Liberty finds Janet at Al's and asks why she is keeping secrets. She tells Janet she knows about Brad's arrest and asks what she is doing about it. They sit down to talk and Jack walks in. Liberty asks what he is doing to save Brad; Jack says his hands are tied. Liberty says he just doesn't want to help and storms off. Janet turns to Jack and says there is something he can do. She asks Jack if he could look into the case on Brad's behalf or support Brad by going to see him. Jack doesn't want to do it but Janet says visiting is the very least Jack can do.

At WOAK, Katie tells Kim that Brad didn't kill Spencer. Kim goes on about 'sweet Spencer' but Katie stops her. She says they can't let the tabloid stations ruin Brad's reputation. She convinces Kim to let her go on the air but as she is taping a special announcement about Brad, Katie breaks down. Kim comes to her rescue and finishes the announcement. She sends Katie to the office to decompress. An intern brings Katie a note; attached is an email address and a note saying the person can save her! She sends an email. The person says he can help; Katie asks who this is but the messenger won't say. Katie looks at the television and sees old clips of her with Brad. She decides to go along with the messenger. Her computer goes blank just as Kim comes in; Katie covers, saying she was talking to a Katie and Brad fan and lost the connection. Kim reminds her that Tom is a great lawyer. "Hang in there," Kim says. Katie grabs the note and leaves.

At the police station, Brad tells Tom he didn't kill Spencer and asks when the bail hearing will be. Tom goes to Margo but she says she won't let Brad out on bail because he is guilty. Tom says Margo isn't in charge; she says the judge will never let bail be set because of Brad's involvement in Henry and Katie's search of Spencer's room. Tom tells her not to tell the judge and she becomes livid. Jack arrives with Janet and convinces Margo to let him see Brad.

Jack goes into the interrogation room. Brad says he didn't kill Spencer and asks if Jack believes in him. Jack isn't sure what to say. He goes to the outer office and tells Janet to go in; Margo allows it. Jack asks Margo if he can look at the evidence but she immediately refuses. Tom backs up Jack. He and Margo argue. Dani interrupts to give her a copy of the coroner's report; Tom grabs for it. He says he wants to have his own medical examiner look at the body; Margo takes him to the morgue. Dani follows.

Janet sits with Brad and tells him how upset Liberty is. She says Liberty believes in him and Brad is relieved. He worries about her, though. Katie arrives and hugs Brad. He tells her that Margo is giving him a hard time but everyone else is being supportive. He is worried about her but Katie says she is fine. She tells him they might have more help. Brad asks what is going on; Katie says she has a good feeling that he is going to catch a break. Brad is worried about what she is up to; Katie says she isn't up to anything. Jack watches them from the outer office and then turns away. Brad begs Katie to stay far away from the case and tells her he loves her. Katie kisses him. He asks her to go. Katie promises not to get into trouble and then leaves.

At the morgue, Tom asks if Margo wants Brad in jail. Margo says she doesn't but insists that Brad seems guilty. Dani interrupts their arguing by going inside; she calls out and they go inside. Spencer's body is gone! "Corpses don't disappear. Go find the body," Margo orders and Dani runs out.

Henry and Vienna are at Al's, talking about their super hero role-playing. Vienna gets hot and they put up the Closed sign. They begin making love but both are thinking about Katie and Brad. Vienna says they have to help their friends. Henry doesn't want her to get more involved; she doesn't want him involved either. She leaves to get 'supplies' and tells him to meet her at The Lakeview in a little while. They both leave.

Parker finds Liberty at Java and apologizes for Jack; he tells her not to give up on Jack because he won't give up on Brad. Liberty doesn't believe him because of the mess Jack got into because of Leo. "Now that I know I have a dad, I just. . ." she cries. Parker asks what he can do. They walk through Old Town. One of Liberty's friends sees her and invites her to hang out. She says she is going to stay with Parker and calls him a good friend. They keep walking and wind up at Liberty's house. They make cocoa and Parker tells her Brad will be okay. Over cocoa, Parker tells Liberty about his other talents – like kissing. She says he is an okay kisser and then wipes whipped cream off his mouth. Janet walks in and Parker leaves.

Margo and Tom come back to the interrogation room. Margo asks Brad if he is responsible for Spencer's disappearing corpse. Brad is shocked. Dani barges in and says Spencer's body is nowhere in the building. Jack comes in and tells her that all of the other evidence against Brad has disappeared, too. Brad doesn't know anything. Tom says she has to release him now!

Hi, fans! Just a note to let you know that the last 15 minutes of ATWT was pre-empted to cover the speech by President-Elect Barack Obama.

Next on As The World Turns:

Sage continues to give Jack and Janet a hard time.

Barbara meets Josie - and likes her!

Brad is visited by a ghost.

Brian makes a request that shocks Lucinda.

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