At home, Janet and Liberty talk about Carly and her actions as they get food ready for the V-8 program. Janet rambles on about not being a great mother but Liberty disagrees; she says Janet is great. "But don't quote me because I'll totally deny it," Libs says. Janet is still worried about Jack's kids. Liberty says JJ likes her, Parker's issue is with Liberty and Sage can be won over. Janet decides to try. Liberty leaves to deliver the food.

Jack arrives at Carly's to pick up Sage; as he waits, Carly tells him a little bit about her fight with Janet. Sage arrives and Jack sends her to the car. Then, he tells Carly that she owes Janet an apology! Carly angrily says Janet deserves nothing from her; he says Carly apologizing is going to help Sage move on. Sage comes back in, wondering what is going on. Jack says he'll be right out. "Think about it," he says to Carly. He leaves and Carly says she'll never apologize!

Alison and Casey are playing around in Old Town when they see Kevin! He brings up the election. Kevin talks to one of his fans and Alison asks what he is talking about. Casey says Kevin has a case of sour grapes. Kevin says there is an investigation into the election to find out why 98% of the student population turned out this year and last year only 26% voted. Kevin walks off. Alison asks if there is something to worry about. Casey says Kevin is just mad that he lost but Alison is really worried because of the talk about stuffing the ballot box. She realizes that is exactly what happened! Casey says he was just helping Luke but Alison angrily says what he did was wrong. She says he could have ruined things for Luke. "Grow up!" she says and storms away.

Jack takes Sage to the farm so they can ride. He talks about Janet and Sage says she doesn't like candied apples when Jack mentions Janet's plans to make some. He says Sage isn't giving Janet a fair shake and makes her listen to him. He says he loves Janet and she is going to be part of their family. "Today is just supposed to be about us," Sage says, upset. Janet arrives with brownies; Sage doesn't like it and walks out. Jack and Janet laugh about Sage's actions. Jack is called to the police station as Sage returns. He promises he'll be right back but Sage is upset and tells him to take her home. Janet offers to watch out for Sage, which Sage objects to, but Jack leaves anyway. "Oh, I can't wait until she's 16," Jack says. Once he is gone, Janet offers Sage a brownie but she won't speak to Janet. Janet keeps talking about her world-famous peanut butter brownies so Sage says she is allergic. Janet tries to get Sage interested in a game and Sage tells her where to find them. Once Janet is in the game closet Sage locks her in! Sage offers to let Janet out if she promises not to marry Jack! Janet tries to reason with Sage but Sage won't be swayed. Angry, Janet says if Sage were her child, she would be spanked! Sage leaves. Janet hears the door close and apologizes. Outside, Sage smacks herself and then calls Carly, crying. She says Janet hit her! Carly arrives and rushes to Sage's side; Janet tells her to let her out. Sage says she locked Janet in the closet so she wouldn't hit her any more. Janet hears and says she didn't hit anyone. Carly sends Sage to the car and then rages at Janet about hitting Sage. She leaves Janet locked in the closet!

At Java, Luke invites Noah to dinner with his parents to celebrate the campaign win. Noah reminds him that he didn't win. Luke asks when he is going to get over that; Noah isn't sure and tells Luke to come clean! Luke says Kevin deserves to lose because he is a horrible person. He reminds Noah of the things Kevin did. "But what about the people who voted?" Noah asks but Luke won't listen. Noah says he isn't coming to dinner and Luke worries about what Lily will think. Luke follows Noah around, telling him how much he could change the college with his ideas and by diversifying the campus. Noah doesn't care because he cheated to win his position. Luke walks out and finds Casey outside. Casey tells him about the pending investigation. Luke gets worried but Casey says there is no evidence of foul play. Someone calls Luke and says the dean of the university wants to meet with him!

Carly walks into the police station and demands that Jack arrest Janet for child abuse! Jack looks at Sage's face and sees the red markings. She tells him that Janet hit her because she wouldn't play games. Jack questions her but Carly angrily tells him to leave their daughter alone. Jack backs off; Carly says Janet is locked in a closet and says she is a liar!

Liberty gets her bags of groceries to Al's where Parker is waiting. Parker is surprised at how much food they have gathered. He asks about Brad and Liberty says things are looking better. She thanks him for being her friend. They start talking about Jack and Janet; Parker says Sage hasn't given up on ruining the wedding. Parker asks Liberty to help him get the food to Carly's and she agrees.

Luke meets with the university dean, who says they are going to look carefully at the election results. Luke says he doesn't know anything about a botched election and leaves. He calls Casey and tells him things are fine.

Jack gets to the farm and Janet calls out for help. She falls into his arms and tells him that Sage locked her in by fooling Janet about where the board games were. She says Sage tried to make Janet promise not to marry Jack and says Carly arrived and left her there. She swears she didn't hit Sage when Jack questions her. He tells her about Sage's red marks but Janet swears she didn't hit Sage.

Casey finds Alison at the hospital. She is still angry but he tells her that things are fine with Luke and the election. He says everything is fine now; Alison says nothing is fine!

Luke goes to the farm and finds Noah there, upset. He says he loves Noah and apologizes. He says he needs him and asks Noah if they are okay. Noah says he was just called to the dean's office! Noah says he isn't sure what he is going to do, upsetting Luke! He tells Noah to lie and say the campaign was clean! "I don't think I can," Noah says sadly.

Carly takes Sage home and makes her cocoa. Sage asks if they are in trouble; Jack and Janet arrive and Carly goes on the attack. She and Janet argue and Carly tells Jack that Janet believes Carly is pushing the kids into disliking her. Parker and Liberty arrive. Jack sends Sage to her room and tells both women to calm down. He sides with Janet; Parker can't believe what Janet is being accused of. Carly says Janet is out of control; Janet says Sage is out of control. Janet says she's never hit anyone but Parker says that isn't true! He tries to backtrack but Janet says it is okay to tell them. Janet sadly says she once hit Liberty, which cements Carly's case. "What kind of mother are you?" she asks. Janet says she was hit as a kid and she, in turn, hit Liberty. She says she has changed and swears she didn't hit Sage but Carly refuses to believe her. Jack takes Janet out. Liberty says she made Janet hit her by acting out but Parker says Liberty's actions don't justify Janet hitting her. Liberty says Janet would never hit Sage but Parker doesn't believe her. She holds his hand and thanks him for not making things even worse. Carly asks Sage what really happened. Sage says Janet hit her. Carly hugs her and Sage grins.

Once they are home, Janet tells Jack that she can't go on like this. She wonders how long he is going to stay with her. "All I wanted to do was love you and marry you," she says. He says he wants the same things she does but she isn't sure they can make it past the kids and Carly. She says again that she didn't hit Sage and asks if he can believe her. He says he does and hugs her!

Luke returns to the dean's office and waits for Noah. He comes out.

Next on As The World Turns:

Dusty's harsh words anger Emily; Barbara sees another side of Josie and tells Dusty that things are going well.

Lucinda has a heart-to-heart with Lily.

Luke tells Brian that he has been expelled from school.

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