Holden arrives at Lily's and she tells him about Luke's expulsion. She is angry, upset and very worried about Luke's future. Holden asks why Luke did this but she doesn't know. He says it's time they found out and leads her away.

At the farm, Luke tells Noah that if he truly loved him he would have lied. He sees Noah's bags and accuses him of running away. Noah says Luke was caught and wasn't going to get away with it; he says he couldn't lie when the dean asked him a direct question. Luke angrily says he should have lied no matter what. Noah reminds Luke of all the lies that his father told and says he can't lie because that would make him no better than The Colonel. "I love you, but I can't lie for you," he says and picks up his bags. He leaves the farm. Holden and Lily arrive and try to talk sense into Luke. Luke refuses to listen and blames his expulsion on Noah. They sit him down and tell him that he got himself expelled. Then they ask why he did it. He can't answer them. Holden says he has to fix the situation but he doesn't know how to do that. Lily decides to talk to the chancellor on his behalf; Holden says expelling him was extreme based on Luke's history at the school. He asks if Luke is willing to let Lily fix things for him. "No," Luke says!

In Josie's room, Dusty apologizes for kissing her. She says she liked the kiss and there is nothing to apologize for. Then she brings up the past and says that kissing can't happen again until she knows more about her past.

Emily is arguing with Barbara about Dusty in Old Town. She says Dusty is being conned; Barbara tells Emily to leave Dusty – and Josie! – alone. Susan walks up and sides with Emily. Barbara tells them both to leave Dusty alone and walks away. Emily thanks Susan for being on her side; Susan says she isn't on Emily's side!

Dusty goes to Emily's office and tells her about a business trip he has planned; she says she is already going to that conference. He says he was too involved with Josie but he isn't now. She says they should both go to the conference since her tickets aren't refundable. Dusty says they can go together but only as colleagues and leaves. Emily calls the conference and books her reservation for the event. At the same time, she books a reservation for Dusty; the hotel says there is only one room available and she says that will be fine!

At Fairwinds, Paul tells Meg that he has had a breakthrough. He says he knows he pushes too hard and he is trying to fix that, especially where she is concerned. They talk about baby plans and he says he wants to pay for everything; he even offers to have things shipped to the farm. Meg tells him he has come a long way in a short time; she kisses him. Paul lays his head on her belly to talk to the baby. She mentions dinner at Al's and kisses him. Paul leads her outside.

Barbara gets her trunk show ready at Fashions. Josie arrives and says she no longer wants one of Barbara's dresses as payment for her work. She asks for a job! Barbara says she has cut down on her business and apologizes; she says Josie was a good worker, though. She thinks about it and says she will take Josie on a part-time basis. Josie is thrilled. They are talking about her duties when Lily arrives with Ethan. She tells Barbara about Lucinda's new diagnosis; Babs is stunned. Lily says she wants something frilly and beautiful for Lucinda after the surgery. Barbara goes to a rack and Josie offers to take Ethan for ice cream. Barbara introduces Josie and Lily and she agrees to the ice cream date. Josie takes Ethan outside and sings him a song. Dusty hears her and sits down, stunned. Lily comes out and takes Ethan home. Dusty approaches Josie and says he heard her singing. He says that is the same song that Jennifer sang to Johnny. "This is getting too weird," she says. Dusty says they need to talk and Josie says she'll meet him at The Lakeview in a few minutes.

Noah is working at Java when Luke walks in. He asks Noah to take a break and he does. Luke apologizes for the things he said and the accusations he made. He says Lily and Holden talked to him and he realized that everything was his fault. He says he is going to fix things and asks Noah to come back to him. Noah needs more time because of Luke's connection to Kevin; he says Luke needs to figure out what is really going on with Kevin before they can move forward. Noah goes back to work. Luke walks out and runs into some of his friends, who are drinking. Luke takes a beer and guzzles it!

Emily finds Susan at the hospital and tells her about her business trip. Susan warns her not to expect anything but Emily tells her to stop being so negative. Emily says she is being positive and Susan says she's lost her mind. "I'm putting my desires out there and I'm going to get what I want," Em says.

Meg and Paul get to Al's and Meg orders nearly the entire menu; he teases her about eating for two. Paul sees Barbara with Josie and becomes upset. Meg sees them, too, and says Barbara can handle things. Paul goes outside and brings Barbara in. She says she hired Josie, who is very talented. Paul is sarcastic about Josie's memory loss and skills and says it isn't okay for her to try to take Jennifer's place. He says it is unhealthy for Josie to be around Babs! She says Josie is a nice girl who has good instincts. The more she talks the more Paul thinks something is up with Josie. She says Paul should understand Josie's instincts since he has special gifts, too. Barbara leaves. Paul can't drop the Josie subject but Meg says Barbara is handling herself. She suggests that he give Josie a break; he says she thought the same thing about Sofie! They eat and she reminds him that nu-Paul would give Josie a break; he says he'll try.

Emily is on the way to the airport when Dusty calls and says he isn't going on the trip. Emily is angry and says he can't skip out. Dusty hangs up and Emily tells her driver to turn around!

At The Lakeview, Josie asks Dusty about the song. He pulls her into the lounge and says he can't give her the space he promised. "I saw you with Ethan, singing, and I can't leave," he says. He says their connection worries him; she says it worries her, too. She says Ethan made her feel lost and she says she didn't know that song before she started singing it. "What do we do?" she asks. Dusty says, for starters, he is going to stay with her. Emily walks in and sees them! She calls Paul and says they have to get rid of Josie!

Next on As The World Turns:

Carly tells Jack that Janet isn't allowed anywhere near their daughter!

Jack tells Janet that things will calm down if they give it time.

Katie worries about who helped Brad gain his freedom.

Brad sees Spencer – alive!

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