Brad arrives home and tells Katie he knows what she did. She says she didn't do anything and asks how he got released; he insists she knows but she swears she doesn't know anything. Brad tells her about Spencer's missing body; Katie is shocked. They agree to drop the subject. Brad goes into another room and Katie takes the note out of the trash; Liberty calls and cries when she hears Brad's voice. He talks to Janet next. Katie throws the note into the trash. Brad goes to take a shower and Katie emails her contact to find out what is going on. Brad returns and watches her. The email bounces back so Katie calls one of the tech guys at WOAK to check out the address. He says the address doesn't have a name attached and it originated in Berlin.

Henry and Vienna are about to make love – complete with police costumes – when Margo walks in and destroys the mood. She accuses them of stealing Spencer's body! She throws a robe at Vienna and begins searching the room anyway; Margo says Brad is free, which thrills Henry and Vienna. Margo sends Vienna into the bathroom and questions Henry. He swears he didn't do anything wrong. After Margo searches the room, Henry asks if she is satisfied that she hasn't found any dead bodies. Margo decides this is a clue and takes them to the police department. Henry and Vienna start talking about their jailhouse fantasies, weirding Margo out. Henry gets dressed in the bathroom and calls Katie; he tells her about Margo and says they have to meet. Katie asks if he sent the email but he hangs up.

Brad comes back to the kitchen and tries to take Katie to bed but she says they have work to do! She tells him about Henry and Vienna and Brad says it is time they stopped acting impulsively – and stayed away from Henry! Katie convinces him to come with her.

Katie, Brad, Henry and Vienna meet at Metro and wonder who took Spencer's body. They decide it has to be the killer who contacted Katie! They keep brainstorming but Katie starts to feel funny. She says she just wants to spend time alone with Brad and Henry hugs her. He asks what is wrong but she won't say; he tells her to tell Brad about whatever is bothering her.

Once they arrive home, Brad demands answers from Katie. She tells him about the email but says she doesn't know who emailed her or what they were planning. He asks her for all of the details and she says there were no threats made but the contact said they might want a favor in the future. Brad says they have to go on from here like nothing is wrong. He kisses her. Another message arrives, the messenger says he will see Katie soon!

Henry and Vienna return to The Lakeview. She thanks him for trying to take the blame for her; he thanks her for doing the same thing. She pulls their police costumes from under the bed and they make love.

Paul sees Meg at the farm and they talk quietly; he is about to leave when she asks him to reach the tea for her. Over tea he tells her about Dusty's new obsession – Josie! He rubs her back and Meg draws his hands around to feel the baby move in her belly. She gets nervous and brings up Dusty. Paul laughs. Meg says Dusty may have his own reasons for spending time with Josie and Paul tells her about the psychic's vision. She laughs, too. Paul says he doesn't care what this woman's plans are but says he doesn't want her to upset Barbara! Meg says Dusty would never hurt Babs but Paul isn't so sure. Meg convinces him to talk to Babs before Dusty has the chance to get to her. She offers to go with him.

Dusty looks over Josie's drawings and says they are just like Jennifer's. She calls him a jerk. She believes he is testing her, trying to figure out her motives and she says she has no motives. "I don't know who I am and I feel a bond to your wife but I don't know what it means," she says. Dusty tells her to meet him downstairs in ten minutes and leaves.

Dusty meets Barbara in the lounge and says he hasn't found Johnny – yet. He says he hasn't given up. She tells him about a New York business trip and then he tells her a little about Josie. They go into the lounge to wait for Josie but Dusty is called away. Barbara saves their table, worried about Dusty's new woman. Barbara is waiting alone when Josie walks in and feels a spark of recognition. Barbara says she doesn't know her but Josie rambles on about how familiar she seems. Barbara doesn't like her. Dusty walks back in and introduces the women. Barbara drags Dusty into the hall and demands answers. She calls Josie a crazy person and Dusty says she reminds him of Jennifer! He tells her about first meeting Josie and shows Babs the drawings. She says Dusty is grasping at straws. Upset, she says she won't relive Jennifer's life or death and tells him to leave her alone. As they argue, Paul and Meg arrive. They argue and turn on Dusty; Josie comes out. Dusty tells them all to be quiet because this wasn't Josie's idea! He says they both want the same thing: answers! He asks them to give Josie a chance but Paul and Babs say they can't. Barbara walks away. Dusty says Babs deserves to know the truth about Jennifer – and Josie! He leaves. Paul apologizes to Meg for the drama and his angry outburst. She asks about their dinner plans! "The least you could do is buy me a sandwich!" she says.

Dusty goes back to Josie's room and finds her repacking. Upset, she says she has to go back to Ohio. She says she has to go back. Dusty says she can't. He shows her the picture of Jennifer and she is stunned. Dusty says he has to find out who she is but says he doesn't see her as a substitute for Jennifer. He says she might be able to help him find Johnny. She agrees to try.

Paul and Meg have dinner at Fairwinds. Paul tells Meg she is a beautiful pregnant woman. She sees he is still upset and says he has every right to be upset; she asks why he never talks about Jennifer. He says it is because of her betrayal of her. "I'd give anything to go back and not hurt her," he says. He isn't sure how to make things right for his sister or how to move on. Meg takes his hand and says she is staying with him tonight. They settle down on the couch.

Next on As The World Turns:

Sage locks Janet in a closet; Carly goes to Jack and demands that he put Janet in jail! Jack tells Carly that he is going to marry Janet and Sage has to grow up!

Kevin confronts Casey about the election. An investigation is launched into Luke's election win.

Noah refuses to lie for Luke!

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