Emily sees Paul talking to a doctor at the hospital. Emily realizes he really is just going through the motions and advises him to take therapy more seriously for his unborn child's sake!

In Dusty's hotel room, Josie asks why he really has her here. Dusty says he just wants to help her but she isn't so sure – she thinks he is substituting her for Jennifer! They walk downstairs and see Emily. He introduces them and Josie goes on into the lounge. Dusty tells Emily that he found Josie because of the psychic – and her! He tells her about Josie's memory loss and says he believes she is connected to Jennifer. Emily says he's gone too far! He turns away and goes to Josie's table. Josie asks him about Emily and realizes she is against Josie. She says Emily isn't wrong – and he is crazy for bringing her to Oakdale! He asks what she wants and she says her memory; he says he'll help her.

Katie calls Tom and leaves a message about Brad. Liberty comes out and asks about Brad; Katie doesn't tell her about the arrest and quickly leaves. Libs spots the lunch Janet made Jack on the counter and decides to take it to the police station!

Emily goes to Fairwinds and tells Paul she knows he is conning Dusty with Josie! Paul says he doesn't know what she's talking about. Emily tells him everything and Paul laughs. He says he would never do anything that would put Jennifer's memory in question. He asks what she knows and Emily tells him. "Hello! I'm not the crazy one anymore," Paul exclaims. He grabs his computer to research the woman. They both call in some favors and realize there is no history for Josie prior to her hospital admittance. Emily decides Josie must be playing Josie. Paul wonders if Josie is after Barbara, too!

Brad calls Henry at Al's and asks him to watch out for Katie – and save him at the same time! Katie arrives and tells Henry that she believes Brad is innocent but she can't understand why he didn't listen to her. Henry says this is typical, big hearted Brad. Katie worries what the arrest will do to Liberty; Henry says they have to do something. He brings her some food and they brainstorm the situation. Henry says they have to investigate Spencer's past to find out who hated her besides Brad. They talk about the money switch and realize she had to have help with that. Katie remembers the man with the music box. Henry says they have to search Spencer's room.

Liberty arrives at the police station and an officer tells her to leave it on Jack's desk. Brad is brought out of holding in handcuffs! Brad tells her about the charges but swears he is innocent. Liberty is freaked out and wants to talk to Janet. Brad tells her again that he is innocent and she hugs him. Margo comes into the room to take Brad to a holding cell. Libs turns on Margo, asking how she can do this to her family! "Why are you treating him like a criminal?" Liberty asks. Brad says Margo is doing her job and Liberty starts to cry. She hugs him again. Brad asks her to take care of Katie and Janet for him and kisses her goodbye.

Kim goes to the hospital to see Bob. She gets a call and finds out about Brad's arrest and tells Bob. Both of them are shocked that Brad is under suspicion and agree to meet later. Bob asks her about Spencer and Kim says she was a good girl; she also defends Brad and Katie. She leaves. Dusty brings in Josie to see Bob; he looks her over and says she seems healthy. He sets her up for a brain scan but tells them that the scan may not show anything. He advises Josie to follow any flashes of memory, even if it seems insignificant. He asks Dusty to bring Josie back in a week. She says she won't sponge off Dusty that long! Bob tells her not to give up hope and then leaves. Dusty follows him into the hall and thanks him for helping. Bob asks why Josie interests him; Dusty says she reminds him of Jennifer. Bob is taken aback but says this is just a coincidence.

Liberty goes to Al's to find Janet but she isn't there. Parker arrives with posters for a food program and sits with her. She tells him about Brad's arrest. She asks if Parker believes in Brad's innocence; Parker points out that Margo tried to put him in jail and did put Casey in jail. He tells her to talk to Jack. She is worried that he won't help because of Brad's last stunt; he says he'll talk to her.

Henry and Katie break into Spencer's hotel room and start going through drawers. Dani walks in behind them! They tell her what they are looking for but Dani says it doesn't matter; she says they are building a scientific case. She says they have to go through Margo if they want access to the case!

Dani escorts Henry and Katie to the police station. Margo can't believe what they did and tells them that she doesn't need their help! Henry says they might have found evidence proving Brad's innocence if Dani wouldn't have butted in. Margo calls an officer to search Henry for evidence and the officer takes him away. Katie turns on Margo, who says this is not her fault – it is Brad's! Brad is brought back out and says this was all his idea. Margo knows it isn't but Brad insists so she doesn't place any charges on Henry or Katie. Brad is taken back to interrogation; Margo sends Katie in. She warns Henry to stop and he swears this is the end of his investigation. Margo watches as Brad kisses Katie. She pushes him away and says she's still mad. He tells her to stop looking into Spencer's case and tells him about Liberty coming by. Katie says they will get him through all of this.

Bob meets Kim at Java; she is on the phone with a co-worker so he steals her coffee. She hangs up and fills Bob in on the case and Katie's actions. She can't believe Brad has done this. Bob asks about Spencer's relatives and Kim says none of the emergency numbers Spencer gave the station work! Bob tells her about Dusty and Josie. He says he is worried about Dusty.

Dusty takes Josie back to The Lakeview. She tells him this is a lost cause and he should leave her alone. Dusty won't give up and tells her she isn't a burden but Josie says she is more likely to run into the mental triggers Bob was talking about in Sandusky. "I'm going back," she says and takes the elevator upstairs. He follows her to her room. Josie packs; he says he hired a car and booked a flight for her back to Ohio. She thanks him. He tells her to stay in touch; they hug and she leaves. Dusty sees a drawing pad on the table, opens it and finds fashion sketches. He runs after Josie. He catches up with her at the elevator and she admits she drew the pictures. He tells her to stay but she doesn't want to.

Next on As The World Turns:

Spencer's body is missing!

Jack questions Brad.

Parker comforts Liberty.

Katie makes a deal - but who with?

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