The dean and Noah leave the office and find Luke; the dean tells Luke to come inside. He asks what Noah said but Noah just leaves. In the office, the dean says Noah told him about the ballot box stuffing. "So it's my word against his?" Luke asks. The dean says they could bring in a team of experts to do a full investigation and asks if Luke is going to make them do that!

Casey is at Java talking to a friend about the election when Noah arrives. He tells Casey about the dean and the investigation; Casey can't believe Noah didn't lie for Luke and points out that Luke lied for Noah for months when he was married to Ameera. Casey storms off.

Lucinda and Brian are at The Lakeview when Lily walks in. Brian arranged the meeting and leaves even though the women tell him to stay. Lily asks Lucinda what is going on but Lucinda clams up. "It's back, isn't it?" Lily whispers. Lucinda says the cancer is back but they have caught it early and she has a good chance. Lily says she'll stand by her and the women have a break-through. Lily asks about Lucinda's relationship with Brian. Lucinda says he is a good man. The women cry. Lily encourages Lucinda to go after Brian because she deserves happiness. "I love you," Lily says and Lucinda cries even harder. They hug and Lucinda asks if she can see the girls.

Luke goes to Lily's but only finds Brian there. He says Lily is at a meeting. Needing to talk to someone, Luke tells him about the election and getting expelled from school! Luke emotionally says he messed up all of his plans and ideas in one moment. Brian says he can fix things. Lucinda and Lily arrive. Lucinda and Brian leave to catch up with Ethan and the sitter. When they are gone, Luke gets quiet. He tells Lily about the rigged election and his expulsion. "I just couldn't let them get away with it," he cries. Lily says he has compromised his entire life because of his anger. Noah arrives and Luke refuses to talk to him. Lily tells Noah about the expulsion. Noah can't believe it. Luke says Noah is the one who turned him in! Lily leaves to call Holden. Luke turns on Noah; he says he couldn't lie. Luke says Noah told on him because he was jealous! He says Noah was jealous of Luke's past with Kevin; Noah can't believe him. He says Luke never wanted to be president until he learned that Kevin was running and he only wanted to beat Kevin because of their past. Luke angrily says his life is over and it's all Noah's fault. Noah says he couldn't lie because he loves Luke. "Well I can't look at you," Luke says hatefully. Noah leaves. Luke cries.

Lucinda and Brian return to Lily's. On the porch he says he can make life simpler for him. She tries to push him away and Brian says he can wait. "I'm interested in you, not your breasts," he says, making her laugh. He hugs her.

Casey goes to the dean's office and says he is responsible for the rigged election, not Luke! The dean is stunned. Casey says everything was his idea and Luke knew nothing about what was going on. The dean says, in that case, Casey's suspension just became a permanent expulsion!

Casey returns to Java; Alison finds him there and tried to talk to him. Casey blows her off, reminding her that he is the kind of guy she hates. She says he is a friend and asks him to listen. She apologizes for being so hard on him; he says he deserved it. He tells her he went to the dean and got expelled. He says Luke was expelled, too, and Alison is shocked. "I was an idiot," Casey says. She tells him to come with her and drags him out.

Dusty takes Josie to Fashions to pick out some new clothes. She doesn't want to be indebted to him but he insists she buy some things. Emily calls and he leaves. Barbara arrives and gets angry at Josie. Josie starts talking about the clothes and obviously knows something about fashion design; Barbara is impressed. One of Barbara's employees calls with a problem and she quickly leaves.

Dusty goes to Emily's office. She tells him about her investigation into Josie's past and he gets angry. He tells her to butt out of his life and stop interfering. She says he is doing Jennifer's memory a disservice by going along with imposter-Josie! Emily says she loved Jennifer, too, and she doesn't want to see her memory disgraced. Dusty says Emily doesn't care about Jennifer's memory – she cares that Dusty left her! Emily kisses him and he pulls away. "You're a fool," she says and Dusty walks out.

Dusty goes to Fashions to find Josie but the clerk says she left soon after Barbara did.

Josie follows Barbara to The Lakeview and offers to help her with the work crisis. Barbara isn't sure what to think but allows Josie to come inside. Josie finishes one gown and Barbara is pleased with her work. Josie compliments a dress and Babs says it was one of Jennifer's designs. Josie asks about Jennifer and Barbara says she misses her; Josie apologizes for bringing up bad memories. Josie sees the picture of Hal on a table, brings it to Barbara and asks about him. "Hal was the love of my life," Barbara says. Josie says he looks like a sensitive cop; Barbara says that is the perfect description. Dusty walks in and Barbara tells him Josie is helping her. He leaves. Barbara thanks Josie for her help and offers to pay her. Josie says she doesn't need money and Barbara realizes she is late to get back to Fashions. Josie says she'll wait with the clothes and Barbara offers her a dress as payment. She leaves. Josie picks out Jennifer's dress.

Dusty comes to Josie's room a while later and finds her dressed in the gown. He almost says she looks like Jennifer but catches himself and says she is beautiful. Dusty kisses her!

Casey and Alison go skating at the high school. She asks if he wanted to get kicked out. He says he went to the dean to prove to her that he cares about his friends and he wanted to fix things for once. He admits that college was never his first choice, though.

Next On As The World Turns:

Noah and Luke have another fight about the election; Luke begins to drink.

Josie asks Dusty if he feels the connection between them.

Meg and Paul work their way back to one another.

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