leave and Carly says he can't see Sage anymore unless Janet is not around! Jack refuses and suggests that Carly put Sage up to the Halloween prank! "I wonder where she gets it," he says. Carly storms out. Jack follows her and tries to talk to her but Carly won't listen.

At the apartment, Liberty and Janet are talking about the V8 fundraiser when Parker arrives. Janet goes to get ready and Liberty finds Janet's childhood 'My Dream Wedding' book; she is worried about Janet. When Janet returns, she sees the book and says she found it and was throwing it out. Liberty doesn't believe her. She says Parker can help them get through to Carly! Janet says getting Parker involved is a bad idea and tells Liberty and Parker to leave the situation alone. Jack arrives and tells Janet about Carly's visit; Janet is heartbroken at Carly's ultimatum. Jack remains on Janet's side and says he believes her. She apologizes for getting in the middle of things; he says this has been brewing a long time. He says it is time Carly stopped using the kids to manipulate him. He says he knows she will win Sage over and kisses her. Janet can't stop thinking about their wedding and the family problems. Jack says Sage – and Carly – will come around.

Bonnie is at Metro when Carly arrives. She sees how distracted Carly is and asks if she can help. Carly tells her about Janet slapping Sage; she says Jack doesn't believe their kid. Bonnie says he'll come around. She asks for legal advice on how to keep Janet away from the kids. Bonnie says she would have to convince a judge that Janet is a danger to Sage. "Could you help me do that?" Carly asks but Bonnie says she isn't a lawyer anymore. Carly begs her. Bonnie asks if Carly is certain and she says she is. Bonnie says it could backfire and Carly could lose custody; she says she'll also have to face Jack. Carly says Jack started this but she is going to finish it! Bonnie returns a while later with the papers to start the action but tries to talk Carly out of going forward. Carly says she isn't jealous and isn't mad at Jack, she just wants to protect Sage. Bonnie says if she goes through with it, it will change her life forever.

Brad and Katie are having breakfast at Al's; she is very worried about their mystery helper. Brad says the mystery man doesn't matter because he hasn't contacted them and probably won't. Katie is still worried; Brad says if the man does contact them, they will call in the cops. He says they should focus on work and getting their show back. They walk to WOAK. Kim is thrilled to see them. Brad brings up their jobs; Kim isn't sure work is the best idea since he is still under suspicion. She says they have to give this time because the advertisers may object. Katie says this is unfair but Brad goes along with Kim – as long as she lets Katie go back on-air immediately! Katie says she won't work without Brad.

Katie takes Brad to Java and says it is time they moved to a bigger market!

Carly stops by Janet's and gives Jack the court papers! "You've been served," she says! Jack can't believe what she has done. She says Sage is in danger and she has found a judge who believes them. Janet begs her not to do this and says she would never hurt Sage. Jack says Sage only needs protection from Carly! "You want a fight, you got one," he says! Janet tries to calm the situation down but Carly insists she isn't doing this to get Jack back. "Really?" Janet asks sarcastically. Jack brings up Simon and all of Carly's other past deeds; he says she has no chance in court and will lose the kids! Carly says he is bluffing; he says he isn't. Carly leaves. Jack turns to Janet and she says he is wrong – and they are all going to lose! He says Carly is playing both sides against the middle so that she gets her way; Janet says his kids won't forgive him for this. She says they have to call off the wedding! "I will not be the reason you lose your children," she says. She tells him to leave but Jack won't go. She cries and he says he will fix this so they can still get married.

Carly returns to Metro and Bonnie knows immediately that things didn't go well. Bonnie says this is about Janet as much as the kids for Jack; she says if Jack is going to fight hard, Carly has to fight the same way. Bonnie says she will rip Jack to shreds but Carly has to be positive that Sage isn't lying. Carly says Sage is definitely telling the truth.

Katie and Brad go to Chicago to talk to a contact there. Brad is nervous about the interview but Katie calms him down. They go inside and pitch their idea. The man says it's a no-go – because they know about Brad's arrest and the advertisers won't support him! Brad gets angry but Katie drags him out before he can say anything stupid. They are walking on the street; Brad says Katie is better off without him. She says Spencer planned all of this and he isn't to blame. She goes to get coffee, leaving Brad on the street. While he is waiting, Brad sees Spencer. He calls out to her but she runs away! Katie comes out and Brad says he just saw Spencer. Katie thinks Brad is imagining it but he insists that he saw her.

Liberty and Parker go to the farm. She keeps telling him to talk to Carly but he says talking to Carly won't help. Van, Liberty's friend, arrives to help them deliver their goodies. Van loads his car but Liberty stays with Parker. She says she wants Janet to be happy but then agrees with Parker's plan to back off and let the adults argue among themselves. "I don't want to mess things up between us," she says. Parker asks what she means. She says she meant their friendship; she says they shouldn't let their parents influence their friendship. They hug and Parker says he wants to kiss her. She pulls away and says they can't do this. Liberty turns the conversation back to Carly and says she is pushing Sage to lie; Parker says no one tells Sage what to do. He asks if she doesn't want to be with him because of their families. She says it is because she isn't ready for their relationship. He asks why she keeps coming around him; she says she wanted to help him with the project and likes to hang out with him. "You're driving me crazy," he says. Van returns and Liberty asks him to take her home.

Next on As The World Turns:

Jack tells Carly that she can make things right by making Sage tell the truth.

A drunken Luke comes on to Noah.

Emily accuses Josie of using Dusty.

Josie and Dusty grow closer together.

Brad tells Margo what he saw and swears he will bring Spencer – alive! – to justice.

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