Jack goes to Al's and asks Janet to talk to him. He apologizes and tells her that Sage was behind everything; Janet is surprised and worried. She hopes Sage will come around in time for the wedding. Jack says Carly suggested they postpone things! Janet can't believe it. Jack says they just need to give the kids time to adjust. Janet says postponing things isn't the answer but then Jack tells her about Sage taking the engagement ring. Janet reminds him of the manipulations that Carly pulled when he was engaged to Katie but Jack says this is different. Janet doesn't think so; Jack says they don't have to postpone and Janet is relieved. She realizes that Jack won't be happy if the kids aren't and says she'll wait.

Liberty arrives at Parker's and rings the bell. Carly makes Parker get the door. Libs asks if he is trying to ruin things between Jack and Janet! He says he didn't have anything to do with it but she doesn't believe him and says she knows Sage didn't come up with the trick-or-treating idea all on her own. He asks her to stay and study but she says she doesn't want to be around him and leaves. Parker goes back inside; Carly has been listening and asks if Liberty is right! Carly demands an answer. Parker says she shouldn't care what he did because she doesn't want Jack to marry Janet either! She sits down with Parker and admits she isn't crazy about the idea but says that is no reason for Parker to sabotage Jack so that he can date Liberty! Parker storms out. Janet arrives and says she knows what happened. Carly apologizes for what the kids did. "Oh, but they were just doing what their momma asked them to," Janet accuses! Carly says she did no such thing and then accuses Janet of dumping Sage for her ex! Janet can't believe it but Carly just keeps pushing, telling Janet that she isn't good enough for Jack! Janet realizes that Carly has been acting like her friend all along so that she would know what was really going on with Jack. Janet says she and Jack will get married when they want and tells her let go – for good! She storms out. "Charming," Carly says.

Parker finds Liberty at Java and interrupts her studying. He says she didn't try to hurt Janet. Liberty says he promised her that he wouldn't be sneaky and he admits he pushed Sage into the trick-or-treating idea. He says he didn't want to hurt Janet, he just wanted to be her boyfriend! Liberty says they aren't going to date whether Janet and Jack get married or not! Parker walks out.

Lucinda is at the hospital for a check-up when Lily sees her. She asks a nurse why Lucinda is there but the nurse won't say. Lucinda sees her and hurries off.

Lily follows Lucinda back to work and interrupts a meeting with Brian. Lucinda is cold to her and says her reasons for being at the hospital shouldn't matter. Lily is hurt and leaves. Brian asks what is really going on. She hems and haws but Brian finally gets her to talk to him. She says he doesn't really want to know but he says he does. "I am a cancer survivor, but it's recurred," she says. Brian takes the news in. She says she will probably have to have another mastectomy or she might die. Brian says she has to talk to Lily and then says she can't brush him off, either. "You are a bold, brilliant woman and you're going to get through this," he says. Lucinda is surprised that he isn't running the other direction. He says he'll hold her hand through it all. "Because I like you. A lot," he says and asks her to tell him everything from the beginning.

Lily runs into Carly in Old Town. Carly tells her about Janet and Jack and Janet's accusations. Lily asks if Janet is completely wrong; Carly insists she didn't use their friendship to keep tabs on Jack. She decides to go find Jack but Lily convinces her to stay away from Jack and come with her instead. "If you're not careful, I might start to think we're friends again," Carly says.

Lily and Carly have drinks at The Lakeview and Carly tells her everything – from the island to the proposal she interrupted and the kids' actions. Lily tells Carly about Lucinda's latest actions and says their relationship is over. She says she is worried about Lucinda, though, and wonders what is going on. Lily orders another round. They talk some more and Carly asks if they are getting their friendship back. "Maybe," Lily says. Carly says she can wait.

Brad walks into Spencer's room and thinks she is faking. He pulls her scarf from around her neck, sees bruising and then checks her pulse. She is dead!

Katie and Margo are trying to figure out where Brad may have gone when Brad calls! He tells Katie that Spencer is dead but tells her not to tell Margo until they have time to talk. Katie leaves.

Katie walks into Spencer's room and nearly screams. Brad puts his hand over her mouth and tells her he didn't do it. Margo walks in with her gun drawn! She checks Spencer, sees that she is dead and calls Dani at the police station to send a forensics team. Dani arrives; she and Margo take evidence and then Margo instructs Dani to do complete crime scene investigation – with hair and fibers and the works. Katie asks Brad why he didn't just stay away. Margo grabs them both and tells them to stop talking.

At the police station, Brad tells Margo about Spencer's call and going to her room to find the door open. He says he thought she was just messing with him but then realized she was really dead. He says he took the scarf off and tried to perform CPR; Margo is very worried. She says there will be evidence of his story but points out that Spencer's death may still come back on him because of the assault charges she wanted to file. Margo brings up Leo and says this is a bad pattern.

In the outer office, Katie tells Jack everything. She stands by Brad and swears he didn't kill Spencer. Jack asks if Brad could have had an affair with Spencer but Katie says that didn't happen. Jack keeps questioning her and Katie says she did have her suspicions but she doesn't believe Brad would cheat on her. Dani arrives and Margo comes to the outer office; Dani says the only fingerprints in the room were Spencer's and Brad's. She says the surveillance cameras indicate that Brad was in the room at the time of death. Margo goes back to Brad; Katie swears Brad didn't do this. Janet walks in as Margo marches Brad out – and arrests him! Jack is shocked. Katie asks for a few minutes with Brad and Margo gives them five minutes. Brad takes her into the interrogation room and swears he didn't kill Spencer. He says he was a pawn. She says she believes him, hugs him and cries. Margo brings them back out. Janet says Brad couldn't have killed Spencer but Jack isn't sure what to believe. Brad is led away and Katie breaks down. Janet hugs her. Jack asks what Margo thinks; she says they are going to have a tough time proving Brad's innocence.

Next on As The World Turns:

Liberty is heartbroken to find Brad in handcuffs.

Katie and Henry decide to investigate Spencer's past; Dani finds them ransacking Spencer's room!

Emily accuses Paul of setting Dusty up.

Josie reminds Dusty that she isn't Jennifer.
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